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    Hi there!

    I have a problem with one channel of fp10000 - CPL red led staedy on  with no audio present on input and no loudspeaker connected.

    I tryed  if it still works and it do, but significantly lower level.  red led goes on few seconds after powering.. fan does not go in high speed.

    Any ideas? thaks for reply!

    BR, Damir

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    • Dadolg
      PedroRodrigues Hi Dadolg, from your description it seems that your FP 10000Q might be presenting some issues as the Front panel LED offers information per-channel and when the Red light is on or the Channel is muted via NomadLink network or your AMP is presenting some kind of faulty condition.
      I would suggest following the link below and contact one of our FASC in your region to get your AMP inspected : I hope this helps Thank you
      • Sep 25
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    Hi gang,

    I have a C10:8x amp that appears to be sending signal crossing over to channels it shouldn't be on (proper signal on B, appears to be bleeding to A sporadically). I have shifted the wiring at the back gently and it appears to have removed the issue but I am wondering if anyone has experienced the internals of the amp malfunctioning to cause bleeding between channels. Would a power cycle of the amp be advised?


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    I have problems with CH 4 of this Amplifier. After about 10min Pwr-On-time, on this channel is present a noise (HF). It is also present with mute on. Ch 1-3 are absolute quiet.

    I´m the second owner of this amplifier. Problem is, I do not have the original bill. It was bought in Austria, I´m in Germany.

    Because, this product is actual less than 10 jears on the market,  it may a warranty-case?!

    Can you help me?




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    • audioprofessional
      KyleJohnson Hello, Kyle here with Music Tribe. For repair support please click on Support and then Care/Service to submit a ticket.
      • Jul 25
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    Morning all, i am looking for some used fp14000 240v amps to purchase, by chance would anyone have any for sale?



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    • arnoldk69

      I had a similar task, I bought either on Amazon or Best Bay! And so I'm busy in plastic surgery here cosmetic practice!

      • Sep 9
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    Good evening - I have had an amp out for repair LG FP14K with Panurgy for a few months, and they are quoting 3-4mos for a psu replacement - I wanted to find out specifically what the status is as the message from them has been consistent since March with no imporovement on the timeline, let me know if this is the incorrect forum for this question, thanks.

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    • hiswkf
      KyleJohnson Hello, Kyle here with Music Tribe. Please provide your case number so that I can look into this for you.
      • Jul 5
      • Replacement Part Lead Time
        hiswkf Panurgy Repair ID #: 154596
        Music Tribe Case ID: CAS-479827-D6J9F7
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        • Jul 18
    • hiswkf
      sls4spl I've had two units out for repair since 2020. good luck
      • Aug 12
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    Hi all,

    Had a generator failure last weekend.  when power was restored, one of my previously functioning 12K44s appeared to be stuck on standby.  Red power light, network activity and 1gbps lights flickering, but can't get the amp to power on.  Anybody experienced this before?  It's clearly getting power, but won't boot.  

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    I purchased an 240v FP 20000Q amplifier. It arrived with a 120 v USA plug on the end of the power plug. How do I fix it. Is there an adapter, or can I have an electrician cut off the end and replace it with the correct one? Help!!! 

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    • DjMajik528
      NicJonesMT Hi DJMajik528.
      When you ordered the FP, was it from a store that is located in the same region as you?
      I would recommend getting back in touch with the store to see if they can Swap the unit out for one that is for the correct region.
      If the store can't assist, please click support at the top of the page and submit a technical support ticket.
      • Jun 15
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    I just purchased a D10:4L and I can't for the life of me get 'into' it.  I loaded up the Cafe software, select the frame's IP, it gives me a message:

    "Incompatible firmware detected, 1 device(s) not added! Ensure that all devices have compatible firmware and try again"

    But how on earth do I update the firmware if the app to control the box won't load because the firmware is incompatible??

    There is no local web server on the amp.


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    • darmstrong
      Dale_M Please can you submit a Technical ticket from the above Support tab so we can assist you.
      • Jun 2
      • Lab Gruppen D10:4L First timer
        darmstrong The answer is that I need to run Windows - which is a reprehensible solution. I'm stunned that the only way to interact with these amplifiers is through a Windows App - If I had known that I *never* would have purchased them.
        • Jun 2
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    I purchased a used C28:4 unit a few months ago and I've had it out a couple of times without issues.

    Last weekend I fired up the system and line checked the monitors (which I power with it) and everything seemed in order. I was setting up mic stands when I heard a quiet "pop", not loud, but noticeable.

    Later on when I went to soundcheck the first act, the amp did not meter any signal coming to it on any channels. At first I thought it was a routing issue with my mixer, but when I put the cable to another amp it produced sound.

    Later in the day when I was telling another crew member about the amp, he said when the small pop happened he thought he smelled something electrical burning, but so subtle he couldn't be sure. 

    So clearly I'm not looking for a "solution", it needs a repair. But I wondered if anyone had any insight on what I might be up against. 

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    • jamesheyser
      Dale_M If the smell of burnt out components has been noted it would be quicker to go to the above support tab and submit a technical ticket so we can assist with the warranty.
      • May 31
      • C28:4 powers up but no signal metered
        jamesheyser I don't have an "above support tab" (perhaps because I'm on a phone).

        I did reach out to the nearest service provider and they declined to give me an RMA because they said they were no parts available. But then they also said that I should reach out to Music tribe, which I also find a little confusing. Perhaps they have an easier time getting parts if the order is processed through music tribe?
        • Jun 13
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    I created a ticket awhile to request RMA to send in for repair but haven't seen an RMA yet.

    Can i get an RMA for Ticket Number: CAS-591519-B4L1S3 please?


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    • SageTech14
      WilliamR Hello, William from musictribe here. I apologise for the delayed response. I have escalated your case. Someone should be contacting you shortly.
      • May 5
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