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    I'm just starting out with synthesizers and need to know the correct connections to my keyboard amp.  I'm presently not getting any sound from the keyboard to the amp.  Need suggestions.

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    I purchased a go xlr and i need to get a US plate for my power adapter since i have received a EU plate. Proof of purchase is below

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    • Alex Hall
      William Reichling Hello Alex, Thoman is based in the UK. All GoXlr sold within the UK come with the EU plate. If you click on the support link above and create a spare parts ticket, someone will contact you about ordering a US plate ASAP.
      • Nov 16
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    Recien compré un Behringer Model D. Quiero conectarlo a mi interfaz de audio pero no entiendo cual cable debo utilizar.

    Conecto un TRS convertido a RCA (ver foto), pero en cual RCA de mi interfaz lo conecto, rojo o blanco? No puedo conectarlo a un TRS de mi interfaz porque ya tengo dos monitores.


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    • David Gazel
      David Knighton Hola David Gazel,

      Parece que está intentando conectar la salida del Modelo D a la salida de focusrite. No puedes hacer esto. Necesita conectarse a la entrada focusrite. Además, el uso del conector RCA en el conector TRS balanceado causará problemas. Intente evitar el uso de la conexión RCA. Dime qué modelo de focusrite tienes y puedo decirte qué entrada usar.
      • Nov 9
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    I need to replace the power cord for a Behringer bass v-amp. Power supply model VAMPUL. Please let me know where to order this from. 

    thank u

    Tim R

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    Hello, I'm having trouble finding this ix12 button, could someone help me? where do I find to buy?


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    • Márcio Dantas
      David Knighton Hello Marcia Dantas,
      You can order these from Music Tribe by clicking the SUPPORT tab at the top of the page and submitting a SPARE PARTS ticket. Please provide the picture and model number on your ticket. Someone should be able to source this part.
      • Nov 5
  • 2020-10-22


    Can I get a new power cable for the Behringer Deepmind 12? 

    Thank you,


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    • Harshaan Singh
      Harshaan Singh Not sure why Behringer's product service portal brings its customers to a music forum. How am I supposed to get a cable for the synth now? Do better.
      • Oct 22
    • Harshaan Singh
      Ray Melograne I'm trying to create a support ticket and having trouble. Can you help me?
      • Oct 22
    • Harshaan Singh
      Kyle Johnson Hello Harshaan, Kyle here with Music Tribe. The Deepmind 12 uses a standard IEC connector. You can pickup a power cable at mostly any hardware/computer store or on Amazon.
      • Oct 22
  • 2020-10-05

    Can someone tell me what cable accessories I need to buy to connect my Behringer iNuke NX3000D to Buttkicker LF x 2 to Art CleanBox Pro to Pioneer SC-LX501 receiver for my home theater.

    Thank you,


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    • Frantz Denis
      David Knighton Hi Frantz Denis,
      Not sure I completely follow your logic. Can you confirm the order of connections? Usually the amplifier is next to last in the chain and the buttkicker would be the very last in the chain. Effectively, the buttkicker is treated like a speaker. Can you provide a link to the exact model of buttkicker?
      • Oct 5
  • 2020-09-05

    Hi I have UM2 and would like to connect it to my speaker which is Portronics Sound Slick II. Please advise how to connect and what type of cables are required for the same. 

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    • Penelope Nigrel
      Thomas Alexander Hi Penelope, It looks like you should be able to use a to 3.5mm to stereo RCA adapter cable. RCA out to 3.5mm in on the speaker.
      • Sep 6
    • Penelope Nigrel
      Nic Jones Hi Penelope.
      I work in the UK support team.

      Thomas Is correct. If you use a Stereo RCA to TRS 3.5mm jack then you should be able to run the audio from your UM2 to the Sound Slick 2.
      • Sep 8
  • 2020-07-23

    Question: Will CAT6 digital snake work with Berhinger WING?

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    • Ken Wood
      Paul Vannatto Yes, as long as it is shielded and have ethercon ends
      • Jul 23
      • Question: Will CAT6 digital snake work with Berhinger WING?
        Roel Reynders Does it? It's still AES50, not? AES50 is not compatible with CAT6 as far as I know? But maybe they've updatet the protocol?... So if this is possible with Wing why isn't it possible with X or M32? (I don't wanna snap or point any fingers. I know chats can be misinterpreted. These are genuine questions and I will be gratefull if someone can properly answers those...)
        • Jul 24
      • Question: Will CAT6 digital snake work with Berhinger WING?
        Paul Vannatto Where did you hear that cat6 is not compatible with AES50? I've been using cat6 with my X32 for the past 4 years without any issues whatsoever. In fact one of the events I do every year (except for this year due to the Covid-19) is the finish line for a runathon which requires 700' of speakers through the park from entrance to parking lot. I use a 300' cat6, 250' cat6 and a 100' cat5e between 2 X32 Racks and a couple of SD8.
        • Jul 24
      • Question: Will CAT6 digital snake work with Berhinger WING?
        Roel Reynders Right! I think it's based on an assumption from a few years back where we had a problem with a connection. It was not the usual CAT5e. We used a local CAT6 and couldn't get the rack connected. I looked up the specs for AES50 and it stated (I realy don't remember where I found the info but I like to backup my information and be reduandant so I must have looked it up on various articles/specs) that it's not compatible with CAT6. I never went back on it and assumed that the info was correct. Now I will test this with our X32 and also with my WIng. I'm sure your right and we probably just had bad luck with that specific CAT6 which would have been faulty. It's not in the habbit of not double checking but at that time we didn't have the time to do this. And based on the info I found I was convinced. So thank you for pointing this out. We 're never to old to learn...
        • Jul 24