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    Here is the setup and I am getting various replies that either are not working or not applicable

    I tour with a x32 Rack in case with S32 . Most shows I run FOH and Mons myself on the one console sub groups 1-12 monitors and 13 - 16 as FOH outputs.

    There are times I need to give FOH to the venue and in these cases I give a digital split from (B) port and that is that as they are driving FOH that is not attached to my equipment. Easy as no returns via AES50 port to stage box.

    The one scenario I cannot seem to get the correct routing for is as follows

    x32 Rack as MON on stage with S32 Stage Box. I prefer to keep the gain control at MON as we will always control our stage BUT can lock gain and have HA shared.

    At FOH I want a simple cat 5 to a FOH position where they will get stages 32 INPUTS  as well as the band of 4 returns to stage for Talkback, Sub, Left and Right, 


    I have tried every configuration and I cannot find the one that allows the MON console to  drive 12 outputs on S32 for stage monitors and IEMS and S32 channels 13 - 16 be driven from FOH for mains, anyone I would appreciate it

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    • DavisClapp
      Nigel67 Hi DavisClapp. Have you tried contacting the Technical Support Department as they will be able to advise you further with your set up. This can be done by clicking on the support tab at the top of the page. A new window will open. Scroll down and click on the Technical Support tab and submit a ticket.
      • May 23
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    Hello when you update the firmware on an x32 does change everything  to default settings like eq and buses

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    • JGWALL
      Nigel67 Hi JGWALL. Yes, the surface will reset back to a default state and no show / scene will be loaded. On major upgrades you will also find that shows / scenes / presets will get deleted, i.e like a factory reset. I would always advise that you back up the shows, presets, etc to a USB stick before performing a software upgrade to any piece of electronic equipment. If you just want the surface to be set back to a default state, then you can just click on initialise console.
      • May 16
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    Evening Folks...double new and greener than grass to this so please excuse any slips in decorum/ protocol. Looking for some help in trying to pin down a particular vocal sound/ settings. 

    Right or wrong, I want to sound like post Oasis/ solo Liam Gallagher when I sing through my voicelive play. Is there a kind and clever soul out there that may have already built up a 'patch'* and can share settings based on Voicelive play profile ?.. or even just a steer in terms specific effect types used?


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    So windows did an update the other night and now I cant launch M32 edit? It starts up then quickly shuts down.

    can someone please help me with this

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    • JosephEChristen
      Nigel67 Try uninstalling the Edit software and then re-installing it. I have heard of this happening before.
      • May 16
    • JosephEChristen

      • May 19
      • M32 Edit
        JosephEChristen I've tried to uninstall every which way that i know of still won't launch
        • Jun 3
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    Does anyone know if something exists or is in the works that allows a monitor engineer to take advantage of the ultranet system? I know that the p16m exists and there is another model that allows two mixes per device, but is there something that allows you to use a m32 or x32 to mix and send out mixes to the whole band over the ultranet network? If there isn't it would be super handy! Not all venues want to use the personal mixing system and it would be nice to see a system that allows an engineer to mix the iem's for the band over ultranet.

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    Behringer x32 producer mixer, my sdcard cannot mount, what is the solution, I have tried updating the firmware but it can't

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    • nank010879agus
      Nigel67 Hi nank010879agus. Can you confirm how this occurred please? Was it after an upgrade or just powering on the console one day? It looks like either the micro sd card has failed or possibly needs reseating. Please can you raise a Technical Support ticket and we will be able to help you further. This can be done by clicking on the support tab at the top of the page. A new window will open. Scroll down and click on the Technical Support tab and submit a ticket. Many thanks
      • May 8
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    I would like to start/ stop clicks (*.wav) with a footswitch (roland FS-5U for example) in the musicians in ears monitors. 
    I use an X32 Rack.
    How can I do?
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    • panetta_c
      RichG_ Unfortunately this can not be done with a simple footswitch like a Roland FS-5U. I've not tried this, but I believe it can be done using a Midi controller connected to the X32. The X32 will need to have the X-Live card (The expansion card with two SD card slots). Sending PC's on Ch 7 will load different 'Sessions', then different CC's on Ch 7 give you control over Stop/Play/Etc.
      • May 2
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    I'm sending Midi commands and Audio from an iPad to an X32. Is there a way to echo these commands on the X32's Midi Out?

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    hi everyone, I'm thinking of buying a X32 rack version for my live setup.

    my setup so far:

    Steinberg UR824 interface with Cubase on macbook pro and stems for each song (1xBD mono, 2x Bass stereo, 2x percussion stereo, 2x synthies stereo and 1x backing vocals mono). that's 8 channel out to FOH from the interface via multicore XLR cable. in ear monitor system via cubase sends to headphone for each channel.
    in addition to that, 2x stereo stage piano and 1x vocals to FOH, and via DI box & splitter to interface for monitoring.
    That's 11 channel to FOH (8x stems, 2x DI box stage piano and 1x microphone splitter), rest InEar monitoring by cubase.

    Why cubase - because I have also video screens for each song synced to the stems.

    nevertheless, I am always kind of afraid that the whole setup might crash etc. durcing the performance and the video screens are not that necessary than a solid audio setup.

    So that's why I was looking for a better solution and I want to ask if the X32 could be it.

    q1) can the X32 work as a live playback machine for the stems via USB stick or do I have to choose another live playback player with seperate outputs like cymatic's  Utrack24 or LP 16 ?

    q2) can I use the internal audio interface for some VST synths in cubase for each song?

    q3) does the x32 have DSP for monitoring (reverb/ compression) and a standalone monitor mixer?

    q4) can I use the IN channels for stage piano LR and Vocals and routing them for monitoring and also to FOH (more than the 8 channels for the playback stems)?

    q5) if I want to use video screens via a laptop or the (maybe than cubase free) macbook pro, can I trigger the videofiles on the macbook via the X32 - how could this work?

    kind of complicated ;)

    Thank you for your help!




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    Researching the Wing for an Upgrade from the X32.
    Is there a way to use the P16-M Personal Monitors.  With the signal going to the P16-D directly from the Wing.
    Or does this have to come from a Stage Box, such as the S32 or S16?

    There is NO Ultranet port on the back of the Wing.

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    • ChristopherWake
      KyleJohnson Hello, Kyle here with Music Tribe. The P16-D or P16-M can not be connected directly to the WING, you must use a stagebox with an Ultranet port. Options include the S16, S32, SD8 and SD16.
      • Apr 26
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