• 2020-07-03
    Can I connect my Go Guitar device to my lap top, it is not working because you cannot change the port the programming uses
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  • 2020-06-24
    I was hoping Someone could help explain something to me on the Midas pro X. I’m not understanding the routing screen to send a side chain to a dynamic equalizer to ack as a key input to trigger dynamic eq ( Like on a waves c6) Ideally what I’m trying to do is if I had a vocal group and then a music group , I’d like to take a send from my vocal group to act as a side chain to eq out a specific frequency range on the muli band dynamic eq so the music would clear out of say a 1 to 3K region by dipping two or three dB. What I’m not understanding is setting up the side chain path, I don’t see how to patch this. I see a listen function but how to side chain this?
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    • Jonathan Johnson
      Dr Paine Hi Johnathan, Unfortunately The Pro Series does not have Sidechain or Key possibility for their FX slots. In Patching, This only apply to the onboard channel Compressors, Gates and Duckers. The Listen function is purely a solo function to hone in the EQ band. I have noted that this is a common request. I'll bring again to the attention of R&D - To see what they can do.
      • Jun 24
  • 2020-06-23
    I purchased Behringer FX 2000 for vocal effects. I have Yamaha MG 10 XU mixer which has FX Send port but there is no Return port. How should I get the output of FX 2000 into my mixer?
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    • virendrajaywant
      Alexander Lane Hi there, I think it's best to contact Yamaha support for advice on there mixer.

      Regarding the FX2000, probably best to connect this simply in line with the vocal mic, so microphone into the FX2000 input then output from that into the mixer input.
      • Jun 24
  • 2020-06-15
    Hi All, I have a Xenyx 1202fx Mixing board and I want to connect it to my FBQ1000 feedback unit. It seems like this board has no channel inserts or aux ports. Can someone help me understand how to do this? I thought it would be as simple as taking my main outs and inserting into the FBQ 1000 then off to my amps... doesn’t seem to work. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Ray
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    • Ray Green
      Alexander Lane Hi there! Best to use the FBQ in line with your speaker outputs for it to work properly as you mention in your post. Using it as an insert is not really the correct way to deploy it. Mixer output -> FBQ -> AMP / Speaker A bit of info on the settings you are using would be helpful, maybe just need to play with the configuration?
      • Jun 22
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  • 2020-06-09

    Hi! How do i save the ohm settings? i program it to be 4ohm. Save it to slot 1. I also did som eq anf filter on the same save. But when i shut it down and restart is the ohm is changed. The EQ and filter settings are saved corect. Any ideas? I own two and they both do the same.

    Thanks for you help!

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    • Victor Gustafsson
      Alexander Lane

      Hi @vgson ,

      I wouldn't worry about this and it won't change the actual setting for limiter on the output.This would just be part of the calculator to figure out limiter settings, the Vp value is the one that matters and that should not change. You do not have to "set" the load of the amp. Hopefully this slide from LAKE training will give you some insight into how limiter values stay the same when you add more speakers to a channel and reduce the load impedance...


      Notice in Nx Edit, when you half the load, the W value will double also.






      • Jun 8
  • 2020-06-08

    I had my Mixer repaired back in 1 November 2019 I am now having the same issue again with the left lane out going dead

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    • William Sullivan
      Gary Higgins


      Ouch....sorry. The good news (if any) is that fantastic 10 year warranty still has you covered. FWIW mine has been trouble free (knock wood) for 3 years. Maybe they will just give you a new one! Hope so.

      • Jun 8
  • 2020-06-07

    Hi All,

    I'm new to the X32, recently purchased a Rack and 2ea SD8 units for stage R & L controls.  I've been able to determine the appropriate routing into the Rack using the SD8, and setup my bus mixes for monitor & IEM feeds out.  I also want to route my mains L&R running through the SD8 units.  I setup Out 8 (L) and Out 9 (R) for the 2 SD8 units.  I haven't been able to test this yet, but I imagine if I set these outputs as pre-fader, I will be able to using the singular Mains Fader to control the output being fed to the mains, rather than having to use the Mix Bus 8 & 9 faders or setting up a DCA for the 2 buses.  

    Is this correct?  Thanks in advance!

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    • Scott Bryan
      Rex Beckett


      I think you may be confusing Mixbuses with logical outputs, Scott. They are quite separate things. You would normally use post-fader signal-taps for all outputs - Main and Mixbuses - so you have level controls.


      If you get stuck with the routing, export your scene and attach the .scn file to your post (see Choose File button below).

      • Jun 7
    • Scott Bryan
      Scott Bryan

      Hi @RexBeckett 

      I have uploaded my offline scene for you to have a look at.  The Mains going out of Outputs 1 on both the Stage R & L SD8 units is behind my routing them to Bus 1 and 9 respectively, as I want the XLR to travel from the SD8 to the Mains.  

      The breakdown below was setup to enable the Routing on the X32 Inputs/Outputs... Hope this is helpful.  Inputs 1-12 on the X32 are being used for an electronic drum kit with individual outs (1-8) and wireless mics (9-12).

      I really appreciate your having a look at the attached and providing your thoughts on how I should be managing everything.  Best regards, Scott

      Routing to SD8 unitsRouting to SD8 units

      HC Studio Setup.scn
      • Jun 8
    • Scott Bryan
      Craig Fowler

      Do you need both L and R on both stageboxes, or do you only need L on 1 and R on the other?


      Edit: Also, are your running Console>Stagebox>Stagebox (ie the stageboxes are daisy-chained) or are you running Stagebox>Console<Stagebox?

      • Jun 8
    • Scott Bryan
      Scott Bryan

      @CraigFowler wrote:

      Do you need both L and R on both stageboxes, or do you only need L on 1 and R on the other?


      Edit: Also, are your running Console>Stagebox>Stagebox (ie the stageboxes are daisy-chained) or are you running Stagebox>Console<Stagebox?

      I'm planning on L & R only being on the designated L & R stage boxes.  I currently have it running SB>Console<SB for testing and it's working exactly as I want.  I've set the scene up for how we are organized in our rehearsal studio, and will build a separate scn for Gigs with how the stage will be arranged.

      • Jun 8
  • 2020-06-07

    Hi all! 

    Well,when i make a cover song video for youtube i would like to use my small mixer for a better and stronger signal and i connect that via usb cable to iphone.(my usb adapter to lighning is original product by Apple)the video app (shure motive) recognize the connection as "external mic" and the level of signal clips on screenbut when i tap on to start knob to start ,doesnt let and i see a warning on the screen "the media device you use cannot be defined"(something like that) or the iphone makes the video "non audio"! Do you have any idea?Thanks

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  • 2020-06-06

    Is it just me or is the x32 rack really difficult to comprehend?

    Can't update the firmware tried everything can't get out of the first step

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    • Alan Schwartz
      Paul Vannatto

      Hi Alan @FF 

      Welcome to the forum. What is the current firmware version on the X32 Rack (see Setup, Global screen, left side) and what firmware are you trying to upgrade to?


      Regarding your question whether the X32 Rack is difficult to comprehend, it depends on what you mean and how much background audio and digital experience you have. I have 2 X32 Racks since 2014 and have done hundreds of events with them.



      • Jun 6
    • Alan Schwartz
      Alan Schwartz

      Hi Paul,


      The unit has 3.12 looking to upgrade to 4.2

      I have a MacBook Pro 2012 with Mojave.

      I have a raced the USB drive and installed FAT format

      Unit reads (update not found)


      Thanks for your time


      • Jun 6
    • Alan Schwartz
      Tobias Winklmann

      Hi Alan,


      if I understand, your problem is, that you have the uncompressed updater file on your usb drive but the Desk will not load it?

      There are different ways to update a X32.

      on old consoles you could simply insert the stick and then turn it on. It would automatically load the update. On newer ones you had to press and hold the usb button while turning it on.

      On the newest firmware versions you can also go under 

      setup --> global --> system controls --> update fw.


      If you have tried the last way, I would suggest trying the second way.


      Hope That helps 

      • Jun 6