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    I have recently purchased an XR18 to my setup.

    There are among others, a DEQ2496 and DCX2496.

    I can see the digital output in the XR18 is called Ultranet.

    What digital interface should I use to interconnect XR18 to DEQ2496 for example?

    Not sure if I need a Behringer Ultramatch SRC2496, a S16 or perhaps with the Klark Teknik DN9630 ?

    Thank you

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    • Maximo Martin
      Rex Beckett Hi Maximo, the XR18's Ultranet output uses a proprietary 16-channel, one-way format that is intended for connecting P16M Monitor mixers and/or Turbosound iQ series active loudspeakers. I don't know of any products that can convert Ultranet to other digital audio formats.

      If you want to connect the XR18 to external signal processing equipment, you will need to use the analogue inputs/outputs.
      • Tue at 7:46 AM
      • Behringer XR18 Ultranet interface
        Maximo Martin It's a shame Behringer is creating/using new interfaces not compatible with existing equipment. At least they should offer an interface. Actually there are AES/EBU, SPDIF, AES50, Ultranet, ADAT, etc. It's not easy to add a new device to any existing setup. To replace the whole setup is not always an option. Hopefully Behringer or someone else will release an interface. Thank you.
        • Wed at 6:27 AM
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    What does it take to speak to someone about becoming an Authorized Service Center for Music Tribe Products?? I have been given the names of people to speak to, such as Esteban Meyer and Joy Schaffer. I have been trying to contact anyone for over a YEAR who would be able to give me a response! The only one that would give me any help was Colton Schaum, who is a parts handler for MusicTribe and he is only able to give so much help.

    I see a lot of MusicTribe brands equipment come into my shop. I can either repair them at component level, based on my experience with other brands of similar equipment, or go through the extremely laborious task of trying to order board replacements through your not-so-convenient web portal. 

    I would like to have my shop become authorized for repair. It is Myers Cartage and Sound LLC, located in Reeds Spring, MO. We are the only authorized service center for many other brands within a 150-175 mile radius of our location. We receive equipment from other states as well on a regular basis such as :Arkansas, Oklahoma and Kansas just based on our location. 

    We are the main service center for the Music Stores in and out of our area: Guitar Center Springfield MO, Palen Music, Springfield Music, Will West Music and others  

    We also service many churches, which in my experience, use a variant of the X32 console  

    Check out our website: www.myerscartageandsound.com or our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/myerscartageandsound/

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    • Alford Myers
      William Reichling Hello Alfred, I've contacted you via email through the case you created. I will have someone contact you ASAP.
      • Nov 16
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    my TC BH 250 cautions to use a minimum 4 ohm load. What does that mean. Can use a crappy 16 Om cabinet but not my excellent old Fender 4x10 2ohm?

    Am I ok with a 8ohm 1 X 12?

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    • stanley gorczynski
      David Knighton Hello stanley gorczynski,
      When it comes to impedance, the amplifier wants to see a minimum of 4 Ohms connected to the output. Anything below 4 Ohms and you risk shorting the amplifier outputs and frying your unit. An 8 Ohm cabinet or 16 Ohm cabinet should be just fine.
      • Nov 17
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    Will an x32 compact retain all its setup as in fader positions, scenes etc when depowered/repowered. The scenario is in a church where very few have technical knowledge and powering up and down I need settings to remain.

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    My church has an X32 mixer. The AES50 ports aren't working and we can no longer use our S16 stagebox. I was wondering if I could send signal from the stagebox using the Dante network expansion card? Or do I need to get the AES50 port repaired, as it's the only way to send audio to the mixer over ethernet?

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    • Alfred Smith
      Nigel Turner Hi Alfred. Unfortunately Dante and AES50 are totally different protocols and will not talk to each other directly. You would need some kind of converter inbetween such as the Klark Teknik DN9650. For the cost of the DN9650, you would be able to get your console repaired a number of times. The problem sounds more stagebox though than mixer. Have you plugged your S16 into the AES50A and AES50B ports on the X32 and it is not syncing on either port? If so, then unless there is a setting that has changed on the mixer or S16, then it is more than likely going to be a problem on the S16 or maybe even the cable between the two. Have you raised a technical ticket with us where we may be able to help you further?
      • Nov 10
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    What is the maximum size USB flash drive I can put in the top surface USB slot on thew Wing? Tried a 128GB and it came up with a red exclamation mark symbol. 16GB seems to work fine so it must be somewhere between these two.

    In fact while I'm here what's the biggest SD card in the Live module too?

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    I am setting up my reconditioned NX6000D and have two questions:

    In stereo configuration, is the peak limiter total power output (i.e total of both channels)?

    When I calculate the voltage using the power rating of the speakers and Ohms law I get a different value to that shown when I select the impedence and adjust the peak limiter control to match the power rating of the speakers, why is this?

    Many thanks in advance. 

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    Needing help with the Wing. We have setup up our unit for HOW service, ran through all the setup and most everything is running great.  Want to interface with our DAW (Pro Tools), however protools does not recognize the unit when plugged in via usb.  All firmware is up to date on the Wing, Pro Tools has been completely updated, the Macbook is running most current version of OS, however it acts like its just not there.  We have been through the DAW setup multiple times using the Bheringer guide and any and everything we can find on the web, anyone have any ideas?

    Also, tried different usb cabling and so forth as well.  Have the old x32 we replaced on hand, fired it back up no problems commuincation to the same mac, using the same cable so that should rule that out.  Thoughts?

    Thanks in advance

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    • cory johnson
      Kyle Johnson Hi Cory, Kyle here, sorry for just seeing this post now. I have your case and and will continue to look into this for you.
      • Nov 6
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    I have a few of my channels that are not going out the MAIN send, on just TWO of my scenes. I know it's a routing issue but I can't find out what the problem is...please help!

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    I cannot connect to the the XR18.  My tablet says it is connected to the external wifi but the app just says searching.  Below searching it says wifi connect to my router.

    I have an Ipad and it connects just fine.  What is the resolution.

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    • Terry Moore
      Rex Beckett Hi Terry, tablets will often drop the Wifi connection to a mixer in favour of one with a route to the Internet. Check if the Wifi connection has changed after you start the XAir app. It is sometimes necessary to forget other Wifi connections (such as your home Wifi) to stop this happening.

      I have seen the Andoid XAir app get stuck in search mode if there are problems with the Wifi connection. This can be fixed by forcing the app to stop - through Andoid -> settings -> Apps.

      I find that Mixing Station XAir handles communications better than the standard app. It is basically the same app but with much more development (by the same author). It costs nothing to try the free version from PlayStore.
      • Nov 4
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