• 2020-10-09



    Hope all are well!!


    Just wondering what the catch is to creating an ID to get into store to buy direct?





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  • 2020-10-01

    I  am looking to readdress the default IP addresses on my 2 Lake LM44 units from the default 169.254.... to 192.168.... to work with a new building wide network we will now operate in... I cannot access the IP address page on the physical unit nor have I found how to navigate to it in the software.

    I have not been able to get any help directly from Lake as the support network is overly convoluted and not user friendly/accessible.(sorry music tribe... I've been at this for hours.)

    any help would be great. The manual does not give anyinstruction whatsoever. Thank you in advance!!!

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    • Richard Gilmour
      Alexander Lane Hi Richard,

      Bring the modules of the LM44 onto the lake workspace, select modules at the bottom, then click on a module from the LM, then click IO Config, then Technical Data.

      You can then select fixed IP and enter the IP address you wish to use.

      Hope that helps! Let me know if you have further questions
      • Oct 2
    • Richard Gilmour
      Richard Gilmour Alexander,
      • Oct 6
    • Richard Gilmour
      Richard Gilmour Alexander, that worked seamlessly. Thank you for that. I appreciate it.
      • Oct 6
      • LM44 Ip addressing
        Alexander Lane Great! That what I like to hear

        Let me know if you have further questions please, always happy to assist
        • Oct 7
  • 2020-09-28

    So we have a Midas Pro 2 and 2 DL251 stage boxes. Will the Hub4 and DP48 work with this setup? Does the fact that the Pro 2 runs at 96 khz affect the number of channels can be sent to the DP48? Thanks in advance. 

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    • Brandon Knight
      David Knighton Hello Brandon Knight,
      Due to the mismatched sample rates, the DP48 and HUB4 are not directly compatible with the Pro Series desks. What you can do is deploy a Klark Teknik DN9650 Network Bridge with an additional AES50 card to interface the two AES50 networks. This is currently the only solution to make the DP48 compatible with Pro Series.
      • Sep 28
      • Midas Pro 2 & DP48 Question
        Brandon Knight Do you happen to know if the DP48 and HUB4 will be compatible with the Midas Heritage-D
        • Sep 28
      • Midas Pro 2 & DP48 Question
        David Knighton Hello Brandon Knight,
        Currently, HD96 is exclusively 96KHz operation and I don't believe that's going to change, so again, not directly compatible. There have been very small talks (very small) of developing a HUB4 that would accept 96K and down sample to 48K to make the DP48 compatible, but no clue if the Midas developers have given this solution any thought.
        • Oct 5
  • 2020-09-21

    I can't use mixer right now, if anyone knows the pro 1 bios password please help me to re-use the mixer,

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    • fatih küçük
      fatih küçük i need to fujitsu bios factory password,please help me,mixer doesn't work
      • Sep 21
    • fatih küçük
      David Knighton Hello fatih küçük,
      To check on this issue, you'll need to open the fader panel and local the 5 pin header the sits between the two RAM slots on the motherboard. Ensure the jumper is shorting pins 1 and 2 just like the diagram shows.
      • Sep 21
  • 2020-08-20

    Hello, I am Trying to enroll a LM26 in dante domain manager however it appears to be unsupported.

    Is there a way to enroll this device in DDM?

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  • 2020-06-24
    I was hoping Someone could help explain something to me on the Midas pro X. I’m not understanding the routing screen to send a side chain to a dynamic equalizer to ack as a key input to trigger dynamic eq ( Like on a waves c6) Ideally what I’m trying to do is if I had a vocal group and then a music group , I’d like to take a send from my vocal group to act as a side chain to eq out a specific frequency range on the muli band dynamic eq so the music would clear out of say a 1 to 3K region by dipping two or three dB. What I’m not understanding is setting up the side chain path, I don’t see how to patch this. I see a listen function but how to side chain this?
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    • Jonathan Johnson
      Dr Paine Hi Johnathan, Unfortunately The Pro Series does not have Sidechain or Key possibility for their FX slots. In Patching, This only apply to the onboard channel Compressors, Gates and Duckers. The Listen function is purely a solo function to hone in the EQ band. I have noted that this is a common request. I'll bring again to the attention of R&D - To see what they can do.
      • Jun 24
  • 2020-05-29

    When I open Lake Controller, the resolution changes but once it is all loaded I can only see the top left portion of the whole screen. I've tried many different resolutions and scaling options but the application just ignores everything I've done.  Does anyone know how to fix this?


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    • Jake Kinsch
      Alexander Lane

      Hi @jakeman90210 ,


      First go to this folder;



      Set EMULATION to 0

      FULL SCREEN to 0 (if it's not allready)

      Set the resolution to an appropriate window size for your monitor.


      Create a shortcut to LAKE controller, Right click on the LAKE controller shortcut, go to compatibility.


      Tick the box that says "disable display scaling on high DPI settings", Apply then click OK.


      That should solve the problem







      • May 31
  • 2020-05-24

    Hello. I am pleased to be Wing user and am enjoying working on such a powerful machine and great value for our church. 

    I'd love, however, to be able to route a channel straight to a Matrix such as in a Yamaha CL5. This will give us the ability to save our busses for other duties such as FX sends, Monitor Mixes, and Sub Groups.

    Also, a multiband compressor would be much appreciated.

    Can you confirm if these features will ever be avaialable?

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    • HonestAbe
      Gary Higgins


      Hello, I would guess yes on the multiband compressor at some point with a future firmware update. I hope yes is the answer.

      As for the Matrix, you can now include 2 ch's directly with the Matrix input, Direct 1 and 2 setting. Maybe then they can eventually develope a way to send more than 2.

      • May 24
  • 2020-05-23


    I use 9630 with Midas pro2. Playback is ok. But no audio from console to computer. I tried several laptops, different DAW, mac&pc...

    Where can I go wrong?


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  • 2020-05-21

    Hello guys!

    Does anybody know the latency of 

    Klark Teknik DN9630 ?




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