• 2020-09-14

    Hello Everyone.   I am on an M32r, and am not new to the console.  I am trying to set up a Broadcast Audio set up.   I routed my MON L and R to 2 XLR outputs on the desk ( outputs 7 and 8) I am getting the Audio signal, but I don't have level control Via the MONITOR LEVEL rotary knob on the control surface.   Am i missing something.   If I use the TRS C/R outputs, the rotary knob works.  


    Any thoughts?



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    • JesseBastos
      John Matthews The pots in the monitor section are direct controls for the monitor outs and headphone outs respectively, what you describe is normal.
      • Sep 14
  • 2020-07-08
    Dear Music Tribe, My name is Oded Feder Broadcast engineer from Shiran Technologies, Israeli company provides consultant services to broadcast companies in Israel and abroad. Now we are dealing with audio monitoring plan encouraged by an Israeli Broadcast authority that performs quality and legislation supervisory on Israeli television providers companies. In the frame of the supervisory plan, the Authority is interesting in ongoing loudness monitoring on five TV providers. Should your company have equipment that may support this need – measuring of LKFS audio loudness values? Your information in the subject will be mostly appreciated. Please send comprehensive functional & technical data IE: • Number of channels that can be monitored • Type of audio inputs • Additional audio parameters that could be monitored • Logs etc… Prices, delivery schedule, technical support, please inform whether you have a local agent. Kind Regards Oded Feder Broadcast Engineer
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    • Oded Feder
      Alexander Lane Hi Oded, welcome to the community!

      I would recommend you look into the TC electronic clarity M and Clarity M stereo, please see the product web page below and downloads section where you can find all the technical documents which provide the information you requested.

      Regarding purchasing options, please click the "buy now" button on the product web page to see a list of retailers. :)

      TC electronic Clarity M Stereo - https://www.tcelectronic.com/product.html?modelCode=P0DC8

      TC electronic Clarity M -https://www.tcelectronic.com/product.html?modelCode=P0D9L

      We also have recently broadcast a webinar on this subject, including a walk-though and in depth look at some of the new loudness mastering plugins from TC. This may also interest you, the webinar section of this site is still under development, but if you would like to view it please email me directly and I can send you a link to stream...

      [email protected]
      • Jul 9
    • Oded Feder
      Alexander Lane FYI, please note I have deleted the duplicate post that is in the main solutions category :)
      • Jul 9
  • 2020-06-04

    We are looking to have a dedicated livestream person that controls the BUS that we have set up for livestream. With the Behringer X32 does this allow us to do that whithout the board being simultaniously changed while the main sound man is running it?

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    • Joshua Broadhurst
      Gary Higgins


      hello, yes you can.

      • Jun 4
    • Joshua Broadhurst
      Joshua Broadhurst

      So, all we would need to do is have the tablet connected and have the screen for the LIVESTREAM BUS open on it, while the main soundman keeps the soundboard group on the mains and adjust whatever needs to be adjusted in the house? 

      • Jun 4
  • 2020-05-18


    If I install LM6n Pro Tools Ultimate 2020.3 on 10.15.3 on a Mac Pro 7.1 it crashes on start up and the plugin has to be deinstalled. I can install LC6n but if changes are made to the plugin setting Pro tools crashes .  I have trashed preferences in Pro Tools, tried a clean install and tried it on a second Mac with the same result. I tried to leave a support ticket (twice) but that fell over with an error message. Thank you

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  • 2020-02-26


    We have had issues with Syncing to our MADI card slot in our X32 Rack and using s16 stage boxes.

    We experience pops and clicks thru the S16.

    Rack Sync set to Madi.

    S16's sync to rack.

    Many cables and different ports used.

    What are we missing?

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    • Chris Berry
      Gary Higgins

      @TVsoundOP Is the S16 up to date with the latest firmware? Several new modes in the latest version. Other than that, pops and clicks sound like symptoms of improper Cat/5/6 cable issues.

      • Feb 26
  • 2020-02-22

    i would like to giv commands to anchor... with out conection with audio mixer, could u giv the suggestion

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    • skalisha
      Rex Beckett

      Hello @skalisha , welcome to the community.


      We may be able to help if you tell us more about your setup and requirements. The normal way to direct a presenter is to use a wireless IEM system.

      • Feb 21
  • 2020-02-16

    We're looking to purchase a Behringer X32, possibly the rack mount version or the compact to use in our portable broadcast setup.  We need a mixer that can add a delay to the audio before it gets sent to our audio embedders.  Without adding a delay, when audio gets embedded into the SDI video signal with our embedders, there is an issue where the audio is about 5 frames (approximately 100-200ms) ahead of the video and we are having lip-sync issues.

    What is the maximum output delay that can be set in the X32 in terms of milliseconds?

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    • Aung Lwin
      Rex Beckett


      Hello Aung, welcome to the community.


      Each output can be delayed up to 500ms. Each channel can also have up to 500ms delay applied to the input.


      The X32 Rack would be a very good choice for a portable setup. It is a powerful mixer in a compact form and can be controlled from a PC, tablet or X-Touch controller.

      • Feb 16
    • Aung Lwin
      Aung Lwin

      Hi RexBeckett, thanks for answering my inquiry. Just one more question for the sake of clarification.

      The X32 Rack has 16 XLR inputs and 8 XLR outputs.  Can we map 1 input to 1 output individually?  The reason for this, in our live streaming setup sometimes we will be live streaming multiple channels of audio (e.g. channel 1 English, channel 2 French, etc. or like channel 1 Speakers, channel 2 commentary, etc.)

      At maximum, we will have 8 audio channels for 8 languages.  So we just need to map XLR input 1 to XLR out 1, XLR in 2 to XLR out 2, XLR in 3 to XLR out 3, etc. without mixing any of the audio inputs.

      • Feb 16
  • 2020-01-22

    Hello all.

    I work for a local government in Florida. We recently replaced an old analog 16 input Mackie mixer with a Behringer X32 Producer. I am the primary audio mixer for our more complex productions. I am also an "old dog" trying to learn "new tricks" with the new console! One of the biggest challenges I am having is the lack of direct line of site (and touch) of output controls. Also, the analog mixer had physical auxilliary outputs which I used a lot for our needs.

    We use our field audio rig for multiple uses. The two highest uses are: 1.) simple sound reinforcement for speaches and vocal performace with backing track, and 2.) multicamera livestream, cablecast or live-to-tape recordings of events, conferences, etc. For the more complex video productions, that include the need for live sound reinforcement, my setup with the Mackie was to use the L+R outputs for our video feed/recording and use auxilliary ouputs for FOH and monitor feeds, typically by using and aux bus pre-fader.

    It is my understanding that the X32 Producer has 8 outputs. By factory default, outputs 7 and 8 are L + R OUT. These I would send to our video feed. I've been using outputs 1 and 2 to feed our QSC loudspeakers for sound reinforcement. However, I'm not certain I am using the best workflow for handling the mix going to these feeds. For the L + R output I need to be able to send a controlled constant gain mix. This same mix doesn't necessarily work in the FOH mix. The need to have mics available to FOH while muted to the program feed and feedback suppression are examples why I need seperate mixes for the program feed and the FOH feed.

    This is my first experience with digital mixers and I'm a bit lost when it comes to managing multiple mix buses and outputs. Can anyone suggest a mixer setup for the X32 Producer that allows for L + R OUT to be committed solely for the video feed and using other outputs to feed FOH and stage monitors.

    I apologize if I didn't explain this clearly. I'll monitor this thread and respond to any questions for clarification. I am leaving a couple links below of examples of the types of productions we do.

    Scenario 1: 16x microphones, 4x wedges for dignitaries, 4x loudspeakers for audience.

    Scenario 2: 2x microphones for speach, 2x microphones for choir, 4x loudspeakers for audience.

    Thanks in advance.




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  • I'd love to get rid of all of my different cable or satellite TV providers that we have for TV service at my facilities.

    Maybe it's wishful thinking but surely there must b e a service that offers a dumb TV broadcast over easybib the internet? fedloan

    Netflix,etc isn't feasible because we just need it to endlessly play. irs.gov

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  • Hi all! I'm a relatively new Technical Director and was curious about any certifications and trainings that you all have done that you have found super helpful and worth it, or any that most people haven't heard about that are great. Also, any to steer clear ofmobdro . I work in both news and sports https://sarkariresult.onl/.

    I've started watching all of the "Ross University" training videos for their Switchers and those seem to be very helpful.

    Other things that come to mind for me is t https://pnrstatus.vip/ he Sony Switcher trainin gs, EVS training courses, SBE certifications, Tricaster Certifications (that's what I'm switching on currently), and any Grass Valley Trainings.

    Any and all help appreciated, doesn't have to be just for Technical Directors. Thanks!

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