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    The Toneprint App gives you the option of marking any Toneprint you like for a specific pedal as a favorite.  The issue is, if you go back and look at the favorites you marked for the different types of pedals you have, you are presented with a long list of items which appear to be default sorted based on the Toneprint name rather than, say, the pedal type (e.g. chorus, delay, etc.). 

    So, for example, if you just want to look at ONLY your Hall of Fame Reverb favorites, you cannot do so.  Rather, all of your reverb favorites are lumped in with your chorus, tremolo, and delay favorites, and unless you remember the specific favorite name, you'll have to wade through the list of ALL of your favorites until you find the one you want.

    Suggested Toneprint App enhancement: Allow for the sorting/filtering of toneprint favorites based on pedal type.  Query example: show me all of my delay favorites; show me all of my chorus favorites, and so on.


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    • jl1016
      RobbyWingfield Hi jl1016, this is Robby with Music Tribe. I will pass your request along to the development team, thank you!
      • October 2, 2021
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    Morning all, 

    Need some advice on my new TC set up. 


    I have a BQ250 and 2 BC208 bass cabs. Am I right in thinking that when connected the overall speaker load becomes 16 ohm, or are the rear unputs on the cabs parallel connectors making the cabs go to a 4 ohm load which perfectky macths the head and wattage.


    There is only 1 speaker output on the reverse of the amp so i have to dasiy chain the cabs

    Was reccomended this setup but then thinking connecting 2 8ohm speakers in series makes  a16 ohm load which to my knowledge doesnt really produce its maxium volume potential.


    This make sense? Or shoul I have just bought 1 single 4 ohm speaker. 

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    • jaybyname
      RobbyWingfield Hi, jaybyname, this is Robby with Music Tribe. Daisy chaining speakers halves the ohm load collectively. So, daisy chaining two 8 ohm cabs would lower their collective impedance to 4 ohms which will match perfectly.
      • October 2, 2021
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    I've forgotten the password for my NX1000D Behringer power amp. I've spent a very long time trying anything that seemed likely but with no success. Is there any way around using the password? What if I update the software?

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    • percy1
      Nigel67 You will need to connect the NX Series EDIT software to your amplifier. Once connected, go into the Set Up page and you will be able to unlock your unit and set a new password.
      • October 3, 2021
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    Bought a new Vortex flanger and connected it to PC (Win 10) and/or Android. Both devices recog. the pedal. I can send artist toneprints to it - that works fine.

    I can not build own toneprints. The software says "connect your TonePrint product to your xydevice..." Well, it is connected - i can send toneprints...

    But i want to create own toneprints. Why is that not working?




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    Bonjour ,

    Est-il possible de régler l'interrupteur pour que le son ne se coupe pas instantanément ?

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    I can update the firmware but I cant get WIN10 to see my folder so I can copy off my loop to be saved on my computer.

    I SWORE I did this before.


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    Hi guys has anyone used the meloaudio midi commander with the voicelive3 to control either guitar effects or the looper functions any help would be much appreciated the only info I can find on which pedals can be used on the voicelive 3 is the tc helicon 6 switch cheers. 

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    I just recieved the Ditto + and upgraded the firmware right away.

    When I press record in either regular or extended mode, the volume increases quite a bit. The playback volume is also increased.
    The pedal was working normally one day and the next, it started with this unusual volume increase when I hit record and play.
    I reinstalled the firmware but that made no difference. 

    Is there something I can adjust or is the pedal broken? 

    Note: The volume knob doesn't change the record level. 

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    • BryanB2
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi BryanB2, would it be possible to provide some further information on your setup such as if any other pedals are being used, how the device is being powered, and how you are connecting it to your amp?
      • September 5, 2021
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    I'm trying to find out what products I have registered 


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    • JosephScottVanWye
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi JosephScottVanWye, it is currently not possible to view your registered products within the Community Portal, however, upon registration, an email would have been provided confirming the registration along with the product details. I will also send you a PM shortly with some extra information on what you currently have registered.
      • September 3, 2021
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    I am using a pmp560m with passive speakers and I want connect a XENYX 1622FX with powered speakers to it so i can use the  mic inputs and powered speakers as  floor monitors  can this be done ..if so is there a diagram that shows how this is done


    Joe (electronic drummer)

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    • JosephGiannini
      DavidKnighton Hello Joe,
      The PMP560M does not have any passive outputs, it only has the powered outputs. That being said, I would suggest using the 1622FX first in line, then use the main or sub outputs to relay signal to the PMP. Your powered monitors can run off the 1622FX Aux Outputs, however you need to decide which mics/instruments you want to hear in your floor monitors, because the additional inputs on the PMP can in no way be shared to the 1622FX. Put your choice inputs on the 1622FX, and the rest on the PMP.
      • August 31, 2021
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