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    Is this utilizes Belden tactical Cat 5e cable??

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    • h941224
      PedroRodrigues Hi , please be aware that any questions regarding Behringer product must be addressed on the Behringer Community page and not on the Kark Teknik community page reserved for question regarding product lines for this bard. Please consider that the NCAT5E-50M is a Cat5e, Neutrik etherFLEX with a RJ-45 EtherCON (not the regular RJ45!) connector. Thank you
      • Jan 19
    • h941224
      GaryHiggins As Pedro said this is Neutrik cable not Belden. I've never bought a Neutrik product ever that wasn't of very high quality . I bought one of these snakes used several years ago and found the quality to be exceptional. It is Beldon tactical equal. Behringer brands/sells them but Neutrik makes the cable and the Ethercon connectors, Hirose makes the shielded rj45 and a Schill makes the reel, all great companies. That said I have been making my own now for quite a while with good success. if I were inclined to buy commercially, this is a very good choice and I would buy it again.
      • Jan 19
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    I was recently made aware of the bypass on the 76-KT, and was wondering if the KA-2A has an option?


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    Hi KT team, I've followed a previous post from before Xmas and contacted suppliers re availability of a pair of 2As in a bundle I need.

    Thomann replied with "sold out and not expecting any more". Please can you advise if 2A has been discontinued, I'm ready to order a pair of 2As, a pair of 76s and a dimension.


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    • AudioForge
      PedroRodrigues Hi Audioforge, please be aware that I can confirm that the units are not discontinued, in regard of availability I would advise you to contact another reseller to request that information about these product as we do not have access to information of third party company that distribute our products. Thank you
      • Jan 14
      • KT2A / 2AKT
        AudioForge Great news, thank you
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        • Jan 14
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    Kdx 15

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    • edalku1
      Nigel67 Hi Edgar, I am really sorry, but I do not recognise this unit. Can you send me a link to the page and then I will get you the relevant information. many thanks
      • Jan 10
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    Hi folks!

    Do you see any problem arising if I replace the tubes in my EQP-KT by 2x 12AX7 ?




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    • sunsurf
      DavidKnighton Hello Michael,
      The EQP-KT uses a combination of 12AX7, 12AX7A, and 12AU7 vacuum tubes. I would recommend ONLY replacing each of the tubes with the exact model type. Otherwise you run the risk of faulty operation and potential voided warranty should an incorrect tube cause damage to the other components.
      • Jan 5
      • Tube replacement EQP-KT with 2x 12AX7
        sunsurf Thanks for the fast response. I am aware of these formal regulations concerning potential damage or warranty. So the point is that using two 12AX7 will definitely lead to a damage in circuitry or is there a risk of damage?
        • Jan 5
      • Tube replacement EQP-KT with 2x 12AX7
        DavidKnighton I cannot give you a straight answer on that, as I am not well versed in vacuum tube technology. I would say at the very least there is a risk of damage, so probably in your best interest to stick with the model of tubes the manufacturer has selected.
        • Jan 6
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    Is it possible to replace the SFPs in a pair of DN9620s to use single mode fiber instead of MMF? We are using this on a sports TV production truck and we have 500' fiber of single mode going to the sideline of a football field.

    Something like this:

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    • BryanSiedschlag
      Nigel67 Hi Bryan. We do not officially support converting the DN9620's from multi mode to single mode, however, yes it is possible by changing the internal fibre cables and fibre module for single mode type. Changing any parts internally, will void any warranty on the units though.
      • Jan 3
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    Please help or provide a help number for klark technik.

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    Hi has anyone tested a dm8000 with a barco clickshare cx50?


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    • peterashley
      PedroRodrigues Hi Peter, please be aware that we advise the implementation of the DM8000 must be done via the physical connections available on the unit. Effectively we have never tested the unit with that wireless solution but we do not advise any other implementation other than the one present on the manual for this unit. Thank you
      • Jan 13
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    Hey All,

    We have a Pro2 at FOH with a DL251 on stage, I'm looking at two paths right now that I'd like to take:

    1. Dante. I'm looking to add a DN9650 with a KTDante64 card so that we can start our way down that road.
    2. Personal Monitor Mixer System. I'm a Midas fanboy for a long time now, so when I saw the DP48s I got really excited until I saw that they were 48k. The Pro series consoles are 96k, so there has to be some sort of sample rate conversion to make it work.

    I know that I could go with an Aviom personal monitor mixing system, especially with the introduction of Dante, but I do like everything about the DP48 so much more than the Aviom systems. We could go Aviom, but I think I would have to go with a D800+Dante input module because the D400 (to my understanding) is 48k...same problem as the DP48s.

    But with the addition of the DN9650, would I be able to run two AES50 lines between this and the Pro2 and then use the AES50 3 port to send a 48k AES50 signal to the HUB4 for the DP48s?

    I'll take any feedback on any of the matters mentioned? What would you do for personal monitor mixing system to integrate with a Midas Pro2? We will be using it for orchestra pits during musicals and big band jazz performances mostly.


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    • jbsounds
      Nigel67 Hi Joe, unfortunately there is a little more to this than you have mentioned above. The DN9650 with Dante, is literally just that, AES50 to Dante conversion. There is no separate AES50 port running at 48K to plug your DP48 or HUB into, which means that you will need to add another DN9650 with a KT-AES50 (converts to 48K) card in it, but to get 48 channels of audio for your DP48, you will need 2 additional AES50 ports (24 channels a port at 96K) on the PRO2. Along with your 3 x DL251 AES50 ports, this means you will require 7 x AES50 ports on the PRO2, or 6 if you can get away with only using 24 channels of audio on your DP48. I cannot think of any other way of doing what you require. Are you recording at 48 or 96K through the Dante? If 48K, the secondary port on the Dante acts as a redundant. What if you then had an M32C with Dante card connected to this and then with direct patching you could come out of the AES50 at 48K to your HUB/DP48. I do not think that the delay would be to bad, but obviously you have the extra cost of the M32C added in. I will ask one of our Solutions Team if he agrees with my theory here or has any further suggestions.
      • December 2, 2020
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    Can I use a single mode Tactical Fiber to connect 2x Midas M32 together using this Klark Teknik product?

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    • brettech
      Paul_Vannatto Hi Bretton, if you intend on using the fiber interface, you will need 2 DN9620 - one at each end.
      • November 29, 2020
    • brettech
      DavidKnighton Hello Bretton Boyd,
      The specification for the DN9620 is multimode fiber, so using a single mode fiber will likely yield problems or simply no connection at all. In theory though, the 9620 will transmit AES50 audio and clock to another console just fine if using the recommend fiber cable.
      • December 1, 2020
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