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  • 2020-10-02

    I'm using a Behringer Guitar 2 USB cable to connect my electric guitar to a Mac mini, running GarageBand in monitor mode. All software is up to date. As soon as I start playing all is good, but after a few minutes the system starts building a sensible amount of delay. The only way to reset this effect is by removing the cable from the USB port and then plugging it again or quitting GarageBand and running it again.

    How can I fix this? Is there a way to prevent this delay from building up?

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    • Diogo Eichert
      David Knighton Hello Diego Eichert,
      It's possible the system buffer in Garageband is loading down. Is there a way to increase/decrease the buffer size in Garageband? How are you utilizing the DAW anyways? For example, if you're using the DAW for live effects, then that's probably not ideal. Most DAWs are not suited for live use because of latency, so you should not be monitoring directly from the DAW, but rather directly from your guitar rig.
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