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            Hello everyone, I have a tc electronic BH 250 bass amp, and it work & and sound real fine. My problem is with the sound people at the last four gigs. When they connect the amp to the sound console with an XLR thru the balanced output they it make a 'rainy noise', they eneded connecting the bass to the DI and then the Di to the front of the Amp. And no sound! Any will be appreciated!. I wish to be able to fix that, to connect an xlr to the output with a clean sound! Thanks!!

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    Awesome product, thanx a million! My request is about setting the tempo, which is very difficult by tapping. How about this solution: When we press the switch of that specific pedal, the current BPM is displayed on the LED screen and the relevant knob for that pedal becomes active so that we may set the exact tempo using the knob.

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    Using an Eventide Powermax (600mA) to power x5 and a few drive pedals.  Running Octonaut Hyperdrive and Vertex Dynamic Distortion pedals thru x5 Effects Loop.   Power occasionally cuts out during performance and then automatically reboots.  Have upcoming gigs...need advice fast!

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    • rmaczis
      PedroRodrigues Hi rmaczis, thank you for your post, you must confirm that you power your PLETHORA X5 with the correct specification to avoid any issues. The unit must be powered using a Standard 5.5 / 2.1 mm Positive Centre Negative PSU that supplies 9 VDC, offering a minimum of 600 mA, as stated on the manual below. Please confirm that the power supply you are using fits these requirements.
      • Dec 4
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    Greeting. I'm using Nova Delay iB Modified, and recently I needed to change my power supply on the pedalboard. 

    So I bought Zuma of Strymon, which supports 12V on 375mA, and 18V on 250mA. For it was the tech guy's recommendation.

    But when we tried to turn on the board. we found Nova Delay frozen, blinking 0000 on the display. 

    And then the tech guy tried to change the power to 18V(I know, it shouldn't, but he tried). 

    And you know what, it was on and worked well.

    The more weird thing is, when it changed to 9V, still on, but when changed to 12V, it became frozen again.

    So the question is;

    If I want to use Zuma and Nova Delay together, I think I will have to continue using 18V in the future, but will this be a problem with my Delay pedal?

    I just don't want to hear the answer that 'it must be 12V unconditionally' in the conventional after-sales service method. I think this would be answered by the designer of this pedal or the manufacturer who knows the specifications of this model.

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    • cwykang
      PedroRodrigues Hi cwykang, thank you for your post, it is advised to power the Nova Delay iB Modified using a Negative Centre Positive AC adapter that supplies 12VDC, offering a minimum 300mA to the pedal, as stated on the manual below. What it is also important to bare in mind that besides suppling the correct voltage you must also supply the correct amperage that should be a minimum of 300mA and confirm that the PSU being used is a Negative Centre Positive
      • Dec 4
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    Help! I'm a Mac user, and when I download the firmware update, it's a ".bin" file -- I've never heard of that before. I checked w Mac support, and they said it's not Mac compatible.

    I've looked around the TC Electronics website, to see if I can find Plethora x5 firmware updates for Mac, but so far, no dice. 

    Any help is much appreciated!

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    • bgordonmiller
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi bgordonmiller, the .bin file is the correct file to update your Plethora X5. Instructions on how to use this file are found within the firmware release notes a PDF Copy of this is available via the product page, however, I have included these below for you:

      1. Connect your Plethora X5 to your computer with the included USB cable.
      2. Plethora X5 will show up as a mass storage device on your computer.
      3. Drag and drop the firmware “.bin” file onto the root of the PLETHORA mass storage device.
      4. Disconnect the USB cable once transfer is complete.
      5. Power cycle your Plethora for the firmware upload procedure to start.
      6. Wait until the update procedure has finished loading.

      DO NOT remove the power from your unit whilst the update is in progress.

      NOTE: We recommend disabling spotlight INDEXING and emptying your TRASH folder before updating
      when using MAC to transfer the “.bin” file to your Plethora unit.

      NOTE: If your unit has 1.0.101 and you want to update to 1.2.18 or newer, then please update to
      1.1.55 first.

      Please note that to get max benefit from the new effects, you will need the latest version of the
      Toneprint app 4.5.5 or newer that can be found in the app store, google PLAY store or downloaded for
      MAC or PC here:
      • Nov 27
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    I have a question. When the pedal is switched to "buffered bypass" and If I disconnect the power cable, I have noticed that I can still hear my guitar. Isn't it supposed that in the buffered bypass the guitar should not be heard when the power is disconnected? I mean this is the standard test for true-bypass pedals, but if the pedal is not in that configuration anymore, maybe it is not a real buffer? or maybe I have a faulty pedal?

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    • JOECOW
      PedroRodrigues Hi JOECOW, thank you for your post, it is important to bare in mind that with buffered bypass, the buffer is always acting on your signal, even when the pedal is off. This strengthens and conditions it, restoring your signal and tone. Please confirm that you have choose between the two Bypass modes by setting up your pedal as you see below.
      • Nov 28
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    Asking for to much info!

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    I follow the instructions of the tenoprint application, I put my iphone next to my bass pickup volume at 10 and nothing happens on the amp, impossible to change the effect already loaded on the amp. The firmware is up to date, i don't know what to do...

    Thanks for your help

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    • cgu93
      NicJonesMT Hi cgu93.
      Please select Library and then click the 2 cogs to open the settings. Change the Library setting to "Browse by Product" then close this menu. In the Library you should then see the TonePrint Bass Amps option. Can you please try beaming one of the TonePrints found in TonePrint Bass Amps and it should work correctly.
      • Nov 24
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    All of a sudden, the plugin shows as "Not Connected"

    Specs: MacBook Pro 2019 i9, Monterey 2.6.1, Pro Tools Ultimate 2022.10

    I've already tried:

    -Confirmed that box is seen in System Information USB panel
    -Changed USB cable
    -Reflashed Firmware 2.13
    -Uninstall and Reinstall Clarity M plugin 2.01
    -Tried Plugin in Logic Pro 10.6.3

    Wondering if the next step to return the unit to factory, but can't find a way to do that.

    Any help is most appreciated!



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    • bennychacha
      NicJonesMT Hi BennyChaCha
      If you haven't done so already, please click support at the top of the page and submit a technical support ticket
      • Nov 24
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    I have Toneprint installed on Windows 7.   I can see the HOF 2 USB driver installing and I am able to update my print collection.  However, Toneprint does not see my HOF2 - which prevents me from adding tones to my pedal.

    Any thoughts on what might be wrong?   I am using the latest version of Toneprint (4.5.08).  I am not sure how to debug the USB connection.

    Windows 10 is not an option so please don't go there :-)




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    • SonicWave
      PedroRodrigues Hi SonicWave, the latest TONEPRINT Version 4.5.08, was released on the 22/04/2022, as you can see if you follow the link below:

      The final release for Windows 7 was Service Pack 1 (6.1.7601.24499) / February 9, 2011 and Microsoft issued a statement saying that after 10 years, security updates and technical support for Windows 7 ended on January 14, 2020.
      With this in mind updating for Windows 10 is the best course of action on this matter.
      But in the end of the day the final decision is yours. Thank you
      • Nov 17
      • Toneprint on Windows (HOF 2)
        SonicWave I am already running the latest version of Toneprint as per my OP above.
        • Nov 18
      • Toneprint on Windows (HOF 2)
        SonicWave No Windows 10 for our Studio. Only Linux going forward. I have tried TonePrints with this pedal on two different computers. Both load the USB driver (HOF 2 Boot) immediately so I am assuming that the USB connector is not bad on the PCB. I am not running any USB splitters but going direct to the USB ports on the computer. I removed all TonePrint files from my OS and started again and got it working.

        There seems to be 2 key points:

        1) Run the application as Administrator, even if you have Admin rights
        2) Do not follow the instructions for powering on the pedal. Just plug in and power on normally.

        I was able to install prints but not artist prints. I had to update the TonePrints twice before I could install artist prints.

        Also, downloading and installing prints frequently hangs. Restarting the application usually clears up the problem.
        • Nov 18
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