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    I recently bought the Behringer PPA200 PA system. The speaker stands that I currently own (ultimate TS-30) will not work for the speakers that come with the PPA200 and I am having an incredibly difficult time finding a stand that will work. Honestly I would rather have an adapter that will fit on the stands that i currently own, as I was not really planning to buy new stands and I cannot seem to contact Behringer directly to find out. Does anyone out there know what the exact diameter of the speaker mounting hole is in the PPA200 or know of a decent stand that will definitely hold these speakers?


    Thank you for any advice you may have,



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    • csdj27
      Nigel67 Hi csdj27. In this video, it is advised that they fit on a regular microphone stand and there is a piece of video showing this . If this is of no help, please contact the Technical Department and they will be able to find and advise you of the size of the speaker mounting hole. This can be done by clicking on the support tab at the top of the page. A new window will open. Scroll down and click on the Technical Support tab and submit a ticket.
      • Feb 27
      • speaker stands for Behringer PPA200
        Nigel67 Checking out some of our partners websites, they state that the speakers come with a 17mm insert for connection to standard microphone stands. Hope this helps.
        • Feb 27
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    I'm looking for plinths for the above to give them a little more stability. Can you help? Thanks

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    I'm looking to source wall mounting brackets for a pair of Turbosound Impact 50 speakers. Any of WB-50 (I have one of these already); or SB-50; or SM-50.

    Can you please assist with where I might locate these. (I'm located in Ireland). Thanks in advance for your help.

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    • jt5447
      Nigel67 Hi jt5447. Please contact our Spares Team and they will be able to help you further. This can be done by clicking on the support tab at the top of the page. A new window will open. Scroll down and click on the Spare Parts tab and submit a ticket. A colleague will then get back to you with pricing and availability. Many thanks
      • July 26, 2021
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    EUROSTAND Series 

    The Behringer EUROSTAND Series Mic Stand Mounts, Music, Guitar and Bass, Loudspeaker and Keyboard Stands are designed to serve our Musician and Recording and Broadcast Customers.

    From: $2

    #Behringer #MC2000 #MU1000 #SM2001 #GB3002E #GB3002A #SM5002 #SM5001 #EUROSTANDSeries #MicrophoneClamps #OrchestraSheetMusicStands #MonitorStands #InstrumentStands

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    Hi guys! Can someone help me out where can I order a tannoy speaker replacement for my Voicesolo FX150? I accidentally dropped my fx150 off the floor and broke the speaker inside. Please help me. Thank you

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    • Maokeits21
      KyleJohnson Hello, Kyle here with Music Tribe. You can order parts by clicking on the Support link at the top of the page, then clicking Spare Parts and filling out a ticket.
      • April 20, 2021
    • Maokeits21

      Hello. I already ordered. How can I view the status and details of my order? Especially the price range

      • April 21, 2021
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    I'm searching for replacement pole mounts to go into my subs. Does anyone know where I can find some that would fit? I've tried a couple different sizes from On-Stage Stands and neither worked. 

    I prefer the M20 threads if they might be available somewhere, just looking for something to make my setup a little more secure. 


    Thanks for the help! 



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    • Ekm4489
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi Kyle, I hope you are well. If you have not already done so I would recommend submitting a parts request, this can be done by going to support at the top of the page and scrolling down/clicking the parts tab. Once the form is filled in one of my colleagues will be in touch to advise further. Just make note that you are looking for a replacement Pole Holder / Top Hat and they will be able to assist further.
      • October 27, 2020
    • Ekm4489
      LeeE_Wolloff Kyle, I had the same issue and simply resized the on stage mounts to fit the smaller recesses of the sub. It worked well and the screw holes lined up perfectly. No modification of the sub.
      • November 1, 2020