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    Here’s what I have – almost all Behringer

    • Eurorack Rack
    • CM1A – MIDI to CV
    • Brains
    • 2600 Blue Marvin

    I have a MIDI keyboard connected to MIDI IN on the CM1A

    I have the CM1A CV OUT connected to V/OCT on Brains

    I have tried connecting the OUT 1 and OUT 2 of Brains to various inputs on the 2600. Nothing seems to do what I want it to do, which is to basically run the waveforms of Brains through the VCF, VCA and outputs of the 2600 to my audio interface.

    CM1A CV is configurable, but no options are familiar to me, since I am connecting to Brains, and not a System Whatever.

    Unless mentioned above, no other connections have been made. Thanks in advance for any help anyone can give me.

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    • radman63
      NicJonesMT Hi Radman63. Please click support at the top of the page and submit a technical support ticket.
      • Sep 22
      • Help with connecting everything up - Brains to 2600 Blue Marvin
        radman63 I just submitted one. I didn't think they would help me since it's more of a usability issue than a "something's broken" issue, but we'll see what I get back, Thanks for the reply.
        • Sep 22
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    I just upgraded my Odyssey to firmware 1.1.2 using SynthTribe 2.5.7 on a Mac. Now, there is no sound from the oscillators, neither when using the keyboard nor when using the sequencer or an external midi controller. The noise generator is still working and following the envelope generator.

    I noticed that the Odyssey seems to interpret any received note (via keyboard, sequencer or midi controller) as the same very high note. There is a very high pitched sound when it receives a note and the filter when keytracked behaves the same as if it receives a very high note.

    I have restarted the Odyssey several times and did a reset in the SynthTribe software, with no success.

    The synth is completely broken for me now after this update.

    I have raised a ticket (CAS-619787-P6L0F8).

    Is there any way to downgrade?

    Kindly, Annaluise

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    • annaluiseblume
      NicJonesMT Hi AnnaLuiseBlume.
      Just to let you know I did email you this morning and our development team are looking into this for you. All the best!
      • Aug 25
      • Odyssey no audio from oscillators after firmware update to 1.1.2.
        annaluiseblume Dear NicJonesMT, yes thank you for your help! I just wrote in here as well in the hopes that someone else already had the same problem and found a solution. I'm a bit desperate because i need the synth in an upcoming show.
        • Aug 25
      • Odyssey no audio from oscillators after firmware update to 1.1.2.
        annaluiseblume I have just tested the CV and GATE inputs at the back of the Odyssey. Using these the Odyssey works just fine.

        So I guess the problem lies with the Midi-to-CV converter, which is affected by the firmware update.
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        • Aug 25
    • annaluiseblume

      The problem has been solved by recalibrating the Odyssey.

      This had been suggested by the support team from the beginning. But I had dismissed this suggestion because I thought that the calibration would only affect the hardware and not the software. And the hardware was fine as I could test using the CV input.

      The problem lied with the Midi to CV converter which translates the midi signals (Odyssey's keyboard actually sends midi to the synth part of Odyssey) to CV signals. This converter actually lost its calibration during the firmware update.

      I want to thank the Support Team for their professional, quick and friendly help!

      On the other hand I have to critize that the software to update the firmware did not warn that a recalibration might be necessary after the update. This changes the update from a two minute mouse click action to a one and a half hour hardware procedure for which you need a volt meter.
      Opening the synth and measuring the voltage on the circuit board might not be something that everybody might be able to do themselves. So a warning might prevent trouble for some customers.

      Generally, there are better ways to do firmware updates. I strongly suggest using the Web MIDI API for this. It would solve a lot of problems related to different operationg systems and networking problems. It's also bad practive to not offer to roll back the firmware. Being able to roll back the firmware is essential.

      Again: Thanks to the Support Team!
      Till then,

      • Sep 13
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    Hello everyone and thanks in advance. I am having a problem with my behringer odyssey and I have not found how to fix it yet. The thing is I don´t know how to activate or deactivate either local on or local off. If anyone could help me I would be so grateful. Cheers!

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    Hi Tribe,

    There is a [shift] and fine tune of control macros in daws that have an inability to be saved internally
    via automation recording, that can be of great use in the module hardware environment

    Hardware modules using ethernet based software control in a DAW, to fine tune presets that can be saved in the module via cv,
    which when saved and re-selected in the module, will tweek all of the control sources (KNOBS) into place, so that the
    preset would not be lost,

    this presents a great oppertuninity to be able to find presets that where unable to be found via commen practice.

    it does however presetnt a problem, these presets can only be static so thats the limitation.

    finding a way for the internal software to recieve the cv recordigs of the control and implimenting it
    via the software as the static starting point creating a lock that can be adjusted may be the solution.

    hence no need for elaborate screens in the module just a small screen of insight.

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    • Gravitymike
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      • Jul 10
    • Gravitymike
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      • Jul 10
      • Hardware Modules And Synths Using Ethernet Software Control
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        • Jul 10
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    Hi everyone,

    i just bought a factory new Deepmind 12  and I am super satisfied with the sound and everything works fine using headphones.

    Yet, when plugging the audio out into either

    1) My Guitar Amp / Bluetooth Speaker (PositiveGrid Spark, original 19V switching-power-supply) both
    1-a) aux input
    1-b) Guitar input

    2) My trusty 90'es JVC Stereo System

    3) an USB-Soundcard (on a laptop with Charger plugged in)

    ... and even more mains-powered devices of all sorts, with Euro and with Schuko style plugs (I live in Germany) into the wall, in different wall outlets in my flat, even one pulling the fuse for every other room/appliance. In any of the cases

    I get a high-pitched, sometimes slightly pitch shifting, often periodically pulsing whine.

    I used several audio cables and adapters without any success of fighting this noise.

    The problem seems quite similar to

    Yet there are some differences: The noise occurs even when the unit is turned off! When I unplug the power cable there is a mains humming instead of the noise. The noise seems to peak at 1,94 kHz. (see attached screenshot from a phone app and phone recording)

    Depending on the used output jack, audio device and (and its input jack), the noise is either quite subtle or even louder than the instrument on half volume. In any case it is never fully gone.

    It has no correlation with anything on the device (fan speed, wheel LEDs, VCA and its noise floor, ...) - as said it is even present when the Power swithch is on 0.

    Now for the stranger part:

    When taking the screenshot I noticed that the activity on my phone chipset (or display/display driver) altered the noise quite audible. The screenshot below shows this effect (of a previous screenshot) right in the middle of the spectrum flow.

    So the whine seems to be picking up EM interference maybe because some kins of shielding? grounding? does not work propperly. I am no electronics person, so this might all be the wrong conclusions.... I have never experienced something like that with other audio equipment (e.g. Behringer Crave). I had also done a full calibration but the problem persists.

    Another fun fact that puzzles me: The moment I pull the charger out of my Notebook (to which the USB soundcard is connected), the audio level coming from the deepmind drops drastically. What is going on there?

    Does anyone have any idea? Am I doing something terribly wrong? Or is it a case straight for returning the device?


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    • evilefi
      NicJonesMT Hi there. Can you please click support at the top of the page and submit a tech support ticket.
      • Jul 5
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    I have 2 new 2600's which seem to have the same problem.  Neither will change pitch below C4 from any midi keyboard.  I've tried a few with the same result.  They all stop going down below C4.  If I use them as euro modules with CV inputs everything works as normal, but I have other Berhinger product synths and they all work properly below C4 with midi.  Also I just noticed the power light cycles thru from Red to Green to Yellow.  Is this normal or should it stay on green?  Is anyone else having this issue?

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    • kparke1555
      NicJonesMT Hi Kparke1555
      Can you please click support at the top of the page and submit a technical support ticket.
      • Jun 14
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    I'd like to program this component to use as a one octave bass foot keyboard..... can anyone help me?  


    What other components would I require?






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    • Marcidee
      NicJonesMT Hi Marcidee.
      This is dependent on the Virtual Instrument that you are using the FCB with. You would need to program the FCB to send a Note On CC message for the notes that you want to use.
      If you click support at the top of the page and submit a tech support ticket, if you let us know what instrument you want to use it with and your desired outcome then we can advise further.
      • Jun 11
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    Hey folks! 

    ive made a bunch of presets that I'd love to export and share with friends but really scratching my head about how to do it. I think I managed to export a bank of sounds using MIDIOX but I don't want the entire bank ~ just 40 or so from the bank. Anyone know how to do this? 



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    Yoh Team, just got the KXD15, set it up and thought lets give these pre sets a try. So, 100 odd presets, no listing of what does what. Web not much help, has anybody got a list of the presets that they would like to share. I'd be appreciative if such a beast existed.

    Regards Keffo

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    I am looking for the low end diode board for this piano

    I have been told behringer no longer support this model

    Can any any one help with parts or a eurogrand for parts

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