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    I recently lost the mic stand mount kit pieces for my B205D monitor.  Where can I buy these?

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    • toddmene
      Paul_Vannatto You can either click on Support above and fill in a spare parts ticket, or if you have (or have access to) a 3D printer, I can provide you a print file (since I made some spares for my B205D and B207MP3 speakers).
      • Feb 23
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    I need a Mic Stand Insert for a Voice Solo XT.

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    • ahtoo12
      Nigel67 If this is a part that normally ships with the unit, then please contact our spares team by clicking on the support tab at the top of the page. A new window will open. Scroll down and click on the Spare parts tab and submit a ticket. If it isn't normally supplied with the unit, then try contacting a local music shop or have a look at an on line shop.
      • Jan 9
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    TC Helicon 7E57512312 Cone Adapter for VoiceSolo FX150


    I'm looking for this part and was referred to this forum. Any Ideas?

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    I know this isn't really on topic for this forum, but I couldn't find any other way to reach out to you. My name is Lucas Henry and I'm currently a first year student at the University of Victoria. I'm really interested in music production technology, and the work that your company is doing really intrigued me. Does your company have any co-op opportunities for engineering students, and if so, what next steps should I take to get one?

    Thank you for your time!

    Lucas Henry

    [email protected]

    PS: It wouldn't let me post this without putting it in a category, but this has nothing to do with that category.

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    TC haLICON voice live rack with no audio output how can I get it replaced or get output part to replace it?

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    • DanielKing
      RexBeckett Hi Daniel, I suggest that you open a Care ticket for this. At the top of this page, click Support and then select Service. Make sure that you enter all required (*) data before clicking Submit. The Care team will respond by email.
      • November 17, 2020
    • DanielKing
      PedroRodrigues Hi, Daniel,please confirm that the Output mix control is turned up. Note that 0dB means “full” not “off”. Check that the Digital In parameter in the I/O tab of the Setup menu is set to either USB Stereo or S/PDIF Stereo.
      I would also advise you to to perform a global reset:
      1. Power up the unit.
      2. When the first text is displayed in the LCD window, hold the 4 buttons listed below and continue to hold until the reset prompt is displayed:
      • µMod
      • Delay
      • Reverb
      • Tone
      This procedure can take up to 2 minutes.
      • November 25, 2020