• 2020-06-30
    Im using Windows and Streamlabs OBS as my recording software. Not only does my computer categorize my TC-Helicon as an "other" device and not as a mic input, but because of that, my livestreaming software won't allow me to use it's features. Its does not register any of the functions of the Perform-V. Is this a known issue?
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  • 2020-06-21
    Hey y’all We are trying to send our FOH X-32 mixer out to another room about 30-50 feet away in order to do separate mix on a DAW computer (ie. Reaper or Pro Tools). We have heard can’t send USB too far then have signal issues or something. Can someone provide info how you’d send the X32 via the X-USB port to another room to a computer? Thanks.
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    • John Pearce
      Alexander Lane About 5 meters is your limit, 16 feet roughly. Might be worth getting a S16 or S32 digital snake to solve this :)
      • Jun 22
  • 2020-06-03


    I have just purchased a Behringer 1204USB to use as a mixer for recording podcasts. I am going through the initial set up and I have some issues.

    When plugging in my mics to the mixer, they are not being powered at all. The 2 mics I have are the Audio Technica AT2100x and the Pyle PDMIC58. I know the AT2100x works as I have been using it as a usb mic up until now.

    The mixer shows the LEDs to indicate that it is on and phantom power is on, all the mute LEDs work as well. I have tried using 2 different cables (XLR to XLR and XLR to 2.5in) on every input on the mixer. I have also tried with phantom power both on and off. I have tried plugging the mixer directly into a wall socket.

    Please let me know if you need any more info. Any help would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!

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    • Vincent Talladira
      Jay Tilton

      I have a suggestion... 

      first go to the Beringer website and download the drivers for your mixer including the ASIO drivers 

      then plug in your mixer via USB to an available USB 2.0 or 3.0 port on the back of the motherboard when the software asks for you to do so. 

      when complete... (make sure all channels are muted first)
      Plug in your mics into channels 1 and 2 and turn your main all the way down 

      unmute channels 1 and 2 or just 1 first the 2 second and then gradually turn up the mic gain while talking into the mic "TEST TEST 1 2 3" etc... if you see the clip light blink then you know you are getting a signal from the mics then turn it down a bit then slowly turn your main up while doing "MIC check..." (I dont know if you have and amp connected or going into the computer into a DAW but some where you should either hear your voice or see lights blinking on the main out or some kind of activity... If you are trying to get a signal into your DAW and nothing happens from what I suggest then quite possibly you might not have your Mixer selected as the default in the recording tab in your Sound Control Panel. OR You May Not Have your Mixer selected in your DAW settings or your ASIO settings could be not set to see your mixer or you dont have your audio track in your DAW pointed to your mixer and "armed for record" either. Those could be all that I can think could be the scenarios I hope I could help... Please let us know if any of what I sugested worked and HOPE I didn't cornfuse you ?

      • Jun 3
    • Vincent Talladira
      Jay Tilton

      InkedBehringer-font-b-XENYX-b-font-font-b-X1204-b-font-FX-8-channel-build-in zoomed USB_LI.jpg

      P.S. try pressing the red USB buttons in.. I have the XENYX1832USB and sometimes when I don't get sound its because I forgot to press one of the buttons

      • Jun 3
    • Vincent Talladira
      Andrew Sorgenfrei

      Are you using any sort of software for recording. If so that may not be following the correct path. Also try going into your computer settings and setting up microphone and sound settings. make sure the Behringer board is set up there. 

      Hope this helps.


      • Jun 5
  • 2020-05-27

    I'm trying to get our church's live stream going, we have a camera and no audio because it is connected via sub and I would like to connect our mixer to OBS. We have a Behringer europower pmp 6000 

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    • Gilbert Alcala
      Rex Beckett


      Hello Gilbert, welcome to the community.


      You could use the mixer's Main 2 outputs for your OBS feed. You would need a USB audio interface to connect to the computer. Something like the UMC202HD would work and has low latency.

      • May 27
    • Gilbert Alcala
      Andrew Sorgenfrei

      Hello, Any Time you want to hook up to mixer for a live stream a USB interface would have to be added. Depending on the Mixing board you can do this by using Midi Cables or buy using 6.5 mm stereo cords for the L and R channel. The USB interface is what will tie it all together though. Currently I am using the Behringer UMC 404HD. you can probably go to something smaller and most likely because you are using the Behringer board as well a 2 channel will be fine. 

      • Jun 3
  • 2020-05-26

    Does anybody do a GOXLR and Adobe Audition setup here? If you are how did you do it?

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    • Rasswine Starr
      Lewis Newby

      I set the default input within Audio hardware to the Chat Mic (TC-Helicon GoXLR) input and the default output to System (TC-Helicon GoXLR). I will admit I am absolutely no expert on these things though.

      Audition SettingsAudition Settings

      • May 29
  • 2020-05-26
    Good afternoon. I wanted to know if it was possible to download or produce
    an ITALIAN Reference Manual for the product VOICELIVE TOUCH 2 ?T
    hanks to who will answer me
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  • 2020-05-25

    hi friends!

    i have the behringer q502usb mixer and my primary wish is to connect it with my shure wireless headset mic (glxd4/sm35) and feed it into my computer, directly into the zoom app on a mac laptop (os 10.13). secondarily, i'd like to add an instrument or two, which is why i got the mixer.

    but most importantly, what am i missing to get the sound from the mic to the computer/directly into zoom? i have the reciever connected by xlr to the mixer, then the mixer with usb into the computer. i can select 'usb audio codec' as the input in the sound preferences panel, as well as in zoom. however, no sound is coming out. no sound is being monitored on the mixer (looking at the red yellow green lights, right?) i have played with pressing each of the buttons and turning all the knobs. is anybody here familiar with this set up and making it work?

    will include a photo of the set up.shure glxd4/sm35 + behringer q502usb + mac osshure glxd4/sm35 + behringer q502usb + mac os

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    • lila taff
      Rex Beckett


      Hi Lila, welcome to the community.


      Your photo shows that some of the mixer controls are not correct. Set the channel 1 Level control to 0 (12 o'clock) and set the Main Mix control also to 0. Turn the channel 1 Gain control up until the Clip LED flashes when you speak into the mic - then turn it down so the LED does not flash. Make sure that the To Main Mix button is not pressed. You should see the LEDs above the Main Mix control flash when you speak. Adjust the channel 1 Gain so that the 0 LEDS light when you speak into the mic but the 6 LEDs don't.


      You may need to set your Mac's Mic Privacy to allow Zoom to access the mic - see Mac Mic Privacy. The Zoom app has a microphone control under Settings -> Audio. I would disable the automatic mic level and set the level manually to 100%. If you play instruments through the Zoom app, you should enable the Original Sound option to stop it filtering-out what it may classify as noise.

      • May 25
  • 2020-05-24

    Hi, I have recently started singing online through a karaoke website. I am currently using a usb mic that came with nintendo guitar hero. I have a Behringer PMP3000 powered mixer and several corded and cordless mics that we use for karaoke parties. Can I used these for online karaoke and if so - how do I hook them into the computer??? Thanks in advance for any wisdom here.   Jane

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    • Jane Harrington
      Rex Beckett


      Hello Jane, welcome to the community.


      You would need a USB audio interface to connect the PMP3000 Main 2 or CD/Tape outputs to a computer. There are several models that would work but I recommend the UMC204HD or UMC404HD. These have a built-in monitor mixer that allows you to hear a mix of the inputs along with playback from the PC. This is a big advantage for many types of streaming. They are also low-latency which can be important for some streaming applications.


      • May 24
  • 2020-05-22

    Hello guys, I'm not an expert in audio/mic setup, but I have GOXLR and I use it to stream on Facebook. Can you help me figure out what kind of settings I need for my EQ, or other suggestions that you may have maybe Compression or Gate based on the video URL below? They told me, that my voice is husky and I am having difficulty figuring out what's the best settings I need for my Mic. I am using Audio Technica 2035 for my GOXLR for reference. Thank you for all your help.


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  • 2020-05-18

    I bought a New "Damaged" NX1000 Power Amp and I am curious about something. 

    First off... Damaged meaning the package was poked with something like the fork lift or something and it went through the box and scraped the paint off the front right grill but thats it. No Dents or Dings or anything else ANYWHERE, Just Missing Paint.

    Okay, so NOW...

    When I connect my Subs to it it seems they arent very loud but they bass pretty decent. I switch to the LPF and try mono and stereo and bridge mode and all the same results... My Subs are 600 Watt max (Highly Underrated) per DVC 4Ω wired to 2Ω in their own seperate cabinets so I am using them as seperate Left and Right subs (I think that made sense) and the amp is supposed to be 500 Watts per channel @ 2Ω but it just dont seem LOUD enough and when turned all the way up it just don't seem punchy enough... Am I doing something wrong or what? 

    Thanks in advance, Jay ?? 
    @Behringer @DrewBrashler 

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    • Jay Tilton
      Paul Vannatto

      Hi Jay @WiKiT ,

      Welcome to the forum. The NX wattage ratings are continuous (also called program). Are your subs ratings RMS by chance (which is approx half of continuous)? How do you have the cabling wired at the amp (bridged or left and right) and inter-connected? Are the subs located on left and right side of the room/venue or are they together?


      • May 18
    • Jay Tilton
      Kyle Johnson


      Kyle here from Music Tribe Customer Solutions in Las Vegas. As Paul said, it's possible you have a power rating mismatch. 

      Can you please submit a technical support ticket at the link below for further troubleshooting?



      • May 19
    • Jay Tilton
      Jay Tilton

      Greetings @Paul_Vannatto  I apologize for not promptly replying.

      Yes I am very educated on wattage and Ohmage, RMS and Continuous ratings. I just cant figure out why the amp dosent seem to be pushing them as hard as I expect them to.

      They are 300watts RMS the link to them are below


      they are wired parallel (each are dual voice coil 4 Ohm wired to 2 Ohm) 
      both in seperate boxes coming out Left and Right but I selected both Bridged AND Stereo but it still sounded the same.

      The video I made for you tells you how I set it up (I think)  

      Video ?? https://youtu.be/klMHCF3vdE4 

      the subs are located in front of my setup to the left and right of my 6 foot table (I would be about a foot or 3 behind them to avoid feedback, I dont have a shark or supressor yet) 

      the SpeakOn is wired double pole and TS on the other end. but I imagine that I could wire it 4 pole and run TRS on the other end and change out the Phono jacks in my backplate from momo to Stereo Phono so its 4 Ohm into each Coil Seperately so the amp its self could regulate the Impediance (Theoretically) 

      I would like the bass to come out seperate channels in stereo as to some of my music plays that way so thats why I havent bridged it. 

      I hope all this helps make sense of it all, Thank you for your input, WiKiT ??

      • May 19
    • Jay Tilton
      Jay Tilton

      Thank you I certainly will. ??

      • May 19
    • Jay Tilton
      Paul Vannatto

      @WiKiT wrote:

      Yes I am very educated on wattage and Ohmage, RMS and Continuous ratings. I just cant figure out why the amp dosent seem to be pushing them as hard as I expect them to.

      They are 300watts RMS the link to them are below

      Unfortunately this post got caught by the forum's spam AI (intelligence is debatable IMO). That is the reason for the delayed response. 


      The NX1000 is 500W at 2 ohms (program) which is approx 250 W (RMS). So that doesn't give much for bass tubs. But the other issue is your setup. The 6 ft separation is not helping you at all, because it is creating a power alley (documented by Dave Rat, FOH engineer for Red Hot Chili Peppers), due to cancellation. It is far better to put the 2 subs beside or on top of each other. This configuration gives you a gain of 6 db. Try putting them together.


      • May 20