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    I purchased a used C28:4 unit a few months ago and I've had it out a couple of times without issues.

    Last weekend I fired up the system and line checked the monitors (which I power with it) and everything seemed in order. I was setting up mic stands when I heard a quiet "pop", not loud, but noticeable.

    Later on when I went to soundcheck the first act, the amp did not meter any signal coming to it on any channels. At first I thought it was a routing issue with my mixer, but when I put the cable to another amp it produced sound.

    Later in the day when I was telling another crew member about the amp, he said when the small pop happened he thought he smelled something electrical burning, but so subtle he couldn't be sure. 

    So clearly I'm not looking for a "solution", it needs a repair. But I wondered if anyone had any insight on what I might be up against. 

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    • jamesheyser
      Dale_M If the smell of burnt out components has been noted it would be quicker to go to the above support tab and submit a technical ticket so we can assist with the warranty.
      • May 31
      • C28:4 powers up but no signal metered
        jamesheyser I don't have an "above support tab" (perhaps because I'm on a phone).

        I did reach out to the nearest service provider and they declined to give me an RMA because they said they were no parts available. But then they also said that I should reach out to Music tribe, which I also find a little confusing. Perhaps they have an easier time getting parts if the order is processed through music tribe?
        • Jun 13
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    Hi Lab Gruppen,

    I have a C48:4 power amplifier that wont pass a signal and investigation showed both cooling fans are faulty with locked rotor. I would like to order new fans but should I make other checks first to ensure it does not have other issues?

    How can i order 2 new cooling fans from your company?


    Dan Dare

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    • DanDare21
      Dale_M Does the unit have any error codes on the front panel? It may be best to go to the support tab above and submit a technical ticket with an image of the front panel so we can advise.
      • Apr 6
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    I'm looking for a distributor for the Lucia and E series amplifiers in the UK. Can Music Tribe assist? 

    I need: 


    Lucia 120/1-70

    Lucia 240/1-70

    Lucia 120/2 






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    I bought a spare input board for my 14000 amp direct from their parts dept. However I never used it because it was not the board that was giving trouble at the time. The amp started to give trouble again so I decided to put in the board. It never worked so they replaced it. The replaced one never work also so I ordered another through one of their repair agent. It never worked also. They advised me to ship the amp to one of their repair shops, saying it maybe another issue with it. The repairers told them that the input board is not compatible with the older model amps and it is for the newer models. They refused to take back the two boards and closed my case leaving me with two useless boards. Spending $4000 US for a amp and having these problems does not worth it. Better to buy chinese knockoffs because they help you with parts that can repair their amp.

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    • thunderbpsounds
      Dale_M In hindsight it may have been better to have organise a non warranty repair with an official Lab Gruppen approved repair centre, if you still require assistance please go to the Support tab above and select Service so our team can advise you of your options.
      • Jan 12
    • thunderbpsounds

      The amp is at an approved centere in the USA and they are the ones that determine the input boards are not compatible with the older model 14000 amps and the parts department refused to take back the boards. I have two useless boards and a huge bill to repair the amp. That could have been resolved where the amp is used in the Caribbean had they sold me a compatible board in the first instance. If you update the board you suppose to know if it will work on older model amps.

      • Jan 12
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    Lab Gruppen
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    E Series

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    Amplifiers with Flexible Output Channels and Energy Star Certification for Installation Applications

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    Hello, I have a sound reinforcement business in Guayaquil-Ecuador South America.  I need to buy parts to repair an FP7000 LAB GRUPPEN AMPLIFIER.  Where can I find a dealer to sell me the parts?


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    • sonidoduarte
      KyleJohnson Hello, Kyle here with Music Tribe. Please contact our Parts team. To do so, click on Support and then Spare Parts to submit a ticket.
      • November 21, 2021
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    Hello guys. I have a situation here.. I live in Cambodia at the moment and I have this beautiful amp from Lab Gruppen.

    Model FP10000Q. I had some issues with it and I got it fixed but... we have lost one of the parts :( it's a side panel.

    Can anyone help me get it here? I'm trying to make it but it's not that easy. Could I order it from somewhere somehow??

    Please help me. I need to fix it.

    Thanks in advance.

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    • kennykennedy
      NicJonesMT Hi There.
      If you click support at the top of the page and submit a Spare Parts ticket, a member of the team will be able to assist you.
      • November 15, 2021
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    Hello, i have a plm20000q, dual module apmplifier and i have 8 adamson s10 cabins... i wanted to know how must i configure my plm20000q through the lake processor to be able to use both channels of my amp to reproduce full L/R stereo using both modules of my amp... when im recalling the adamson presets on my lake processor it allways collegates my A channel with my B channel. any one can help me?

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    • juanmperini
      NicJonesMT Hi Juanmperini.
      Could you please submit a technical support ticket (Click support at the top of the page) and a member of the team will then be able to advise you further on this.
      • September 14, 2021
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    Hi there. Just looking for some help. I want to bridge channels A and B and also channels C and D together to effectively create a 2 channel amp (with more power). I have linked channels A & B and reversed the polarity oh channel B then connected to the +1 and +2 terminals of the speakon out for one side, then the same with channels C & D for the other side. Is this the correct way to do it?

    Also - how should I use the gain knobs on the front of the amp when in bridge mode in this way as gain knobs A and B both seem to affect the gain (same for C & D). I hope that I have explained this all ok. I am using the amp to drive 2 x Nexo PS15s in passive mode.

    Thank you for your help. If you have a manual for this amp I'd be very grateful as cannot find one online. 
    Best wishes,


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    • TobyWilson
      Nigel67 Hi TobyWilson. Well this has certainly perked up a few memories with some of the slightly older colleagues :). It seems as though this amplifier was an obsolete product in 2005, so its doing well. I am afraid that we do not have a manual, but three people have come up with all the answers for you. Its not pretty I am afraid, but better than nothing. Evidently, if you can find one, the 1300C manual was very similar
      • August 23, 2021
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    I understand from the manual that the E series 8:2 amplifier enters standby mode after 20 minutes without input signal. Is there a way to disable standby mode? In postproduction studio installations (Dolby Atmos) standby mode proved to be annoying because amplifier channels of individual surround speakers eventually don´t unmute fast enough for single effects ...

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    • clerc
      Nigel67 Hi clerc. Unfortunately it is not possible to disable the APO function of the amplifier. The feature is intended to conserve power while the amplifier is idle, and is part of what gives the device an energy star rating. If the feature were able to be defeated, then it would not be energy star compliant.
      • August 14, 2021
    • clerc
      clerc Hi Nigel, many thanks for your reply! Are there furtherLab.Gruppen models that enter standby mode automatically with the option to disable it, please? What´s the threshold for the input level to leave standby mode? Is it possible to tally standby mode (i.e. notify the mixer in the control room that some amplifier channels need to "wake up" before playing content)?
      • August 17, 2021
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