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    I'd like to plug the XLR balanced output (post eq) of my BQ500 into a mixing desk (Mackie ProFX16v3), but need to enable 48v phantom power of the desk. 

    Does the amp have a built-in safety to allow that? If not, can I use an XRL to 1/4 cable or another workaround? Or do I absololutly need a DI box? 

    Thanks for your help! 



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    • Alxl29
      Dale_M Many thanks for your question, looking at the Mackie it has a global phantom power which activates all input regardless of needing phantom power or not, I cannot see any reference to any conflict caused in the QSG of the BQ500 so I will have to check with the designers and get back to you.
      • 15 hours ago
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    Is there something wrong with the analyzer? It keeps saying unknown server error. or am I doing something wrong after adding in 48K wav files.

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    • shabazz5
      PedroRodrigues Hi shabazz5, thank you for your post,p lease try the following:
      When you are logged in to your account, your processed audio file, when you press the Upload button in the top bar, will automatically be encrypted and securely uploaded to the Finalizer Analyzer on for dynamic and spectral comparison against relevant music genres or streaming services such as iTunes, and Spotify plus Billboard Top 20.
      Asao you should press the Analyzer Tab ( and sign in so you can hav3 access to the Cloud
      When logged in, Author will be set to your name on your saved module presets in the Finalizer application.
      The Cloud Page Parameters include:
      Enter User Name
      Enter Password
      • Fri at 12:38 AM
      • Finalizer
        shabazz5 Still not working
        • 2 hours ago
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    I was wondering if it was possible to use the TonePrint to create a dive bomb using the sub n up ?

    any ideas ?

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    • Fabiolo
      PedroRodrigues Hi Fabiolo, thankyou for your post, please follow the link below that will help you on this matter. Thank you
      • Thu at 1:19 AM
    • Fabiolo
      TC-Mike no, it can only do fixed octave, but no pitch bends. The Brainwaves Pitch shifter can do dive bombs (+/- 2 octaves max) Brainwaves has a pressure sensitive MASH switch, so you don't need an expression pedal to to trigger the dive bomb
      • Fri at 2:47 AM
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    My Ditto+ won't write anything on its disk. Can't even keep a short loop in say memory 1, that I just recorded. I was once able to import 2 30 seconds loops in 2 and 3, but then, no way to import anything. Available disk space shows 500mo ! Please help. Hard reset ? How ?

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    • drastic
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi drastic, If you have not yet done so could you please perform a factory reset?
      To perform a factory reset, perform the following procedure;

      Ensure the power is not connected to the pedal
      Press and hold in the 'left' + 'right' + footswitch
      Connect the power whilst holding these three switches in and maintain for 13 seconds
      After 13 seconds you will see the pedal factory reset and reboot.

      This should help to resolve the issue, however, if it doesn't please let me know.
      • Tue at 11:34 PM
      • Ditto+ disk space problems
        drastic Thanks I did it a few times already. At first it seems to work, I can loop, I can import a few loops, then for some reason , one more import puts the Ditto into an endless processing loop.. it can happen with any kind of file, even a saved loop that I made into the Ditto previously, which I re-imported after a reset. Now I stopped trying to import anything and prefer to keep it in that "working state" as I need it to work on stage tomorrow ! We do need to find a solution.
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        • Wed at 6:18 AM
      • Ditto+ disk space problems
        PedroRodrigues Hi drastic, sorry to barge in this conversation but have you check that the FW version is effectively updated, the start pedal must be in booth mode with USB cable connected
        Also confirm that the extended mode is ON with Extend Icon visible in display prior to start o initial loop recording.

        Please also consider that the Extended loop will ONLY work on the first OVERDDUB recording and extend the length of initial loop.

        Please be aware that the Extended function will not work on each Overdub, the Extend Loop only works once, on first OVERDUB after initial loop.
        Please confirm the following:
        1) set xtend mode to ON
        2) select an empty track on Looper
        3) is the xtend mode icon visible in display before starting Looping ? if yes ..
        4) record a 1 bar short loop
        5) stop ditto plus by double tapping FS
        6) start play backback and press Fs for xtend Ovderdub
        7) is the ooverdub recording extended with the timer counting on once the loop end is reached ?
        8) if yes , xtend mode is working and is he leaves Ob one the total length will be a multiple of the initial loop length.
        Please also consider that only wav files are supported (so NOT mp3), in the formats described below
        • PCM mono 16bit @ 44.1kHz
        • PCM stereo 16bit @ 44.1kHz
        • PCM mono 24bit @ 44.1kHz
        • PCM stereo 24Bit @ 44.1kHz
        • PCM mono 32bit @ 44.1kHz
        • PCM stereo 32bit @ 44.1kHz
        • Float mono 32bit @ 44.1kHz
        • Float stereo 32bit @ 44.1kHz
        I hope this helps.
        • Thu at 1:30 AM
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    Midi thru issues
    I have a plethora (chnl 4) and strymon iridium(chnl 2) also a midi to trs cable ( non strymon)

    I can control,the plethora . I can control the strymon direct connecting the midi interface to the trs port of the iridium
    If I use the plethora midi thru port to reach the iridium then I cannot control the iridium or apparently make any contact


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    When I am at home or using in low ambient noise, it works perfectly. 

    But when I am at a gig with high ambient noise, it doesn't detect the signal and the gauge swings erraticaly without homing in on the string signal. It doesn't work in multi string or single string modes. 

    It looks like the ambient noise is "confusing" it, which is of course inconcievable given that the signal is sent via the guitar cable. 

    Any thoughts / suggestions?

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    • tremoloarm
      PedroRodrigues Hi tremoloarm, please consider that is an odd behavior as the unit receives the signal for tuning exclusively via 1/4 JACK TS not suffering any external interference, the only thing I can think of is that if you use the unit on a pedal board when on a gig that might not provide the correct voltage that the unit requires. The unit requires a Standard 9V DC, centre negative >100 mA. It may also be advisable to check your cables and look closely to any differences on your set up when you are at a gig, maybe using the unit on a different position on the pedal board. If none of these steps helps in nay way I would suggest to follow the link below and submit an assistance request directly with our Tech support Team so we can assist you with more tools. Thank you
      • Wed at 12:58 AM
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    The tip of the external microphone got lost... how can I find a replacement? What are the technical aspects so that I can look for a local replacement? Thks.

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    • Cenk1
      Nigel67 Hi Cenk1. Please contact our Spares team and they will be able to help you further. This can be done by clicking on the support tab at the top of the page. A new window will open. Scroll down and click on the Spare Parts tab and submit a ticket. Many thanks
      • Oct 9
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    Where can I download the G-System Editor software?

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    The mono input on my Flashback 1 is intermittently cutting out.  How do I send it in for service?  Or is it even worth doing that?   Service charges can often rival the cost of replacement.  Thanks

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    Are the undo/redo functions by MIDI commands implemented for Ditto x4?

    There was discussion about it on the old community forum but I'm not sure if it was even considered by TC.

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    • mstp
      PedroRodrigues Hi mstp, thank you for your post, please consider that, on the latest Firmware released we have added the Midi start/stop that allows X4 playback to be started alongside your DAW or other Midi clock sending device, but on the Midi commands for undo/ redo, I’m afraid. Thank you
      • Oct 8
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