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    I have a problem with a LAB Gruppen PLM12K44 amplifier, it doesn't light up at all.
    I bought it in 2017/2018.
    I am looking forward to hearing from you about the procedure to follow.

    I am looking forward to hearing from you.

    Adrien Rouziere

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    Hey Team, 

    we are running in our theatre 6 IPD1200, all of them via Cat7 for Remote Control. After updating our system to MacOS Big Sur, the IntelliDrive won't let me control the remote. The IntelliDrive is crashing after starting. After checking the terminal I know now, that the IntelliDrive try to start with Python 2.7. But BigSur need Python, cause it is the newest one. 
    i cannot find any software for MacOS BigSur. 
    Is there any solution for this? 

    greets Marco Boulevard Theatre Germany

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    • BTDGermany1
      BTDGermany1 Hey Guys, I really need a solution for this problem. Is there no way for a workaround or a new Mac software update?
      • October 13, 2021
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    i buy lab gruppen d200 ta but i have some problem to find it on network. in tesira software i don't find it also in cafe i can't find it on network. in order to control it what i need. i'm tring to link it with eternet cable to pc directly

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    Hello, i have a plm20000q, dual module apmplifier and i have 8 adamson s10 cabins... i wanted to know how must i configure my plm20000q through the lake processor to be able to use both channels of my amp to reproduce full L/R stereo using both modules of my amp... when im recalling the adamson presets on my lake processor it allways collegates my A channel with my B channel. any one can help me?

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    • juanmperini
      NicJonesMT Hi Juanmperini.
      Could you please submit a technical support ticket (Click support at the top of the page) and a member of the team will then be able to advise you further on this.
      • September 14, 2021
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    so I just bought this 68.4 without knowing anything about it , I looked up specs and saw the power and that was good enough for me then I brought it home took a closer look and im like man I hope i didnt throw my money away so my question is simple do you have to use the software to control it and is it really only available on windows xp and 2000 and do i need this nomad hub thing any info would help thx 


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    • AlGoddard
      DavidKnighton Hello AlGoddard,
      The Lab Gruppen C Series are not smart amplifiers, meaning there's no active DSP within them. Likewise, since there's no DSP there's also no proprietary software. The NOMARDLINK and software is only for use as a remote monitoring network. For example, you have 100 amplifiers and need to network/manage them all from a discreet location within an installation. The Nomadlink will allow you to do this, but it is not necessary for smaller standalone installations. As for compatibility, I have the software running on Windows 10, but that shouldn't matter much as I doubt you'll be using it.
      • August 25, 2021
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    Hi there. Just looking for some help. I want to bridge channels A and B and also channels C and D together to effectively create a 2 channel amp (with more power). I have linked channels A & B and reversed the polarity oh channel B then connected to the +1 and +2 terminals of the speakon out for one side, then the same with channels C & D for the other side. Is this the correct way to do it?

    Also - how should I use the gain knobs on the front of the amp when in bridge mode in this way as gain knobs A and B both seem to affect the gain (same for C & D). I hope that I have explained this all ok. I am using the amp to drive 2 x Nexo PS15s in passive mode.

    Thank you for your help. If you have a manual for this amp I'd be very grateful as cannot find one online. 
    Best wishes,


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    • TobyWilson
      Nigel67 Hi TobyWilson. Well this has certainly perked up a few memories with some of the slightly older colleagues :). It seems as though this amplifier was an obsolete product in 2005, so its doing well. I am afraid that we do not have a manual, but three people have come up with all the answers for you. Its not pretty I am afraid, but better than nothing. Evidently, if you can find one, the 1300C manual was very similar
      • August 23, 2021
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    I understand from the manual that the E series 8:2 amplifier enters standby mode after 20 minutes without input signal. Is there a way to disable standby mode? In postproduction studio installations (Dolby Atmos) standby mode proved to be annoying because amplifier channels of individual surround speakers eventually don´t unmute fast enough for single effects ...

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    • clerc
      Nigel67 Hi clerc. Unfortunately it is not possible to disable the APO function of the amplifier. The feature is intended to conserve power while the amplifier is idle, and is part of what gives the device an energy star rating. If the feature were able to be defeated, then it would not be energy star compliant.
      • August 14, 2021
    • clerc
      clerc Hi Nigel, many thanks for your reply! Are there furtherLab.Gruppen models that enter standby mode automatically with the option to disable it, please? What´s the threshold for the input level to leave standby mode? Is it possible to tally standby mode (i.e. notify the mixer in the control room that some amplifier channels need to "wake up" before playing content)?
      • August 17, 2021
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    I'm in the USA on 120V mains, and I just got a US model FP14K terminated with a L5-30P .. the only receptacle available to me, was a 10-30R backed by a 30A breaker. I used a simple cable adapter to convert the two, the amp blew immediately. First theres supposed to be inrush protection in addition the circuit breaker didn't trip so I'm fairly confused as to how it blew. Regardless of this I need a repair, how can I initiate a repair ticket?

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    • hiswkf
      WilliamR Hello, Please click on the support link at the top of this page and create a tech support ticket and someone will get in touch with you ASAP.
      • August 11, 2021
      • LG FP14K
        hiswkf Opened, thank you
        • August 11, 2021
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    I blew a capacitor on a LAB 1300, on mains side, where do i find the correct spare, as only legs left...

    I had it since late 80s so quite old, it have eaten many speakers over the years ;)

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    • t3g3lst3n
      DavidKnighton Hello t3g3lst3n,
      That model is quite legacy. We don't have this information readily available, nor do we divulge service manuals to the general public. I would suggest opening a tech support inquiry so we can help you get it repaired.
      • August 11, 2021
      • I blew a capacitor on a LAB 1300, mains side
        t3g3lst3n ok thaks

        i rather mend it my self as only a capacitor, as a retuen for service sounds expensive for a monitor amp.
        ill junk it else as i think it has its eaten so many speaker when it blown a fuse on one power side and sent 40volts DC to speakers over the years. so call it quits with it, last of my lab1300 that was working.
        • August 11, 2021
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    I have 4 of these amps. At last gig in February 2020 (pre-pandemic), one amp developed this problem (fan not switching off). Disconnecting and re-connecting mains appeared to resolve the problem. Amp not used untill testing last week and now problem constant (one fan on whilst on standby, 2 fans on when switched on).

    Identified fault as DSP module on input/output ADIC-01Ac board by substitution from another amp. Before being stung £250 for a complete ADIC board and module I would like to know if there is some sort of engineering setting to set/reset fan function (there was on my old Crown amps). I am advised from UK service agent they do not repair these  boards/modules, only replace them. They also do not supply DSP modules separately.

    As an aside, all mains filter capacitors replaced, 47nf and 1nf, due to most having gone short or partial short circuit.

    Any advice gratefully received.


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    • Parky58
      DavidKnighton Hello Parky58,
      Your IPD2400 should have a 10 year warranty. I recommend you simply request warranty service on the item and send it off for repair. All costs for parts and labor 'should' be covered if you purchased the item directly from an authorized seller. As for the issue itself, probably a switching IC or transistor has shorted and is allowing current to flow to the fan module constantly. Could also be a thermistor that has malfunctioned and is causing an improper temperature reading to adjacent circuitry, forcing the circuitry to supply current constantly to the fan module. There are quite a few possibilities here, and it's usually more cost effective to replace the affected board rather than spend countless hours troubleshooting.
      • August 10, 2021
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