• 2020-09-20

    How do you download a usb driver for a Behringer X2442 mixer

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  • 2020-09-19

    Hello folks, How're you going? Hope you're safe.

    I have one Behringer X18 that I like a lot. Yesterday I bought one API preamplifier, and just don't know if it's possible to turn off the MIDAS preamps on my console, to use it (one or two channels is enough) only as an interface to convert the signal.

    Can anyone help me? Thanks a lot

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    • rafaelizar
      Rex Beckett You cannot turn the Midas preamps off but you can reduce the gain so that they will work with the line-level output of an external preamp. The XLR input connectors can run with input levels upto +23dBu. Some API preamps have a maximum output level of +30dB so, if you wanted to run them at full gain, you would need to place a 10-15dB XLR attenuator in the feed to the X18.
      • Sat at 7:59 AM
  • 2020-09-19

    Hi everyone,

    I've been using Behringer FCA610 interface on my new computer with Windows 10 since summer, and up until recently, everything's worked fine. Then suddenly my computer stopped seeing the interface. I can't find it in the Windows device manager, and the Behringer Control Panel is also empty. What could be the problem? Thank you.

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  • 2020-09-16

    I currently have two UMC1820's. Will they chain together and work the same way a UMC1820 and ADA8200 would? And, would it require lightpipe cables to the ins and outs of both units? Or should I just get the ADA8200? Thanks!

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    • Jasonhitsthings
      Alexander Lane You cannot chain two together I'm afraid, best to add the ADA8200 :)
      • Wed at 8:16 AM
    • Jasonhitsthings
      John Matthews If your using Mac OS you can create an aggregate device if you want to use them both at the same time.
      • Thu at 7:06 AM
  • 2020-09-14

    Hi there,



    just need to know which software i can download and use to connect my qx1002usb with my computer (windows 10).

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    • Ashish Shrivastava
      John Matthews Hi Ashish, the recommended driver for the QX1002USB is the ASIO4ALL driver which you can find a link to here:


      Just click drivers on the right hand side. If you need some recording software too then you can register your mixer via the "Support" button at the top of the page and you'll receive a download code for the Waveform Tracktion DAW. If you need any more help setting up then feel free to create a tech support ticket and the team will be in touch
      • Mon at 10:55 PM
  • 2020-09-14

    Hello Everyone.   I am on an M32r, and am not new to the console.  I am trying to set up a Broadcast Audio set up.   I routed my MON L and R to 2 XLR outputs on the desk ( outputs 7 and 8) I am getting the Audio signal, but I don't have level control Via the MONITOR LEVEL rotary knob on the control surface.   Am i missing something.   If I use the TRS C/R outputs, the rotary knob works.  


    Any thoughts?



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    •  Jesse Bastos
      John Matthews The pots in the monitor section are direct controls for the monitor outs and headphone outs respectively, what you describe is normal.
      • Mon at 11:49 PM
  • 2020-09-14

    Hi there,

    I'm currently using a Midas M32 for live shows that we also stream on facebook. And with Facebooks new rule regarding recorded music I need to find a solution for the playlists that plays between sets.

    I'm sending a matrix of the desk to our camera which is streaming the show and I wondered wether I could somehow omit the stereo track I play music from the matrix?

    Many thanks,


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    • Richard Hunt
      Kyle Johnson Hi Richard, Kyle here with Music Tribe. It depends on how you are feeding the Matrix. If you have the Main LR mix sent to the Matrix, everything in the Main LR Mix would be sent out. Assuming you want to keep the track playing in the house, you would want to use a Mix Bus to feed your Matrix bus, and just don't add that track to the mix bus.
      • Mon at 8:20 AM
      • Can I omit a track from a matrix on M32?
        Richard Hunt Thanks, that's what I was thinking.
        • Mon at 8:33 AM
  • 2020-09-07

    I thought to make a new discussion on combining these two behringer products. I noticed when I first connected them via optical in the umc control panel it's automatically set to 44100. I realise that its not possible to set the umc to 96000 with the ada8000 because it needs to sync to the ada which does not go to 96000. but I thought maybe I could use both at 48000? I set the ada as master at 48000 on the switch I also set the umc1820 to optical in adat/smux in the umc control panel. it gives me a readout of 41000 and I can't see where I can change it to 48000? it also says "Asio not active". do I need to set the umc as the master and the ada as slave? can this be done over optical with the two units? I would need two optical cables for this right? not just one? or do I need two cables anyway? currently I have the optical out of the 8000 going into the optical in of the 1820.

    another thing I was wondering about, the umc1820 has a headphone out for the mix of all the inputs on the 1820 itself. but I can't hear a summed mix of all the audio from the ada as well. how do I get to monitor the whole mix of all channels from both the ada and the umc when I am recording?

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    • paulie303808
      John Matthews Hi Paulie, you would need to have the UMC as Master in this configuration so you can set it to 48kHz in the windows sounds preferences/ control panel and set the ADA to Slave 48kHz. Sorry but I don't have access to an ADA to see if the inputs should be monitored direct from the UMC headphone port.
      • Sep 7
      • umc1820 and ada8000
        paulie303808 Hi John. I think I have figured out the monitoring, but still having trouble setting the 1820 to either 44100 or 48000. I have two toslink cables connected now and the optical signal is setup fully. but I still have no control in the umc control panel. the only thing I can change is the asio buffer size and whether the 1820 is internal or external clock. no options to change to 44100 or 48000. weirdly though sometimes it boots up when I power both on as 48000 instead of 44100, no idea why. in both instances I can't change it to something different to what it is. switching from master to slave doesn't seem to make any difference? I am pretty sure that before connecting both via adat I had selectable options in the drop down menu for the device. but ever since I hooked them both up together I can't select anything in the menu. I might try uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers again. e; tried doing a reinstall of drivers but still no change.
        • Sep 10
  • 2020-09-06

    I was using this very good quality Desktop Konnekt audio interface over many years until one day I upgraded my mac. And alas I lost the support to this interface. Now it is but a brick.

    Can I make it to work again with my macbook? Please help me to bring it to life again.

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    • akosambia
      Joe Rivers Hi akosambia - unfortunately we cannot declare official compatibility with newer operating systems for this unit. As it is now discontinued, we are no longer updating software/drivers for compatibility. I apologies for the inconvenience here.
      • Sep 8
  • 2020-09-05

    Can I connect an 1820 to another 1820 via ADAT to double the mic inputs?

    Seems obvious, "it should work." Right? Advertised as supporting ADAT I/O. Both units have In/Out ADAT.

    When I connect, the DAW "sees" all those inputs IN1-ADAT8. But getting an actual signal to the DAW from the "second" 1820? Not happening yet. Is this possible? Do I need to keep wrestling with mysterious settings? Or is this not gonna happen?

    Windows 10, Reaper, downloaded the latest UMC ASIO driver several times. Is there a secret driver?

    I have my reasons for not wanting an ADA8200, all based on "ergonomics." So, won't be going there.

    What am I missing?

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    • Drummer2nite
      Pedro Rodrigues Hi Drummer2nite the UMC 1820 via ADAT or S/PDIF does not allow cascading with another UMC1820.The ADAT or S/PDIF Optical I/O ports supports Input channels 11 to 18, and outputs 13 to 20.
      Please also have in to consideration that at 96 Khz the routing via input S/MUX 11-14, optical output S/MUX 13-16.Coaxial input S/PDIF 9-10,Coaxial output S/PDIF 11-12
      At 48 and 44.1 KHZ ) Optical input ADAT 11-18, optical output ADAT 13-20.Coaxial input S/PDIF 9-10,Coaxial output S/PDIF 11-12
      • Sep 7
    • Drummer2nite
      Drummer2nite Thanks for your response. I was afraid of that. I don't understand enough to know why that should be so hard - modify the driver to "see" UMC1820 # 2 as input 13-20 over ADAT by UMC1820 #1. But apparently not. Both can "send ADAT," both can "receive ADAT." Why not to each other? Rhetorical question, not needing the technical response. Just enough to know, "Not happening." Thanks again. I appreciate you taking time to respond.
      • Sep 7
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