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    Behringer KM750 specifications state a voltage gain of 32dB. However, if we do the math, the published voltage gain value doesn't add up.

    The specifications states that the KM 750 delivers 200 watts into 8 ohms with an input sensitivity of 0.775 Volts.

    Output voltage formula: sqrt (power x impedance)

    Output voltage calculated: sqrt (200 x 8) = 40V

    Voltage gain (amplification factor): output voltage / input voltage = Av (amplification factor)

    Voltage gain (amplification factor) calculated: 40 V / 0.775 V = 51.62

    Voltage gain (dB) formula: 20log(Av)

    Voltage gain (dB) calculated: 20log(51.61) = 34.25 dB

    The calculated voltage gain is 2 dB higher than the specified voltage gain.

    The only scenario the specified voltage gain is 32 dB is if the input sensitivity is, in fact, 1 Volt.

    So, the following question arises: when input sensitivity of 0.775 V is selected, the maximum input voltage required for maximum rated power is 0.775 V (0 dBU) or 1 V (+2 dBU)?

    The following scenario applies to Behringer KM 1700, also.

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    Blew an output (B) on the board and am looking for where to find a replacement board.

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    • JimiCactus
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi JimiCatus, If you have not done so please submit a parts request. This can be done via the support tab at the top of the page.
      • Apr 12
      • Where can I order and get instructions on how to replace aBERHINGER EUROLIVE B208D 1.5 COMPRESSION HORN DRIVER
        • Apr 13
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    Does ANYONE know of a way to contact Behringer to find out WHO can repair both my PPA500BT's? Both are less than a year old and both are are doing what others describe. No output and flashing lights on panel. I appreciate the bullcrap Tribe stuff but enough of the cutsey crap. I need help and it does seem that the "Tribe" leaders could care less. 6 months and no response. AND IF I GET ONE MORE FILL OUT A FORM im going to blow up!

    Who can fix? WHere are possible vendors that fix? Are PPA500BT's fixable or are they doorstops . Yes I'm pissed but nevertheless I feel someone at Behringer could help.

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    • mck3
      Nigel67 Hi mck3. I am very sorry for the issues you have been experiencing contacting us. You mention that the speakers are less than a year old which means that they are still under warranty. Have you contacted our partner that you purchased them from and asked for a warranty repair. Our partners are responsible for repairing all warranty issues. How have you been trying to contact us over the past 6 months as there is no account set up for you in our database under the e-mail address you have provided? Have you used another e-mail address? Do you have a case number please? I can then look up your case and find out why we have not responded to you previously. Many thanks
      • Apr 4
    • mck3
      RonaldFigura You are on the Behringer official community so you should be able to get a resolution here.
      • Apr 10
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    I've been asked to do an event this Spring with my EUROPORT PPA2000BT on an island with no power.  My questions are 1) what would be better a generator or an inverter/battery power source, and 2) would use of such a power source like this void any warranty??? 

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    • jftaylorjr13
      Dale_M The PPA2000BT comes with a switch mode power supply which means it can be used anywhere in the world as long as the power being delivered to it is between 120v - 230v AC. Inquire with the generator hire company if they can can guarantee this.
      • Apr 6
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    I have a Behringer V-Ampire LX1-112 amp, and I finally replaced the damaged dual jack input module (input and headphones), but somewhere along the way, the volume pot and red light power level display has stopped working. Not sure why; all connections are solid and the module is brand new. Neither the new module nor the old module make a difference to the power to the volume pot. All the other pots and red light levels show up on all the other knobs, but not the volume. Can someone please tell me what pot I need to find? Is there a specific model number? The replacement looks pretty straightforward, so I am happy to do some soldering and resoldering if needed. Thanks for all your help!!!



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    • jackman66
      Dale_M Hi there if you are not familiar with electronics rework it can be easy to fix one problem and create another, we cannot share schematics but if you advise the pots component position on the PCB we could advise the part that is used. That said, it may be far quicker for us to assist you with a local non warranty repair at an official Behringer repair centre, if you wish to take this advice simply go to the Support tab above and select Service.
      • Mar 16
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    Thanks for reply I tried 9v battery on one no difference.. never mind think about a multi unit instead tks

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    Hi, I have a 230V amp and want to use it here in the US. Do I use a plug adapter only or do I need a voltage converter. Thx

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    • Crroig
      Dale_M If you have the European 230v model this cannot be used in the USA and there is no way of converting it.
      • Mar 9
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    I have an NX6000 that came with a Euro style 220-240v cord. Do I need to change the power supply to run 120v 60hz in the US?

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    • JoeA
      Dale_M Please note this is not a possible option as there are different power variants of the amp available depending on the terriototy it is sold in (Japan/Europe/USA) they cannot be converted.
      • Mar 9
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    I am using a Behringer EP4000 to drive two 15" Folded Horn Subwoofers i built in my home theatre.

    Is it possible to buy a quieter fan, or do away with the fan?

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    • sands
      Dale_M The fan is required we do not advice disconnecting. There may be quieter fans available on the market but we cannot advise on retro-fitting these due to health and safety and any possible damage that may be caused to your unit. Any existing warranty will be void.
      • Mar 2
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