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    Recently purchased a second hand LAKE LP4D12, but without a control surface. Does anyone have any advice on what is the best way to get appropriate software for an old LP4D12?


    Hoping to use it with a windows tablet, but the tablet will be new, the lake is old.



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    • LeonPearce
      DavidKnighton Hello LeonPearce,
      These old "DOLBY" units will not run any Lake software past version 5.8. I recently had trouble getting 5.8 to run on Windows 10 operating system, but had zero issues installing on an older Windows 7 computer. Shouldn't matter whether it's a tablet or laptop, Lake runs regardless. The application is optimized for touch screen, but using a normal laptop with mouse/trackpad and keyboard is just fine in most cases. If you can find an older used computer that's still running Windows 7, that would probably be your best option.
      • Tue at 11:54 AM
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    help! tech support please call me at 612 363 0321  my gawd! i am on a jobsite. dead in the water. getting my ass kicked in a bar. no audio. just kdid a fw upgrade to a dm 8000 . i need to get an ultranet module plugged in to the software file in dm designer version  not finding the module anywhere in the dropdowns. please help!

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    • drfwfwiz
      trentperkins This is NOT intuitive, but if you drag the DM8000 icon onto the screen, you will also see the Ultranet Output module as well as the 10 input channels and 6 output channels. hope that helps!
      • Jul 13
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    • Corto
      RexBeckett Hi Corto, click the User 1 or User 2 button and then click on Edit (with big tick). Click on the channels, buses, Matrix and DCAs in the order that you want them displayed. You can also select Blank to separate groups. Finally click on Edit again.
      • Jul 8
    • Corto

      Thanks for your reply RexBeckett ;
      I actually did find my way to the Edit button and discovered all it can do, and felt very stupid at having not noticed it before.
      However I then discovered that the Edit button works not only on the 2 User layers, but on every single fader layer ; and you can wreak havoc on the entire console.
      So I searched, and didn't find a way of saving the state of the fader layers, and have determined that they are independent of scene load/save, which I find very unhealthy.
      I have also noticed the last fader layer at the bottom which doesn't have the same edit box as the others, and finally identified it as being the "DCA-spill" layer ; rather a strange way of doing things, and I'm looking forward to checking it in an operational situation.

      • Jul 13
    • Corto

      I must add that I just got a helpful reply back from John at Music Tribe support, confirming : "Sorry no way to save layouts at this time, the app will open with the last known settings though. Happy to pass this along to the dev team for future iterations of the app."

      • Jul 13
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    I have followed many videos and still can't get my nighthawk router to connect to my X32. I installed the router on my home network and it worked fine. Is there a router delete on the X32 that will clear any routers previous information? Other people have connected their routers to my board? I can't figure this out, thanks for the help!

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    • JimMenges
      Nigel67 Hi Jim. Have you plugged your computer directly into the ethernet port and checked that the port is still working? It could be that the port has broken since the last person connected to it and the reason that your router does not work. You can factory reset the mixer. This will clear all settings. Make sure you have backed up all your scenes, presets, etc as they will be deleted. Check your ethernet cable isn't broken. Are you setting the network settings to DHCP? This is the easiest way to begin with. Also do a factory reset on your router just to make sure you have a clean start. I am not sure whether you have seen this article, but this is a very clear way of setting your wireless router up.
      • Jul 1
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    I have a VoicelivePlay GTX that I haven't used since 2014.

    I am working on running it back up to use in performance.

    Do I have any options to get newer and fresher Presets? The ones shown in Voiceplay2 are from the 2012's.

    I figured there might be a procedure somewhere on how to run the unit up in a more current configuration?



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    own 2 of these that I use at gigs and I can not understand why TC has not made software upgrade to access Track B from main display, not looper mode, for easy access or switch 6. It is a great looper otherwise

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    Hello Everybody!
    I use Voice Live 3 EXTREME. I know that you can set all the vocal/guitar effects for a particular song manually and save as a preset.
    BUT  Is there a way to set all the vocal/guitar effects for a particular song automatically? Like you put a backingtrack and the device is setting the effects best for the song by itself. How to do this?
    I will be grateful for help.



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    Camera cable required for iPAD Air with USB C port, for Toneprint Editor-part number please

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    Hello all,

    At our rehearsal studio we have a x32 with S16 all works perfectly except for the recording on the SDCard.  It will playback old files just fine but won't record new tracks.  We did have to make a change a while back to allow the S16 to work properly and I think that routing change disabled the recording capability.  I have attached a scene, any help would be much appreciated.



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    • DannyKurywchak
      RexBeckett Hi Danny, yes Routing -> Card configuration in your scene is not correct - it is set to record from the Card inputs rather than the normal analogue console and S16 ones. The most likely setup for your scene is to set the Card output routing the same as the Input routing. See X32-Edit screenshot below.

      In your scene, Routing -> Inputs has got some Aux In Remap set for for AES50-A 1/2 (Record) and Card 1-4 (Play). As the Aux channels do not appear to be used for anything, I have ignored this in the Card routing.
      • Mar 14
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    How do I get sound from my iMac into the behringer wing so that I can send it to my main speakers. We have everything else up and running (mics, speakers, monitors, etc. but can't seem to get sound from the Mac)?

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    • PastorTom
      Nigel67 Hi, you will need to connect your iMac to the USB connection on the Wing and then assign the USB ins to whichever inputs you require. There are a number of videos that you can access on You Tube that gives you further information, or if you need further help, please raise a Technical ticket and someone will be able to give you further instruction. This can be done by clicking on the support tab at the top of the page. This will open a new window. Scroll down and click on the Technical tab and submit a ticket. Please also see this link
      • Mar 8
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