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  • docintn
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  • Iphipps
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    I recently purchased a fluorescence reverb pedal brand new, but after only a handful of uses, it doesn't turn on. Not sure if it's just the bypass switch or...? Thanks for any help.

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  • EvanJordan
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    Question in the title. I found an MPC Live on Craigslist for $700 with a 1tb HDD pre-installed, and a hard case. It's listed with a bunch of other gear the seller is gettinhttps:// rid of, all of which are listed as "mint condition" except this Live and another synth which are listed as "great condition". The offer seems like a steal but I don't want to get screwed like I did when I got my mas chine MK2 (some pads just don't trigger sometimes). Is there anything specific that I should look out for or ask about before buying? 

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  • bsprojetores
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    bom dia.

    preciso de esquema de alguns aparelhos alguem pode me ajudar 

    behringer acx900 ultracoustic

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  • Han41
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    i need this case,where can i get it?

    help me please

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    • Han41


      Hello Han, welcome to the community.


      I suggest that you raise a Care ticket for Spare Parts explaining your requirements. This is done by clicking on Support at the top of the page and then clicking the Create a Care Ticket button. This is only possible if you have completed the required fields in your profile. The Care ticket is currently the only way to request technical support, service and spare parts from any of the Music Tribe companies.

      • January 27, 2020
  • Romansavrulin
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    Hello! Do anybody know is it possible to get DICE III SDK that used to be available here the other days? I have a product with their TCD3040 chip and want to tweak some things, but TC Applied site is almost dead the last year

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  • franchiarenza13
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    Ho problemi con questi microfoni. Funziona solo uno alla volta, non riesco a farli lavorare insieme.

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  • Malvineous
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    Hi all,

    One of the DEQ2496 product features listed on the product web page is an "open architecture allowing future software updates via MIDI" and I'm interested in learning how this works.

    I've downloaded the SysEx specs for this device, and on page 3 it says the data block contains a CRC8 checksum, but there aren't any specifics on how this checksum is calculated.

    Does anyone know whether this is a standard CRC algorithm and what the polynomial/initial/final values are?  I've tried a few standard variations but I'm unable to get a checksum to come out that matches the checksums used in the 2.5 firmware.

    Given that it's specifically promoted as having an "open architecture", is there more technical documentation available that I am missing?


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  • gauer
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    Hi there guys, don´t know if this is the right place to post this, if not, I ask please the moderators to forward to the right whoever it may concern.

    I have this almost finished project here I started a couple of years ago, it never say the light of day. But I still have the diptrace files of the project saved here. Since Behringer started making eurorack modules, I figured I  could give this to you guys to have a look. Please forward this to Uli and his synth engineering team.

    The module is a Juno 106 clone with some extras. If you are gonna use it´s internal LFO then there is a switch for two speed settings and you can adjust the rate of the LFO speed using the "rate" knob. There is also a switch for polarity.

    You can turn off the internal LFO by patching signals to the L and R mod inputs (so you can use external signals to modulate the BBD). The MIX is a dry/wet knob, and the L and R "depth" are attenuators for the modulation inputs.

    L out is the I chorus mode
    R out is the II chorus mode
    L + R are the I+II chorus mode

    The files for the PCB (diptrace format) are attached to this post.


    Best regards

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    • gauer

      So I could not find an option to edit my post, so here is some extra info:

      The internal LFO has a switch "Pre - Rate"

      When is set to Pre, then the LFO speed for mode I and II are the original ones (factory schematics from Roland).

      When set to Rate, then you can adjust the speed of the internal LFO using the rate knob, and there is a switch "Fast/Slow" for two modes of the internal LFO.

      • January 21, 2020
  • neveklovsky
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    Hello, I would like to ask you about dimmer behringer LD6230. After one event I checked if dimmer work´s correctly but it didn´t. I opened it, measure all values and checked if they are same like in one dimmer wihch work without problems. I founded problem on 4th transformer wihch is main power supply for control electronic.  Transformer haven´t any voltage on secondary outlets. I tryed swap transformer for new one but it didn´t help. So my question is if you can send me schematic for this dimmer. Thank you. 

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