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    J’ai depuis 12 ans une x32 et depuis 8 ans une m32, peut après avoir fait leur mise à jour, 
    j’ai remarqué une instabilité et des bugs allèatoire (faders qui bouge tout seul ou qui ne se racale pas au même niveau en changeant de page, parfoi elles se fige, ou ne repond plus, d’autre fois temps raiponse important voir des effet de phase en sortie)

    autours de moi d’autre technicien on constatés les mêmes bugs alèatoire 
    autre fais commun il ont comme moi reçut des groupes venant d’espagne qui on rapellait une mèmoire sauvgarder au par avant

    Ses produits commencant à soufrir de cette mauvaise réputation (non stable) commence à se tournés vers des produits concurrents

    avez-vous une solution ? et/ou une manipulation à faire ?


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    • Saccas
      Nigel67 Dear Saccas, There are no known bugs that you are describing with the faders. When did you last have your consoles serviced? That may be a possible reason for them juddering. Please can you raise a Technical Support ticket containing all the issues / software bugs that you are experiencing and a colleague will come back to you with further information / advice. This can be done by clicking on the support tab at the top of the page. A new window will open. Scroll down and click on the Technical Support tab and submit a ticket. Can you provide a short video as well showing the fader issue. Many thanks
      • Sep 22
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    I m running W10 with latest updates, and PC-edit version 4.3

    -The firmware on my X32 Rack is 4.06 (latest downloaded from Berhinger site  30 july 2022.)

    My problem is, when I adress LR to DCA 1 (or even one of the other 7 dca's), and SOLO this DCA, my pc edit software crashes.

    Same goes for all the matrixes, linked or not..  (adressing linked matrixes or single ones to a DCA, doesn't matter)

    I have Hard Mutes turned off. 

    No additional remote hardware attached, only a SD8 connected.

    Even after an initialize, problem still occurs.

    Software crashes, and I have to clear Solo on the rack itself, because the software keeps crashing after re running the software.


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    • Yuasasan
      NicJonesMT Hi Yuasasan
      Please click support at the top of the page and submit a technical support ticket.
      • Aug 2
    • Yuasasan
      Nigel67 Hi Yuasasan. I will report this to the software team. It is confirmed as a bug and will be fixed. Many thanks
      • Aug 3
      • X32 Solo crash
        Nigel67 I have just sent you an e-mail. If it is not in your inbox, please also check your spam and junk folders. Many thanks
        • Aug 9
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    Is there any possibility to get feedback destroyer (or similar) in X32 Rack FX. list?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hi all, 


    I'm using the LD Systems MEI 1000 G2 and it's perfect with the shure SE215.

    But recently i've a little bitte problem. I've a problem with the sound like scratching and distortion. I've never change a setting on it and i d'ont understand. But i've the logo ''ST'' will be on (on the reveiver) when the sound like shit. The frequancy are great for the 2 item. And battery always changed.


    Any body can help me ? 

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    • dd2402
      Nigel67 Hi dd2402. I am afraid that you are posting on the wrong Forum. This is not for LD Systems products. All the best.
      • Jul 16
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    1. purchased 2 x SD16 off amazon on Apr 5, 2022

    2. had to wait for X32 to be back from service, on May 14, (Amazon return expired on May 5)

    3. hooked up both to X32, one worked fine, and the other was transferring no input signal.

    4. got connected with Dale from service reception, explained what happened, and tried all the possible methods to get it worked, but No success. (Exchanged emails around May 15, 16)

    5. Dale decided to pass the issue to the Service team on May 17, 

    6. I asked if I could get a replacement instead of getting it repaired since the unit was faulty due to a possible failure of QC. 

    7. No response from nobody since then, even Dale himself. (Sent out emails on 17th, 18th, and 20th of May)

    8. I have my defective SD16 sitting at my desk, wondering where these service guys are at.


    What should I do? any suggestions?


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    • bassjun
      Nigel67 Hi bassjun. I am sorry for the delay in our Service Team getting back to you. I have sent them a message asking about your case to be answered. The reason why Dale hasn't replied to you is because he has passed the case to the Service queue. The e-mails you have sent him have gone into the ticket that is in the Service queue and Dale will not be advised of them.
      • May 22
    • bassjun

      Hi Nigel67, thanks for the information, still no one has contacted me yet. I just do not know what to do with this defective $870 piece of device or maybe I am too impatient.

      • May 26
      • a defective SD16, and no response from Behringer customer service after being transffered to Service team
        Nigel67 I have messaged them again asking to reply to you. I am really sorry for the inconvenience this is causing.
        • May 30
    • bassjun
      bassjun They replied me back on 31/May and nothing ever since. Wow, this is too much. I shouldn't have purchased this thing... wow...
      • Jun 20
      • a defective SD16, and no response from Behringer customer service after being transffered to Service team
        Nigel67 I have messaged the Service Team again to reply to your case. I see that you have raised another case with them. Once they reply to you, they will probably close this case. - I have advised them that you opened it.
        • Jun 21
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    So windows did an update the other night and now I cant launch M32 edit? It starts up then quickly shuts down.

    can someone please help me with this

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    • JosephEChristen
      Nigel67 Try uninstalling the Edit software and then re-installing it. I have heard of this happening before.
      • May 16
    • JosephEChristen

      • May 19
      • M32 Edit
        JosephEChristen I've tried to uninstall every which way that i know of still won't launch
        • Jun 3
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    Behringer x32 producer mixer, my sdcard cannot mount, what is the solution, I have tried updating the firmware but it can't

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    • nank010879agus
      Nigel67 Hi nank010879agus. Can you confirm how this occurred please? Was it after an upgrade or just powering on the console one day? It looks like either the micro sd card has failed or possibly needs reseating. Please can you raise a Technical Support ticket and we will be able to help you further. This can be done by clicking on the support tab at the top of the page. A new window will open. Scroll down and click on the Technical Support tab and submit a ticket. Many thanks
      • May 8
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    I know that you can send midi commands to the x32 (rack in my case) to turn things on/off and mute channels. Does anyone know how or if it's possible to disable ducking with a toggle?

    My band and I use IEM's and are looking into adding one or two condensor mics to pick up the crowd. I’m looking into having these mics ducked with my mic, so that when I’m singing (most of the time) we can’t hear the crowd, but when I don’t sing I’m specifically looking to hear the crowd.

    However, there are times when I want to get them involved with me with the singing and need to hear both myself and the crowd and I need a way to toggle the ducking on/off. Is this possible?

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    I have been trying to get a refund for months now for this defective Turbosound Inspire IP3000!!! I have already filed a formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

    Case Escalation | CAS-149861-F7V8G8

    I ordered what turned out to be a defective IP3000 from Musictribe through ebay. It took months of forms, documenting videos of the defect, multiple emails to Esteban Meyer, Leah De Los Reyes, Alexander Chad Saylo, as well as direct phone calls to Leah De Los Reyes, Kyle Johnson, and Daniel Silva, and endless forum posts right here before I was given a "repair number". I then had to drive this massive unit over 2 and a half hours to a repair facility in Irvine CA, only to be told they were backed up for months, and that Music Tribe had left them with several of these units and that they were baffled by Music Tribe's lack of communication as well.

    Many emails, calls, and forum posts later, I finally got the unit sent to the "Las Vegas Repair Facility", and a couple of weeks later it was delivered to me, and I unboxed it to find the subwoofer literally beat up, all four corners damaged. It proved functional... for two shows, then, no sound.

    I have been fired from two venues as a result of the unit failing twice in mid-performance, and have lost thousands of dollars in wages as a result of cancelled gigs due to not having a functional PA, because of this endless bureaucratic nonsense and completely shoddy repair work.

    Now, multiple emails & forum posts later to all of the previously mentioned folks at Misic Tribe, and I have received NO RESPONSE from Music Tribe.

    This has been a devastating & disheartening experience with Music Tribe.

    I should not have to go through this horrible repair process anymore, for what is obviously a completely defective IP3000. The only way this gets resolved at this point is sending me a new IP3000 and a massive apology. As for the lost wages, stress, and embarrassment I've been put through... well, there it is.

    To Musictribe: I would appreciate being contacted in person at this point. Not holding my breath, but do the right thing.

    Greg Erba (323)385-6184


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    Good day to you all.


    I work as a sound engineer for a band and we have recently started using an M32 for FOH and linking it to an M32c /DL32 onstage for them to handle all their Monitors with their own ipads. this gives us total independance of the eq and compression for each channel between FOH and Stage duties.

    For ease of their rehearslas where they do not need the FOH setup we have made the M32C be the controller of the Head amps.

    So the DL32 links to their M32C AES PortA to Port A ... from the Port B of M32 C we link theat (At Gigs) to the AESPort A on the FOH desk.


    The probalem I am getting is sending anything back to the stage via the AES cable ...Generally I want to send Main L and R plus a talkback and one Mono Sound Effects channel for intro playback and cues throughout the gig... so far I have always had to do this with XLR Analogue returns which can be difficult as some gigs we do now only have AES calbing installed so tradtional multicores have disappeared.


    Is there a sure fire way of doing this via the AES Ports...? DO I need to wire it all differently? or can it be done with cafeful advised software routing. I have looked online for this scenario and watche countless youtube videos but I am not getting any closer to discovering how to do this.


    The band use 28 channels onstage for their setup so there are 4 spare channels but not a block of 8 channels I can dedicate for return paths and that is probebly where I am getting lost... We have both M32 and M32C on same firmare 4.06


    Thanks in advance for any help


    Rob Aubrey


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    • Robbo444
      Nigel67 Hi Robbo444. The AES50 cable that you are plugging between Port B of your M32C and Port A of your M32 can carry 48 channels of audio bi-directionally, so in theory you can send 48 channels of whatever audio you want back to the M32C. It has no bearing at all on the audio being sent from the M32C to the M32. Its all in the routing table where you set this up. I am guessing, that as you are already using analogue sends to the M32C, you already have these set up as 4 x Bus Outputs in your 'Out 1-16' routing tab. At the moment you then have these routed to the XLR outputs on the rear of the M32 in the 'XLR' tab. To send these signals back to the the M32C, you need to assign them in the AES50 routing tab. You can only assign in blocks of 8, but it doesn't matter if you do not have anything assigned to Out 5-8. You haven't mentioned which 4 Outs you are using for the audio you want to send back to the M32C so I will presume you have set them up as Outs 1-4. So, go into the AES50 routing tab, select the AES50-A 1-8 column and assign Out 1-8 to it. You now have your 4 outputs being sent to the M32C on the first 4 channels. The more technical routing has to be done at the M32C because as you say, you can only patch in blocks of 8 and you need to take input channels 25-28 from the DL32 on AES50-A and 29-32 from the first 4 channels coming in via AES50-B. This is where you would use User In routing. So if you go to the User In routing tab and you will need to set up User In 25-32. For User In 25-28 select AES50 A 25-28. For User In 29-32 select AES50 B 1-4 (your 4 audio signals from the M32 are no routed to inputs 29-32 on the M32C). Finally, go into your Inputs tab on the M32C and assign User In 25-32 to Input Channels 25-32. I hope this makes sense. It is very difficult trying to give information where I cannot include pictures/diagrams. If you are unable to decipher what I have written, let me know and I can open a case and send you an e-mail with pictures. If your 4 busses are not on 1-4 but spread out across all 16 outputs, then you assign all 16 busses to the AES50A and then pick up those busses in the User In tab in the same manner that you assigned above. They do not have to be in a block, you can pick any of the AES50 B signals. All the best
      • Jan 24
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