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    I just purchased a Behrninger STUDIO50USB. I need to have a longer CABLE so the Speakers can be placed further apart.                   

     2 Questions:

    1.  What are the "specifcations" for the actual cable, since it is not a typical style plug (both ends have 4 holes). WHAT IS THE technical NAME for this plug?

    2. Where can I purchase a longer cable (for instance 10 feet or longer), since Behringer DOES NOT sell a longer cable.

    Thanks, DocBrown

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    • DocBrown77
      DavidKnighton Hello DocBrown77,
      I don't have a straight answer, because I myself do not know the connector name. What I would suggest otherwise would be to splice the cable right down the middle and add 4 conductor cable of the same gauge. Use solder to weld the copper cables together and heat shrink to protect the leads. Make sure you don't mix up the leads or you risk damaging the components in the slave speaker.
      • August 23, 2021
    • DocBrown77

      David: Thanks. Great idea. Steve

      • August 23, 2021