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  • jakeybudda
    Contributor - Level 1

    I've recently purchased the GoXLR on Amazon and its has the American Power Supply. I live in Australia so i cannot use it. I have read the manual and it says i have to use a power supply from you guys. I was wondering if i could purchase a power supply that connects here in Australia. 

    Cheers, Jake

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  • paul_whitehurst
    Contributor - Level 2

    I filed a claim on Sept. 16.  It said they would reply in one day.  No reply and no way to contact anyone.

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    • paul_whitehurst

      Hi Paul, 


      Welcome to the community.  I know that support has been backed up lately and it's taking much longer than the normal one busines day to reply.   Double check your spam folder since I've heard of several tickets getting caught there.  Although it does sound like you got the intial email response with the ticket number.  


      If you can PM me the ticket number I can pass it along to someone who might be able to help out. 



      • September 21, 2019
    • paul_whitehurst

      I hate that they got rid of the support phone number, I sell their products and i would hate having a customer with a problem and cant get good support. Please restore the support number.


      • September 30, 2019
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