• 2020-10-23

    I have 2 keyboards...one will be drum machine and MIDI master out to the VL3...I see the MIDI indicator flashing on the VL3 screen but I do not have my vocals controlled by the MIDI chords or notes I play....the harmonies etc. work ok thru the VL3, but not MIDI coupled with my vocals....any help is appreciated!

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  • 2020-10-22

    I have been trying to get parts support from MT for over a month...  I finally got an email response but I have questions I need answered.  I tried to call the Las Vegas service center and there was NO ANSWER.  I tried calling the Atlanta Service Center...  NO ANSWER.  I tried the 1-800 number (finding that was almost impossible)... I was placed on hold for 45 minutes before I gave up.  Why is your customer support SO PATHETIC!?!?!?  This is why Behringer and Bugera have such a bad reputation.  The products are nicely thought out and very affordable.  But when there is a problem the consumer is more or less $h!t out of luck.  Let's find a solution to this situation sometime before the next decade rolls over...

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    • John Maxfield
      Kyle Johnson Hi John, Kyle here with Music Tribe. Our support system is now entirely web based. I'm not sure which 800 number you were calling, but we do not have a phone support line. I can completely understand your frustration given the amount of time you have been trying to get your questions answered. I will find your case and make sure someone gets back to you as soon as possible. Please monitor your email.
      • Thu at 4:10 PM
        John Maxfield Thanks Kyle. I was working with Zack Boneham in the parts department, but if he can't call me on the phone then getting the right parts is going to take forever. I sent him an email asking him to call me back but never got a response. I am not particular on who calls me... just that it occurs between 8am and 6pm CST and that the person is capable of answering technical questions such as "does this part number reference a component or an assembly?". Also they should have access to an illustrated parts breakdown ( or a parts list with a reference drawing) and the ability to decipher it. If I need the next assembly up, will they know how to navigate that in the IPB?

        You guys need technicians/engineers on staff addressing advanced needs (one more item for your wish list, right?).

        Has anyone at M-T thought about licensing contractors to do aftermarket (non-warranty) sales and service? People you don't have to put on the payroll... rather, you just give them access to the database (oracle, SAP, or whatever you guys use). Then let them take on the jobs that you guys get hung up on because they're not in the warranty system. It would reduce your workload, create local support for your products, and increase your revenue stream; all without adding to your overhead. The only initial cost would be some minimal training for new CSR Technicians.

        I reached out to the new M-T HR Lead (Simon Antrobus) on linked-in to make a connection and possibly discuss this concept with him. It would certainly streamline your aftermarket sales and service division considerably.

        If there is someone else more immediate (read, "stateside") that may find this interesting, please, pass along my contact info. I have 27 years of Operations, Maintenance, and Service experience ranging from Technician to Engineer, to Technical Expert and Project/Supply Chain Management; all with loads of leadership experience mixed in. Maybe I can help you guys get this ball rolling by opening a hub in the greater Houston area. I know there is a lot of equipment around here that gets tossed because of the lack of aftermarket service.

        • Thu at 4:27 PM
        Kyle Johnson Hi John, thanks for your feedback and suggestions. We do have Authorized Service Centers throughout the country who handle both Warranty and Non-Warranty service. For this kind of inquiry I suggest you email [email protected]
        • Fri at 12:04 PM
  • 2020-10-22

    Hola, nesecito que me indiquen como controlar el volumen de guitarra en el voicelive3 extreme. No se como vajar el volumen de la guitarra en el voicelive3 extreme... saludos y gracias.

    atte. Felipe Cepeda.

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  • 2020-10-21

    For several weeks I have been attapting to contact Musictribe to have my warranty fufilled on a faulty Turbosound IP3000 I purchased from Musictribe through ebay.

    Upon the first use of this product it was faulty. Very low output, and extremely nasally, as if the tweeters were blown. I have had to cancel multiple gigs and have lost work as a solo acoustic artist as a result of this hassle.

    I attempted to get a response trhough the Musictribe website as suggested by the return message through my ebay purchase. It is not working properly. I have also emailed Musictribe to ask for personbal assistance and have recieved no response in over two weeks. 

    This is extremely frustrating. I have spent well over a thousand dollars on this refurbished speaker system and it is useless. 

    My warranty number is #184170689796

    I need to know what will be done at this point to have the 10 year warranty fufilled as promised when I purchased this product. 


                                                  Greg Erba (323)385-6184



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    • Gregory Erba
      Gregory Erba What do I have to do to get someone from musictribe to contact me back at this point? The website is extremely slow & buggy in trying to follow through with the warranty. I have a useless Turbosound IP3000 and am a working musician losing work because of this.
      • Wed at 2:22 AM
    • Gregory Erba
      Alexander Lane Hi Gregory,

      You need to submit a CARE ticket for this, click SUPPORT at the top of the page, select SERVICE, then fill out the required details and one of the team will respond within 24 hours.

      Apologies for the frustration, rest assured the care team will help you out.

      Any issues with the ticket submission, please let me know and I can investigate.

      My email is [email protected] if you want to contact me directly.
      • Wed at 3:07 AM
  • 2020-10-19
    I have a problem I hope you can help me with.  I am loving jamming with my lead guitarist and when we play live together, I use TC helicon for amazing vocal harmonies.   In JK right now I am plugging my guitar cable and mike xlr cable into TC helicon and then two appropriate cables into my Focusrite audio interface...but it doesn't work while jamming or when we try to record. Can you help?
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    • Thomas Fefer
      Nigel Turner Hi Thomas, please can you advise which TC Helicon device you are using. And are you getting signal into the Focusrite audio interface, it should have some sort of monitoring feature that you can listen to to see if you are getting audio into it.
      • Mon at 10:50 PM
      • JamKazam & TC Helicon
        Thomas Fefer Hi Nigel--Thanks so much for responding to my inquiry I have the TC Helicon Play Acoustic model. I cannot hear the harmonies at all on my end. The monitor dial on my Focusrite is turned all the way up. My guitarist hears the harmonies faintly on his end.
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        • Tue at 12:27 PM
      • JamKazam & TC Helicon
        Nigel Turner Hi Thomas, can I confirm that the TC gain set up has been done per the manual. Is the input signal LED lighting green when you sing and play the guitar through the unit? Are you able to plug the outputs of the TC directly into an amp to check the levels you are getting out the TC device or even plug some headphones into it to check that you can clearly hear the audio? You haven't mentioned which Focusrite you are using, but the ones I have seen, have a direct monitor switch for headphones so that you can hear the audio directly off the gain pots. Can you check this and see what the audio sounds like? What settings do you have the input gain on the focusrite set to? Are you using balanced output XLRs to balanced input XLRs between the two units? Any conversion connectors or if you are using jacks to the input of the focusrite, they are TRA and not TS jacks?
        • Thu at 12:51 AM
  • 2020-10-19

    tengo un producto que ya no quizo encender, no supe el motivo ya que un dia antes se utilizo y todo muy bien como puedo hacer para lo de la garantia

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    • alfredo perez
      Chris Edwards Hi Alfredo, I hope you are well. If you have not already done so I would recommend opening a service request, please go to the support tab at the top of the page and scroll down to the service tab. Please ensure all fields marked with * are filled in and a colleague will be in touch to advise further.
      • Mon at 11:39 PM
  • 2020-10-18

    I have not been on musictribe for some time and I see it has been changed.  It will not pull up my old account where I have all of my products registered.


    My old user name was COLRJB  email:[email protected]


    If this data cannot be located, I assume I will have to re-register all of my products.


    Thanks so much and peace,


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    • R Joseph Brinkman
      Nigel Turner Hi, let me look into this for you and help you get back into your account. A the present time, it is not possible to view the products that are registered to you but this will be available in an update to our system shortly.
      • Oct 18
      • Good day and or evening,
        Nigel Turner I have had your account checked by the admin team, and it looks like you managed successfully register and log into your account on the 18th October. Would you like them to reset your password and send an e-mail with a new password?
        • Mon at 10:44 PM
      • Good day and or evening,
        R Joseph Brinkman SO will all of my previous registered products be available soon with the update?
        • a few seconds ago
  • 2020-10-18

    Hi. Just picked up a UMX61, and am trying to sync with my Crave. I have the UMX61 manual, could somebody give me a run through how to sync these two? Thanks. 

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    • Jon Watkins
      David Knighton Hello Jon Watkins,
      Download the SYNTHTOOL application for CRAVE. You can change the SYNC SOURCE with the app.
      • Mon at 7:32 AM
  • 2020-10-17

    Hey guys! The G Natural unit I own says it can receive midi time clock. I'm sending sync to the G Natural midi in & also sending it via midi thru to my Voicelive Touch 2. The Voicelive is slaving to the midi sync. Everything is great... but how do I get the global tempo on the G Natural to sync? I need my delay times to follow the synced global tempo

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    • Erik Dunham
      Joe Rivers Hi Erik, i saw your email this morning and sent some steps over to you. Let me know if you get this.
      • Mon at 8:04 AM
  • 2020-10-15

    I just spent half an hour trying to register on this site but it won't accept any passwords even though the ones I tried have all the required characteristics. Put me in a bad mood. 

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    • Warren Harding
      Nigel Turner Hi Warren, I am sorry that you were experiencing issues registering with the Community. Was there a particular character that wasn't being accepted? Please let me know and I can check with the web team and get the issue fixed for the future. What was the error message that you were receiving? Many thanks
      • Oct 15
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