• 2020-08-20

    Hello, I am Trying to enroll a LM26 in dante domain manager however it appears to be unsupported.

    Is there a way to enroll this device in DDM?

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  • 2020-06-24
    I was hoping Someone could help explain something to me on the Midas pro X. I’m not understanding the routing screen to send a side chain to a dynamic equalizer to ack as a key input to trigger dynamic eq ( Like on a waves c6) Ideally what I’m trying to do is if I had a vocal group and then a music group , I’d like to take a send from my vocal group to act as a side chain to eq out a specific frequency range on the muli band dynamic eq so the music would clear out of say a 1 to 3K region by dipping two or three dB. What I’m not understanding is setting up the side chain path, I don’t see how to patch this. I see a listen function but how to side chain this?
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    • Jonathan Johnson
      Dr Paine Hi Johnathan, Unfortunately The Pro Series does not have Sidechain or Key possibility for their FX slots. In Patching, This only apply to the onboard channel Compressors, Gates and Duckers. The Listen function is purely a solo function to hone in the EQ band. I have noted that this is a common request. I'll bring again to the attention of R&D - To see what they can do.
      • Jun 24
  • 2020-05-29

    When I open Lake Controller, the resolution changes but once it is all loaded I can only see the top left portion of the whole screen. I've tried many different resolutions and scaling options but the application just ignores everything I've done.  Does anyone know how to fix this?


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    • Jake Kinsch
      Alexander Lane

      Hi @jakeman90210 ,


      First go to this folder;



      Set EMULATION to 0

      FULL SCREEN to 0 (if it's not allready)

      Set the resolution to an appropriate window size for your monitor.


      Create a shortcut to LAKE controller, Right click on the LAKE controller shortcut, go to compatibility.


      Tick the box that says "disable display scaling on high DPI settings", Apply then click OK.


      That should solve the problem







      • May 31
  • 2020-05-24

    Hello. I am pleased to be Wing user and am enjoying working on such a powerful machine and great value for our church. 

    I'd love, however, to be able to route a channel straight to a Matrix such as in a Yamaha CL5. This will give us the ability to save our busses for other duties such as FX sends, Monitor Mixes, and Sub Groups.

    Also, a multiband compressor would be much appreciated.

    Can you confirm if these features will ever be avaialable?

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    • HonestAbe
      Gary Higgins


      Hello, I would guess yes on the multiband compressor at some point with a future firmware update. I hope yes is the answer.

      As for the Matrix, you can now include 2 ch's directly with the Matrix input, Direct 1 and 2 setting. Maybe then they can eventually develope a way to send more than 2.

      • May 24
  • 2020-05-23


    I use 9630 with Midas pro2. Playback is ok. But no audio from console to computer. I tried several laptops, different DAW, mac&pc...

    Where can I go wrong?


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  • 2020-05-21

    Hello guys!

    Does anybody know the latency of 

    Klark Teknik DN9630 ?




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  • 2020-05-14


    I only have one question. I would like to use an M32 as FoH Console, 2x DL16 as Stagebox and an M32R Live as monitor desk. As described everywhere, I stated that the M32 at FoH place is on internal synergization and on the monitor place AES50 (A). The Foh console is connected from AES50 A to the first DL16 AES50 A. The first DL16 from AES50 B to the second DL16 in AES50 A and from the second DL16 AES50 B to the monitor desk AES50 A

    The synchronization is ok.

    The input routing on both consoles is AES50 A 1-32.

    My problem is now, I see the input signal on channel 1 on the FOH. This is not visible on the monitor. Instead, I see a signal on the monitor on channels 15 and 16, 31 and 32 when I turn up the master on the FoH.

    Please explain to me how I can switch this off and how I can properly route the outputs. From FoH I need 5 outputs (PA L&R, Subs (Mono), Nearfield L&R). At the monitor station I need 9 outputs for monitoring or in-ear systems.

    Why don't I see the right input signals on the monitor?

    All consoles are on firmware 4.02.

    Thanks in advance

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    • Frank Reichel
      Gary Higgins


      You should not interconnect the monitor board from the DL16 B port-that port is only meant for other stageboxes. The Monitor M32 will not get inputs properly and can't send through the B port in the other direction. Better connect the 2 consoles together directly from one port and connect the DL16's to the monitor M32 using the other free port. You can then forward any of those inputs to FOH from the monitor desk.


      EDIT:   FOH M32 B<>A Mon M32 B<>A DL16#1 B<>A DL16 #2


      The DL16 B port can only forward aes50 outputs, and those being dictated from a master mixer. It can not forward its inputs. The result is the M32 or any mixer if connected to the DL B port, will get whatever the FOH mixer used for its aes50 output routing menu. If you had aes50a 1-32 for the Mon inputs for instance it will probably see FOH out 1-8, FOH out 9-16, FOH out 1-8 again and FOH out 9-16 again. (the default aes50 output 1-32 routing)

      • May 13
    • Frank Reichel
      Rex Beckett


      Hello Frank, welcome to the community.


      As you have the system configured, the monitor console will not receive the stagebox inputs directly. It will only receive the outputs from the FOH console that are routed to AES50-A.


      It would be better to configure the system like this:

      M32 AES50B <--> AES50A M32R AES50B <--> AES50A DL16 AES50B <--> AES50A DL16

      The M32R will receive all inputs from the stageboxes on AES50B and can forward them to the M32 on AES50A. The M32 can send its outputs to the M32R on AES50B where they, and the local monitor mixes, can be sent to the stageboxes on AES50B.


      Edit: You beat me this time, Gary @GaryHiggins 

      • May 13
  • 2020-05-12

    Hello, is it possible to get, in the not-so-distant future, to get an update that allows us users to be able to delay at the frame level? This will make it possible to manually set delay times so that all impulses are leaving the console at the same time. Dramatically reducing negative filtering effects of everything not being aligned. Especially when multiple plug-ins are instantiated.

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  • 2020-04-21


    Can I get schematic diagram for the UltraGraph 3102 please. Some glue was used in manufacturing that has damaged some traces.

    Many thanks,


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  • 2020-04-20

    When I bought the DL32 stage box the specs said it would take up 3 units in my rack. To my surprise, it takes up 3 rack spaces plus it has rubber feet underneath, which take up space in a fourth rack unit.

    Can any DL32 owners confirm if they are indeed using 4 spaces in their racks for the DL32, or if they perhaps have removed the feet, and if so, how? (They look glued on, and I am wondering about warranty if I remove them by force)

    I wonder if Midas put those feet on, to make sure that there is nothing underneath the DL32 in order to secure proper cooling when the DL32 fan is running. That could be a reason why one should not remove the feet.

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    • Randahl Isaksen
      Gary Higgins


      Hi, I'm using a Gator 4 space rack and use a 1 rack space power supply as the 4th item, I don't recall taking off the feet but I may have. I would not hesitate though. Probably careful slow use of a heat gun and and pull off or pry off with a pastic putty knife. Pretty sure it's just glue. I DID remove feet from my S16's for another rack situation There is still some space at the top, enough to see through on the 4 space and the DL is the lowest unit-maybe that makes a difference? I have not had any overheating issues that I am aware. The rack is presently under my M32 so not easily gotten to for me to look at and be sure. I will try to get at it later to see.

      • Apr 20
    • Randahl Isaksen
      David Knighton

      Hello @Randahl ,

      My name is David Knighton with Midas support.  The rubber feet on the under side of the DL32 are held on with a medium adhesive.  You can pry them off fairly easily using a flat head screwdriver or a pair of pliers.  As @GaryHiggins suggested, a heat gun may help to soften up the adhesive.  Often, product that is rackmountable will come with rubber feet so you have the option to use it standalone on a table, desktop, or other flat surface.  Here at the support office, we took the rubber feet off of multiple units to save rack space.  Otherwise, the rubber feet will eat up about half a rack space or more per unit.  It's completely optional to remove them, and it will not void your warranty.

      • Apr 20
    • Randahl Isaksen
      Randahl Isaksen

      Thanks for a very useful reply, David — that is good to know. 

      It seems a bit unusual to me, that when buying a new, quality product, the first thing you do is to get out a heat gun to modify it, in order for the product to live up to its own specs of fitting into a 3 unit space.

      Might I suggest Midas changes its design, so future stageboxes come with the four feet in a plastic bag, so people who do not place rack units in a rack, can optionally glue on the feet instead?

      It would be so much easier to glue on the feet than for everyone else to remove them.

      • Apr 20
    • Randahl Isaksen
      David Knighton

      Dear @Randahl ,

      I will definitely pass on the suggestion.  My thoughts on this, from a manufacturing perspective, is that having the feet as an optional accessory means adding one more item to the list of included materials for the packaging process.  It's easier for manufacturing to include it in the build process, rather than adding it in during the packaging process.  At the end of the day, the less items included in the package, the better, that way there's less of a chance something is missed.  I would agree that it would be better to include as an optional accessory, but it makes sense from a manufacturing perspective to do the opposite.  In retrospect, imagine the customer that prefers to use it standalone.  They could argue that they prefer the rubber feet attached.  It's a fair argument from either end.  

      • Apr 20
    • Randahl Isaksen
      Randahl Isaksen

      Thanks for getting back to me David.
      I certainly see your point about packaging. Perhaps this is a good subject for a customer survey to figure out, if most people use the DL32 in a rack or not? Since this stage box has a rack form factor, I suspect the majority of customers use it in a rack, but of course only a survey can tell for sure.

      If Midas customers are divided 50/50 between using the DL32 in a rack or outside, I still think glueing on feet is the simpler customer task, compared to bringing out the heat gun to remove them.

      If the majority is using the DL32 in rack, forcing the majority to use a glue gun to start using a brand new product is probably not the way to go.

      Have a good day and take care in these challenging times

      • Apr 20
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