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    Klark Teknik
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    An established favourite amongst both engineers and musicians alike. Intended for professional applications where +48 V phantom power is a standard feature on all mixing consoles, and its innovative design results in a significantly higher clipping point than many other active DI Boxes, providing +10 dBu output into a 2 kΩ load.

    List Price: $59
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    Does the Klark Teknik DI-10 have a buffer that feeds to the through put?

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    • Aldersyde
      DavidKnighton Hello Aldersyde,
      The DI 10A specifically does not have a buffered through. It is tied parallel to the input.
      • April 9, 2021
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    Hello. first post here from the USA thanks in advance for any help.

    Just got this used 360 and thou it passes audio with no issue both A & B EQ has no effect on said signal.


    On a side note, I'd like to know what these 2 holes on the back marked "In put TX and Out put TX" are for. Is that a switch inside the unit (I see something white in there but not sure what it is)? Is that why I'm not getting anything more than by-passed signal?

    Seiral #36514


    Hopfully some one will know what the trouble is and leave a reply, I don't like flipping switch's on (or off) with out knowing what they do.

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    Hi everyone,

    I recently purchased the 76-kt compressor and im absolutely loving it. I am aware of the rear vu meter adjustment pot as stated in the start up guide but there is also a small hidden screw directly underneath the vu meter that i have messed around with (which i regret doing) i dont know why i messed with it, i was just curious what it did. 

    Im worried ive somehow messed up the calibration now as i presume this screw is factory set and shouldnt be altered. I can see that you can turn it clockwise and anticlockwise one turn and then it becomes stiff, you then screw further past that stiffness and it sort of resets to the loose, clockwise/anticlockwise setting as before.

    Am i ruining the screw by turning it over and over to see what it does? is it some sort of spring that i am unwinding?

    Id really appreciate any technical information to settle my mind on how this screw works and what you should do with, if i have perhaps ruined it by over turning it, or if i am just worrying too much?

    Thanks ever so much in advance.

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    • bgbdarby
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi bgbdarby, I can see you have also submitted a case for this inquiry which I have just responded to. Please keep an eye on your spam and junk folder for my response and if you can't find it please let me know.
      • March 24, 2021
      • 76-KT VU Meter screw directly underneath meter function? help needed.
        bgbdarby Hi Chris, I replied to that email earlier. Did you see my reply? thanks
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        • March 24, 2021
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    I have a DM8000 that I can not connect to, is there a way to either find the ip address or do a factory reset.

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    • Philip719
      trentperkins Hi Phillip, have you tried setting your computer to DHCP and directly connecting the computer to just the DM8000 to see if it can at least point you in the right direction of what network the DM8000 is on? By default, the DM8000 is on the 192.168.1.x network, but unless you have an idea of what network it used to be on, it could be a challenge to refind it. And then pray that the previous owner did not have a password on it. You might be able to get it fixed by submitting a cares ticket. Once you are on the right network the software should be able to find it.
      • March 11, 2021
    • Philip719
      Philip719 Yes tried DHCP, and I do not know what network range the customer had it on previously.
      • March 12, 2021
    • Philip719
      PedroRodrigues Hi Philip719 , please consider that when setting up an Ethernet network with multiple DM8000 units, devices in the network will need to be set up with IP addresses.
      Before assigning IP addresses, please keep in mind the following considerations, the computer must be assigned an IP address, under Network Card Settings>Properties.
      Most computers set TCP/IP address automatically, but DM8000 devices require manual assignment.
      Initially, the computer IP addresses should be assigned as 192.168.1.X where range of X = 1 to 254. Each DM8000 device must also be assigned a unique IP address.
      The factory default IP address for all DM8000 devices is
      • March 16, 2021
    • Philip719
      drfwfwiz Disable all firewalls (seriously)
      • July 13, 2021
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    Greetings!  I have largely complete my initial design for a DM8500, made it look good, etc.  When I went to compile it though, it listed several apparently unplugged modules that I can't find anywhere on the design.  Maybe they are hiding behing a different module, but I can't find them. Is there a way to list all of the used modules with their associated ID numbers to facilitate in the troubleshooting process?

    Specifically, the compiler says that High Pass 6-24 dB/OCt (ID=8) is not an input module, and that the same filter ID=11 has no input or output (none of the High pass filters that I can see in my design are ID=8 or 11).  Also, modules 12-16 have the same issue.  They include 2 Parametric EQs, 2 comp/Limiters, and another high pass filter.

    It is possible that I created some modules early in the process before I knew what I was doing and then deleted them (or at least I THOUGHT I deleted them!).  But if I can't find them and make them go away, I can't complie the design, and the machine is useless. 

    I attached a picture of my design.  i would be happy to email the actual .dmd file, but apparently that can't be attached to the forum.

    View Attachment

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    • trentperkins
      trentperkins Any help? I may have to rebuild the whole thing again being careful to not experiment with modules I don't end up implementing. Even so, this seems like it should be a pretty easy fix to be able to generate a list of all used modules and their status by ID number.
      • March 17, 2021
    • trentperkins
      trentperkins Thanks Thim, not only does it work, it looks great! How do you get the lines to work at right angles?
      • March 19, 2021
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    • EvertonWilliams
      Nigel67 Hi,I am afraid that all User memories will have been lost. You will only have the factory preset memories. It is not a rechargeable battery.
      • February 23, 2021
    • EvertonWilliams
      EvertonWilliams Thank you
      • February 23, 2021
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    Does anyone have any idea when the Klark Teknik KT Madi are going to become available. I am in dire need of one, and there are none to be found!!

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    • GeorgeAukerman
      Nigel67 Hi George, I am sorry, but we do not have visibility of when product will be arriving in your country of residence. Please contact your local distributor and they should be able to find out for you.
      • February 22, 2021
    • GeorgeAukerman
      DavidKnighton Hello George,
      Have you checked for Behringer X-Madi? It's basically the same card as Klark Teknik DN32 Madi. The main difference is going to be price point and warranty.
      • February 23, 2021
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    When I connect this unit to my PC via the USB cable I only get the Left side of stereo.


    I have tried ALL Pan positions / Input choices and thpough the level meter shows both stereo lines are OK and the Phones and other outputs give me full stereo I get nothing on the right side of the USB output.


    I tried all the same cables but using a UMC202HD and had no issues at all.


    Might my QX1002USB be faulty of r is there a settinmg I need to address?






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    Hello, can i use an Midas DL32 with a Midas Pro2 in combination with DN9650 and a CM1 AES50 Card?


    What is happening when i upsample the DL32 to 96 kHz? Do i get two AES50 streams with 16 or 24 channels or one stream with channel 1-24 and a second with 25-32? Or do i get one 24 channel AES50 Stream an lose channel 25-32? Can i still contoll gains over the converted AES50 stream?

    And an other question. Can i control the settings of the DN9650 via Macbook?

    And can i update and control Pro Boxes like DL231 with a Macbook? 

    Nomaly i dont want to get a windows device just to contoll these settings.



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    • flowaudio
      DanielPaine Yes. A DN9650 with AES50 card can bridge a Pro Series to A M32.
      Setting controls for the DN9650 can be done on a Mac or PC connected via network cable and accessed through a browser.
      You can not control preamps through the DN9650.
      Some Pro stage boxes can operate at 48kHz so you can directly connect to M32
      These include DL251,231 &15X series

      Bear in mind, the conversion of channels in a DN9650 is 1 to 1, regardless of sample rate. so if to use a KT-AES50 card for M32, you can connect to the primary for 48 bi-directional channels. Using the fixed AES50 ports for Pro series, each connection can only accommodate 24 channels. so port1: 1-24, port2: 25-48.

      at 48kHz the KT-AES50 outputs are duplicated on the secondary port. I'm not aware how it deals with inputs but I suspect will be disabled.

      Lastly, stage boxes can be updated via a computer using IO Updater, found on the website software section of any stage box.

      I hope this answers your questions
      • February 15, 2021
    • flowaudio
      TobiasWinkl Hi, it ist not possible to use the 48kHz stageboxes DL16/DL32 with the Pro Series Consoles. It works only the other way. You can set the blue ones from 96k to 48k. The Connection has to be direct from the the box to the desk. With the DN9650 and a AES50 card you can downsample the AES50 stream to directly connect a pro desk to a X32/M32.
      • March 15, 2021
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