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    Hello behringer community . 
    I'm trying to source a place where I can purchase the brackets that come with the behringer system 55 dual cases. I own two behringer go eurorack cases but can't find where to buy the brackets to join the cases together . I've contacted many shops but no one knows where to get them or even if you supply them . Could you please tell me if there available to purchase or when they will be . There's a lot of people wanting these brackets in the eurorack community and at the moment I'm stuck using tiptop audio mantis brackets that don't fit perfectly joining the two cases together . I'd love the brackets you done please . 
    thank you 


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    I recently bought a Behringer Go Case, unbeatable for the price and it looked all good. Untill... I starterd plugging in my modules. Luckily I saw this in one of the power sockets, but man, this is truly dangerous and could've ruined my modules. 

    I got a bit of a feeling of "you get what you pay for", but I don't think anyone pays to get their modules ruined. 

    Behringer, I think it'd be wise to sharpen up the quality checks....

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    • martijnox
      Nigel67 Hi martijnox. I am very sorry that you have received you new product in this condition. This is definitely not up to the standards that we strive to meet. If it is within 30 days of purchase, please contact our reseller and ask for a DOA replacement. If it is older than this then they will possibly only offer a repair. I would like to raise a ticket with our manufacturing team for this. Please can you advise the serial number of the unit? It should begin with an S and end in D8N. Many thanks, and again I can only apologise for the condition that you received the unit in.
      • December 14, 2021
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    Hi, Dose anyone know how I can get a pair of Eurorack GO brackets to make a System 55. I've put a request to parts and to the tech department with no replys. ( I don't think Behringer is listerning LOL)

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