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    Interested in hearing from some electronic manufacturing services ( i.e: I.C. component, PC board, thru-hole assemblers, metal/ wood-working companies ) who might be interested in producing some of my  Synth Project  designs once our crowd-funding effort gets under way. Also looking for designers who can take these picture diagrams/ descriptions and turn them into working prototypes and finished products.  

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    • riffjam

      Allicdata can find something similar:

      • July 8, 2019
    • riffjam

      Hi, I think I can tell you an interesting site. I know engineering manufacturing services and solutions can be found at . This is an engineering platform for business and you could offer your services there or find those who are interested in your offer. I hope this really helps you.

      • October 27, 2021
  • Paco67
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    I bought a amplifier Behringer and doesn't want to work it protects its self it turns on and then goes to orange light and doesnt do nothing it's a iNU4-6000 the first one I bought did something so they send me another one now this one doing same thing are all this manufacture defective because I know djs that have same product and been having same problem Thank you

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    On the Behringer website, you are named as a supplier of parts and I would like to know if you can provide an amplifier section for the Behringer B612D 1500W speaker. If you could let me the price if you can source one of these, I would be greatly appreciative. I would also appreciate a speedy reply as I have the opportunity the purchase a unit with a non-functioning amplifier.

    Many thanks,


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