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    buenos dia la tarjeta de mi equipo presenta problamas necesito saber donde pudo comprarla

    BYJ 1952 BYJ-3 E230225 94V-0    SE000918

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    • medinajr
      Nigel67 Hi medinajr. I am sorry, but I do not recognise the part identification that you have given, however if you contact the Super Partner for the country in which you reside, then they will be able to advise further. Please go to the website of the product you are describing and select the 'Buy' tab and you will be able to find who the Super Partner is for your country. Many thanks
      • Jun 21
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    Are the Speakon connectors on the Behringer KM750 amp dual purpose - Speakon and 1/4" male speaker plug or are they only Speakon?

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