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    hi all just after a bit of advice.. should i run a brand new laoptop with my brand new NX???

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    • SammyBee1
      DavidKnighton Hello SammyBee1,
      It is not necessary to buy a brand new laptop for use with this amps. Unless of course you have an extremely old computer that is not compatible with the NX software.
      • Jun 29
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    hello I have to replace the power transformer of the ep2500 amplifier that I bought about five years ago.
    The primary of this amp is broken I think due to the electrolytic capacitors which are probably shorted.
    I would like to know if the cost of these spare parts to evaluate the replacement thanks Martore giuseppe email martore [email protected]
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    • m944
      KyleJohnson Hello, Kyle here with Music Tribe. To order parts please click on Support and then Spare Parts to submit a ticket.
      • Jun 27
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    Hi, I've just taken delivery of a PMP580S amp. There is a button marked 'Speaker Processing' but the manual only tells you that the button exists!


    Anyone any idea what it does or what it's used for?

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    Good morning, I was wondering if it was possible to convert an older LGFP14K from US mains to EU mains? If so, what would that entail?

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    • hiswkf
      DavidKnighton Hello hiswkf,
      Check the voltage spec on the rear panel near the mains input. If it does not specify operation up to 230V, then I would say not possible, at least not without some involved modifications.
      • Jun 23
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    Hi guys how can I connect my UMC22 board to my Nobsound A8 valve amplifier with AUX input?

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    • Myron2099
      DavidKnighton Hello Myron2099,
      The aux input is likely a stereo connection. This means you'll need a stereo breakout cable to connect the UMC 1/4" outputs. See the cable in the following link. This should do the trick.
      • Jun 14
    • Myron2099

      therefore connecting the 6.25 to 3.5 in the amplifier I have the sound output from the speakers.
      and i can hear the sounds from the imac via usb! even plugging in a microphone and using garageband?

      will i have better sound gain? is the card preamp?

      Thank you so much so my dilemma solved me

      • Jun 14
      • UMC22 to tube Valve amp
        DavidKnighton I'm not sure I understand the follow up question. If you're asking if using a microphone through Garageband will sound better, well that's a matter of opinion really, and depends wholly on your ability to mix sound.
        • Jun 15
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    I am very new at this but try to have the best system within my budget. Ive recently added a Behringer NX6000D and 2 Lavoce SAN 184.03's to my surround sound  system which consists of a Denon AVR X4200W, klipsch RP-450C, 2 klipsch 280f, and 2 klipsch 41m. I am more interested in ensuring that the amp and subs are set up properly to get the most out of them. Is there a simple guide for setup of the amp?



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    ich suche verzweifelt ein Datenblatt zu dem Ringkerntrafo vom VMX 1000. Eigentlich möchte ich nur wissen wie er angeschlossen wird.


    ROT: ?

    Schwarz: L ?

    Blau:  N ?

    Möchte ungern mit 230Volt rum spielen

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    • FillFl3x
      Dale_M We would not advise disturbing the mains transformer as there is a very real danger of electric shock, please raise a service ticket from the Support tab above and seek assistance.
      • Jun 3
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    I find it strange lab don't offer patch panels for their amps... I use the PLM stuff exclusively and there's nothing better than a nicely labelled, perfectly made patch panel. 

    I'm a lab dealer, so yes I would buy one if they made one. Since they don't, I looked for an alternative. For anybody else that may find themselves looking, I give you one suggestion. It's a good one.

    Click this link and see  what I think to be a brilliant artist's work:

    Check out PP+

    For those too scared to click the link, google PP+ Patch Panels.

    No, I don't own the company. No, I'm not getting anything from them for posting this.

    It's a simple heads up that there is somebody making affordable and absolutely perfectly built patch panels specifcally designed for purpose. 

    I bought some. Gonna buy some more. You should too. 

    Music Tribe/Lab guys - throw this guy a bone and swing some work his way. He's not your competition, you don't make the products he does. There are plenty of your customers looking for these things and it's in your best interest to help them out. Steer them his way.

    Maybe a gentle suggestion/push/shove.

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    • QLDSL1
      Dale_M Many thanks for bringing this to our attention, I will pass on your remarks to the design team.
      • Jun 1
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    Hello. have some question about setting isvpl in plm 10k.

    For example i have [email protected] (RMS) speaker.

    Then i want to properly adjust MaxPeak,RMS  limiters and also ISVPL.

    As i know - in common mode limiter settings in db are 20log(V/Vref)-amp gain - safety margin.

    For peak and rms V there should be different values.

    For example Vrms (of my speaker)=SQRT(2*400*8) because of crest factor 2 of sine signal.

    For Vpeak there should be another equation - sqrt(4*400*8) because test signal (pink noise) have crest factor 4.

    And finaly question - is Vpeak equals ISVPL threshold? 

    Or there is another equation for find this point?

    Thanks in advance

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    Can behringer amps ever be repaired by behringer? Alternatively, can you buy the amp boards from behringer?

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    • Daviddobson
      DavidKnighton Hello Daviddobson,
      If you have a defective amp, you can submit a SERVICE REQUEST ticket via the SUPPORT tab at the top of the page. Alternatively, you can also submit a SPARE PARTS ticket via the SUPPORT tab.
      • May 21
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