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    Has anyone else had problems with the reverb/eq/power attenuator on their T5 Head? I have only had the amp for a month and didn't log any "rough sessions" with it. One day I was jamming and turned the volume down, on my guitar, so I could hear someone talk. Then I turned the volume up and heard, "pop" it started producing strange LoFi Harmonics and "noise". Sounds like a glass coke bottle with a rusty spring in and drunk snake hissing at me. A couple of times I was able to get it back to normal by messing with the eq and or reverb (turn back and forth). But if I touched the Reverb afterwards it would go back to the rusty spring in a bottle and drunk snake tone/effect. Anyways, I love this amp and want to solve this issue. Thanks

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    • Theghost22
      Nigel67 If the unit is less than 30 days old, please go back to the shop that you purchased it from and ask for a DOA replacement. If it is older than 30 days, they will repair it. I would also register it on the Behringer website as depending on where in the World you are, you may get an extra 2 years warranty taking it from 1 to 3.
      • Mar 7
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    Does anyone know where I can get a copy of a software patch editor for the now discontinued G Sharp multi-effects unit. The "TC Electronics G Sharp Control Software" was the offical editor but it's no longer available on TC Electronics webpage. Thank you.

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    Good evening, 
    I've tried to make an auto swell effect with my Sentry with the TonePrint editor: the problem is that the knobs don't always go to the extremes values mapped for each knob, either if I set min and max values or let them be the extremes allowed by the editor.
    Also, these values aren't always the same between the 3 bands mapped (low, mid, high) and the "all'" value (not mapped). If the three bands mapped and the "all" value are not the same they influence each other. I've either tried mapping all the three bands (low, mid, high) and the "all" only for all three knobs but nothing changes; in the second case the behaviour of the values is even worse. How can I make them the same all the time? Otherwise is there a way to disable one or the others when not used?
    Finally, if I save the changes and/or exit and re-enter in the edit modality, the behaviour of the knobs and values changes every time on its own.
    I could have missed something but I think all of this is a bug.
    PS: is it possible to make the attack time longer than the 100ms currenity allowed? For the auto swell trick would be useful even
    200 or 500ms.
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    Good afternoon,

    came in a VLP with a blue screen, 

    could anybody help how to solve it?


    Thank you for your kind attention

    Best regards from Portugal

    Joao Paulo Ferreira

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      Nigel67 Hi ATA-UNIPESSOAL. Please raise a Ticket with our Technical Support Team and they will be able to help you further. To do this, go to the Support Tab at the top of the page and then click on the Technical Support tab and fill out the ticket. Many thanks
      • Feb 22
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    I have seen the blue screen of death on my VL3X. I have been gigging with my VL3X for years and love it but it is out of warrantee. I saw online that when this happens, open the back, take out the memory card, clean it and replace it. It worked!!!. I gigged for a few more months and then in the middle of my gig, bam, blue screen of death. It luckily came back on but I want to change out the card. Acutally chaning out the card is easy. My concern is that it will need a special formatting or something to make it work. Does anyone have experience with this and can anyone walk me through this. I know, take it in for service, but this seems like a simple thing to do if i just had some pointers. 



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    A friend gave me a non working behringer sp400. I have tested it both with battery and power supply, but it won't turn on, led stays off. where can i find the schematic diagram so that I can fix it? Thank you all.

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    • satiropan
      Nigel67 Hi satiropan. I am sorry, but unfortunately we are not permitted to distribute schematics other than to our repair centres. Sometimes you may be able to find them online if you do a search.
      • Feb 13
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    Hi Y'all... I would like to control the patches on my PA from my MC8 via midi PC messages and the only input I can think of is the usb port. Anyone have a method to accomplish this? Sincerely, JRocker

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    Hi all, I hooked up my G on my new amps effects loop (Blackstar HT50mkII) using the 4CM. Now I can keep my pedals and rack unit next to my amp. The problem I encounter now is that I need my looper pedal next to my G pedalboard. How would you guys cable this? Gonna have a lot of cables from stage to amp or is there a solution I don't see now?
    Love to hear your ideas.
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    Hi All,

    just bought a new Plethora and because hand switching 'Boards' is not an option live, wondered what the best and correct Midi controller connection, I have a switcing looper, but no Midi connectors on it (Moen JR Looper) do i need to purchase something speciific to work ?



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    Just got a Harmony G XT unit, plugged in the mic (dynamic) in. power on, try to adjust the knob clorkwise from left to right and it didn't pick up any signal until about 4 oclock, No Green LED, Orage or REd at all.

    Any advice?




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