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  • Hackerstown
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    Anyone have any input on Boss Katana MKII ?

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  • Kurtis0c1995
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    Had the nx4-6000 for 8 months now and has been fantastic up until a week ago. Just tripped the sockets and stopped working. Everytime I plug it in now it just trips the socket. Help

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  • philotbeddo
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    Behringer Europort PPA2000BT Portable PA System with Bluetooth
    For the past couple of months is randomly clips out the right side for a second or two at a time.  I can't find any excessive sound source or reason for which it would be doing this.  It also randomly starts making a super loud white noise static sound.  I have to turn it off and turn it back on to make it go away.  Super annoying when in the middle of a song or gig.
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  • Markybehr
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    I recently bought a Ampeg fridge bass cab with a single 1/4” input jack. Searched for an amp to pair with it—found the BX2000H. This amp has two Speakon outs, though, and I’m wondering what the correct way is to deliver all of that beefy wattage to the 8x10 cabinet. Ideas?  Thx

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  • Darlingsone
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    Purchased in 2017, this past weekend it just stopped working.  I took the top off and started it up and Sparks came out of C 26 which I think is a passive capacitor.  I am wondering if this machine may still be covered by a warranty.

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    • Darlingsone

      Hi Alfred ( @Darlingsone ), 


      Welcome to the community.  Assuming you registered the amp when you purchased it you should have a three year warranty.  You'll need to open a ticket using the CARE portal here for your warranty claim:|en)


      You should get an auto-reply email once you submit the ticket.  If you don't get that email , check your spam/junk folder. That email will say that someone will contact you within one business day but be patient as that's been more like a week or more lately. 



      • December 23, 2019
  • simonberge
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    Two years ago I got a Behringer ACX 1800 (which seems not to be in the list when trying to open a ticket for warranty).It was delivered with defaults, but I only realized later as shortly after receiving the Behringer I was diagnozed with an auto-immune desease and didn't play much for a while (None of the effects work and there is poor volume, only with gain on maximum I had some aplification, but of course it's lots of other noise, this problem varies a litlle bit depeding on which guitare).

    I got it tested in a music store twice. The defects are very obvious to them. I would like help and I would like to talk about warranty as the ACX 1800 has barely been touched, and I am only out of warranty because I had to figure out how to contact you guy, then my ampli didn't exist in the list... Unfortunately I didn't register in time, so therefore I don't have the 3y warranty.

    Thank you in advance for understanding the situation and for contacting me back


    [email protected] 






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  • Coda2020
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    Warranty repair...

    I’ve been trying to contact Behringer for the last week. They used to be a phone number you could call and talk to a human. Now the only way to do it is to get on Music tribe. I’ve had such a hard time trying to get on Music tribe. Does anybody have a solution to how I can go about getting my Behringer app repaired under warranty?

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    • Coda2020

      Hi John ( @Coda2020 ), 


      Welcome to the community.  You need to open a warranty repair case here:|en)


      You should receive any automated email reply with a case number telling you that someone will contact you within one business day.  Be patient since that is more like a week (or more) these days.  If you don't get the auto-reply, check you spam or junk folder. 


      Hope this helps, 


      • November 26, 2019
  • elvisking
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    this issue is particularly evident at high volumes.  The volume drops to zero, stays that way for several seconds, then comes back on for a few seconds, and cuts out again, and repeats.

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  • ismailcandursun
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    • ismailcandursun

      I was investigating audio inputs and outputs of B112D (same in B115D)

      B112D has 2 XLR (combined with TRS) input connectors. From datasheet it was not very clear whether the combined pins are paralel and both (XLR and TRS) plugs can be used as balanced signal.

      At the and I have found the schematics on Internet and I solved the issue. The XLR and TRS combined connector pins are connected together in schematics. That means it is not important which one you use, it goes to the same circuit feed point. This signal is handled as differencial signal which corresponds to a balanced audio signal. 

      If you use a mono plug, or balanced plug (of course balanced cable has lower noise with long cable) your B112D/B115D will give you good sound. But never use XLR/TRS stereo signal to the one of the inputs. You have to use always mono signals for each balanced input. If you apply a stereo signal to a balanced input, right channel will be subtracted from left channel. I haven't tried it yet, but the result will not be your original sound.


      • November 5, 2019
  • Psmikem
    Contributor - Level 1

    I need to know what the continuous wattage would be with all 4 channels driven into 8 ohms.  My speakers re rated at 300 watts continuous.  The specifications do not identify the continuous wattage per channel or the peak power, thanks

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