• 2020-09-29

    Reza Fathi, Innovation Development Systems Power Specialist at Music Tribe Brands Sweden led a 3-day component level repair of #LabGruppen #amplifiers for Bo Nielsen founder of Sweet-Sound and Christian Kronborg Højen founder of Kronborg Elektronik.


    The service training of Lab Gruppen products was held at our manufacturing site in #Kungsbacka. The theoretical and practical training workshop was focused on how some of the Lab Gruppen products are constructed and how to service and repair them properly on component level.


    Bo shared that he has done full time repairs on all kind of musical instrument since 2004. His #customers are music instrument shops and musicians, who come directly to his repair-shop. He mentioned he has had service partner agreements with other brands and adding Lab Gruppen to the list, is beneficial for both end-users and sweet-Sound by offering fast local repair-service to his customers.


    ’ We have had some very good days here working together with Reza and having some interesting and deep discussions about the electronic designs involved in building LabGruppen amplifiers, some discussions probably went beyond the scope of the training course, which only gave us even more invaluable knowledge about the products.’ Christian said.


    Both Danish attendees were happy with their experience to see our production facility and meet some of our tribers. They found it interesting to see our older products exhibited in our ‘museum’.

    ‘It is always nice with a company that is proud of it's history and a brilliant thing to see for electronic geeks as Bo and myself.’ Christian said.

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  • 2020-09-08

    Completd a repair ticket and requesting a RMA number for parts thank you

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    • Ramond Bedford
      Alexander Lane Hi Ramond, Could you please click "support" at the top of the page and create a care ticket, select "spare parts" and fill out the required details, thanks.
      • Sep 8
      • Spare parts
        Alexander Lane I will run your email address through the system and chase up for you
        • Sep 11
    • Ramond Bedford
      Alexander Lane I have contacted the guys over in the USA and asked they address these two cases as a priority, apologies for the delay!
      • Sep 11
    • Ramond Bedford
      Alexander Lane Hi Ramond, issue was because of date of purchase was required (should not be) and hidden field when ticket is non-warranty. Issue has been fixed now. :)
      • Sep 16
      • Spare parts
        Ramond Bedford So what do I do now to obtain an RMA Number. A gentleman from the U.S. sent an email out to me yesterday requiring some information about my amp. He has received that info that was requested and said he was going to get with the team.
        • Sep 16
    • Ramond Bedford
      Ramond Bedford Hello Alexander, I see Music Tribe has sent me a new amp. But apparently there's something wrong with this one as well. Soon as I plugged this one in the right channel protect Mode was flashing then it goes in protect mode as well
      • Oct 16
      • Spare parts
        Alexander Lane Hi Ramond, sorry to hear that. Is it the same issue as before? I ask as it could be the same root cause of the problem.

        Can you detail exactly what is plugged into the amp, conditions of failure.

        In particular, what speaker and the specs of the speaker (or speakers) is plugged into the channel going into protect mode?
        • Oct 19
    • Ramond Bedford
      Ramond Bedford Nothing was connected. When I received the package Friday evening, I just plugged it in and it went straight into protect mode straight out of the box
      • Oct 19
  • 2020-06-04

    hey everybody,

    i´m looking for a PSU for a X1204USB mixer. Deos anybody know where i could purchase one or if there is a similar one that fits?


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    • Samuel Ruckdeschel
      Rex Beckett


      Hello Samuel, welcome to the community.


      I suggest that you raise a Care ticket for Spare Parts explaining your requirements. This is done by clicking on Support at the top of the page and then clicking the Create a Care Ticket button. This is only possible if you have completed all the required fields in your profile. Make sure that you fill-in every required field on the Care form.

      • Jun 4
  • 2020-05-28
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  • 2020-05-21

    Hi does anyone know where I can find a replacement psu module for the Behringer Nox606?

    It says on the PCB it's a Behringer SMPSU20, but I can't find anything online. Is it a rebrand of another SMPSU? Or could someone point me in the direction of a circuit diagram/tech spec?






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  • 2020-05-19

    Anyone know where I can get replacement crossovers for this PA? 2 of the caps burst open on one of the boards. Can't seem to find them anywhere

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  • 2020-05-19

    Any one know where I can purchase the USB cable for the TC Electronics Vicious Vibe?

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  • 2020-05-10

    Hi, anyone know where or if it's possible to purchase any TC Electronic Smorgasbord of Tone blank, unpainted un-drilled pedal enclosures and black knobs? Looking for 3 enclosures and 12 knobs to complete a project for personal use to match the 4 TC pedals currently being used. Thank you!

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  • 2020-05-06

    Hola buenas, tengo una etapa berhinger nx3000, esta averiada tiene varios transistores en mal estado el problema es que no encuentro los recambios exactos por estar las referencias aparentemente incompletas, haber si es posible una ayuda gracias. 

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  • 2020-05-04

    Does anyone know on what pins the cat5 cable carries power to a DP48 POE rj45 port? What voltage is required to power them via that port? The Hub4 manual says the remote power follows the 802.3at spec but it appears there are a few varieties of pin options within that spec, and perhaps with voltage as well? Using pin 4 and 5 (+) and 7 and 8 (-) with 24v dc does not do it. The power supply to the DP48 uses 24V DC. The P16M uses those same pins but with 12v dc and it works fine. Looking for POE injector options as the HUB4 seems to be quite lost at sea.

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    • Gary Higgins
      Gary Higgins

      Well I found out thanks to RL It uses the 802.3at spec, 52v dc, suspected pins are 4/5 + and 7/8 - with pos post external. neg internal. Have a supply(s) coming in the mail by next week so we shall see, I will update for anyone interested when solved (or not) and powered properly.

      • May 5
    • Gary Higgins
      Gary Higgins EDIT: This section has been edited to include some newer findings. I will continue to do so IF new things are appropriate or helpful to add. (last updated 082020)

      I received my poe devices yesterday and have started to test them. (old)

      I bought several versions because I was a little confused on what would actually work, or if ANY would. The ones that do not work will get returned asap!

      I was heartened by my first device test:


      It was the second least expensive ($16 for 2) and did power up the DP48 fine-but it did not pass data, bummer. It is possible it’s a defective unit (it was not) but since it uses the 802.3af spec, that is the more likely reason (Yes). It also was a 48v unit. Since it provided power just fine, I believe a range may be accepted by the DP-probably anything over 44v (see ref article below) will power on the DP48 despite it saying 52v. This bears out to be true fast forward a few months.

      UPDATE: After returning these way back when, I ended up buying them again! The reason: By adding an inexpensive power/data splitter:


      I can now power a DP48 by using it only as a power source for my injector. These are VERY handy because they are compact and they plug into any outlet directly. Use a short (or long) cat5/6/7/8 piece and connect the splitter power out to the injector then just add your aes50 data source cable to the injector (even if it's from a Thru port from another DP48) POE out ports from the injector will now power another DP48 and supply the data.

      See the link below for background info on power ranges (and much more).


      The Hub4 front panel shows that it sends 52v, 25 watts from each port using the 802.3at spec (Thanks again to @Roblof for pointing me the way). So there are still several other options out there from which to choose. Most of them were difficult to sort out as the specs were difficult to find and/or navigate and not uniform in content. In other words I guessed and hoped for the best. To further complicate the situation, some claim to support both the 802.3at and the 802.3af spec. One reason why I thought that first device above might work ok. As it turned out that device was basically a "switch" type of device (not injector) with but one port.

      So on to further attempts. The next device:


      A combo power and poe injector. At about $50, this one listed as an 802.3at/af device and up to 60v supported. Happy to report it works! It powers the DP48 easily and passes aes50 data in both directions and is (supposedly) good for 100m runs. So my immediate need is covered. I can now remotely power my DP48 with just a cat8 (or 5/6/7) cable. EDIT: I settled on NOT keeping this one but keeping the PoE Texas power supply below.

      I also bought a third device


      It's a network type switch that injects power to several devices at once. My thinking, 3-4 DP48’s could be powered by it. It comes with a power supply as well. **The power supply part works perfectly, the box itself provided power via the poe port just fine but like the first device would not pass data at all. Item #2 now repacked and set to be returned! EDIT: I decided to keep it also-just for the power supply! Can't beat the price. Leave the box part stored aside for some other day. The price is fair for the supply alone imo.

      ***It appears POE SWITCHES do not work AT ALL for passing AES50 data*** (thanks to Rex Beckett for confirming this)

      Passive Injectors. The least expensive item ($7)


      It's a passive device and works perfectly with the correct power supply, (wide ranges supported!) it comes without any power supply but works with the ones above or similar. So I believe it will be fine with any 48-60 watt power supply with the right polarity. (yes it will and it works just fine!)

      There are several other injector choices out there (and splitters) that supply power using 10/100 (no data on pins 4,5, 7 or 8) protocol which will work for Ultranet devices but NOT DP48's.

      Important note: ONLY use a 12V dc power supply for P16 use!!! P16 is one directional and the ultranet appears to use only pins 1,2,3 and 6 for passing data OR it at least does NOT use pin 4,5,7 and 8 for P16/ultranet data.

      Best for power imo:


      I use this one the most.

      My injector of choice!


      I received another 8 port injector today (also PoE Texas) which also works 100%. This uses power and data to pins 4,5,7 and 8. So it will work with aes50 and the DP48. It will require a power supply like those mentioned above. I will probably keep this one (I did) the matching PoE Texas power supply (above) and the 1 port in 1 POE port out, $7 injector by the same maker. Should be a fairly versatile setup for several possible situations. I since have also added a few other products and splitters as mentioned above.

      That's pretty much it. Summary. You need a power supply that gives at least 48v dc. The Midas Hub sends 52V. I suspect 48-60v is fine. 48v worked for me as did 60,54 and 51v. The injector needs to be Mode B (positive power to pins 4 and 5, negative to pins 7 and 8) and passive. Use the 802.3at spec (capable of providing higher power). For AES50 the injector ports need to have all pairs "in" connected to all pairs "out" such that both data AND power are shared on pins 4,5,7 and 8. AES50 and DP48's need all 4 twisted pairs connected in and out to work properly.

      This info, to the best of my knowledge, is correct although anyone who chooses to use it should apply it at their own risk. Correctly described/explained or not, the above devices worked or did not work for me as stated.
      • May 13
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