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    Dear team,

    unfortunately there is an ongoing problem with the control knowbs on the TC Electronics RH450. The quality is poor, they crack after some time, fall off etc. The internet forums are full of users which have the same problem. I could now open a ticket and ask TC Electronics for spare parts. However this will not solve the problem as the quality remains poor. 

    Question 1: Why is TC Electronics not capable of solving the issue - especially as the quality of their products is otherwise impeccable -  why is this not bothering TC Electronics that such a small part can't be chosen in better quality - it is obvious that TC Electronics is not manufacturng this spare part but buying it from third party - buy better, rework your specifications!

    Question 2: What are the specification for these knobs so I can search for high quality parts myself

    Best regards



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    • Haraldo
      PedroRodrigues Hi Haraldo, We are very sorry you feel that way and we aim daily to provide better products and better support , but for that tp be possible we need a close interaction with our customers so we can understand what points need correction and improvement. With this in mind I would suggest to submit a Tech support case so we can follow your claim of the issue of the buttons and then pass the case to Spare Parts so, if still available you can order the buttons you mentioned. Please follow the link below to submit the support case mentioned
      • Feb 9
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    Saludos solicito ayuda con este amplificador que nadie conoce ni se atreve a meterle mano por qué es un sistema total mente exclusivo, por eso solicito soporte para que me suministren el sistema o la tarjeta completa para reemplazar la que tiene el daño espero me ayuden a solucionar este inconveniente gracias

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    • MarlonArellanoBerrio
      RexBeckett Hi Marion, I suggest that you open a Care ticket for this.

      At the top of this page, click Support then scroll down the new page and select Service. Make sure that you enter all required (*) data before clicking Submit. The Care team will respond by email.
      • Jan 27
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    Is there a list available that shows the amp effects by number? 

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    • Rjakiel73
      Nigel67 Hi Rjakiel73, I will e-mail you this information as it is not possible to attach anything here. Many thanks.
      • Jan 26
      • KXD12 Effects list
        Nigel67 I will e-mail it again. Please also try your SPAM folder.
        • Feb 1
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    My Behringer KXD15 Ultratone has recently started to act funny: For some weeks the lights on the EQ has been flashing for several minutes before I can use the amplifier. Yesterday it would't stop flashin, and a very low, clicking sound was heard from the back of the unit. Again, the amplifier cannot be used during the EQ is flashing and since it does not stop flashing, I can no longer use it. Does anyone have a suggestion what causes this problem? Please help!

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    • Nicke
      JoeRivers96 Hi, it sounds like there could be an issue with you unit. Would you mind submitting a support ticket through the SUPPORT button at the top of this page?
      • Jan 20
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    Hi! Does anyone know when the NX3000 or iNuke 3000 series powered amps will be delivered (supplied) to Brisbane? Or anywhere in Australia>


    I have searched for a unit across the TransTasman and nobody has one left to sell.


    Although, I found monkey sounds in NZ and their distributors have a few in stock BYT they wouldn't serve Australian customers.


    Find it ironic because other brands, for example in music equipment world Yamaka HQ n Japan many years ago helped me source a particular electronic part whichj I needed, although they had spares on Japan but to reduce my wait and distance (airfreight) they rang the Singapore distributors to send me what I eeded. Similar to a car part, Mercedes made an effort to supply me with parts many years ago through Malaysia, just as an example.


    YET, TransTasman (cousins in Auckland) distributors wouldnt help me out despite having stock avail.


    I have a gig and my both amps cant be used. Hence I really wanted a Behringer to suit my urgent needs. 

    Does anyone know why Australian distributors dont have aclue how to order in stock, on time, to have enough products on the shelves and warehouses? Warehouse managers job and skill ought to be to check and replenish stock levels in advance, no different from any other products, brand or commodity. Sorry guys but there are many unemployed out there who could do a better job, for such nice salaries some are receiving as managers of  distribution centres.

    PLEASE: don't use re-branding or no parts world wide as an excuse. 

    Considering the current lim,ited traffic air/cargo/ships is still operating as normal.

    There are SAP/Oracle inventory programs which work very well in such areas. I am sure the distribution centre in Sydney also have a similar prgram. 

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    Hi does anybody no what the voltage gain is on the  behringer nx6000

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    Hi all,

    I have just been given a Tannoy TS12 and I want to add it to my hifi system of a Rotel RA10 Rotel 980 BX and Tannoy M3's. The 980BX just has 2 outputs for speakers so I will have to combine the speaker wires of the Sub with a set of the speakers (does it matter which one) also where on the sub do I attach them?

    Oh and is this a good idea







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    • AndrewKing
      PedroRodrigues Hi Andrew that effectively depends what speakers you are using and how you wish to use your Tannoy Sub, never the less the best option is to check the Manual for this unit where you have all the information you require .Thank you
      • Jan 15
    • AndrewKing
      AndrewKing Hi Pedro, Just check out the manual and I cannot see any practical advices how would you wire the sub woofer to the set up and I have just swapped my Tannoy speakers into another room and so this set up will be running Monitor Audio BX2 Thanks
      • Jan 15
      • How to wire a TS12 sub woofer
        PedroRodrigues Hi Andrew please consider that you need to to use a cable as stated below to interface your speakers first with an amplifier and them with the Sub. Please follow the signal flow stated on the Tannoy TS12 picture considering that the output of the Amp will input o the sub and the outputs on the sub should connected to the Mains on your system. Thank you
        • Jan 15
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    I’m having issues with the Nx3000D in Stereo mode , it’s fine when bridged but only getting 1 side in stereo . Is there a link available for the manual please .


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    • craiggannon
      RexBeckett Hi Owen, you can download the Quick Start Guide by clicking on Documentation on the right side of the product page:
      • December 22, 2020
      • Nx3000d Stereo settings
        craiggannon Many thnx for the response & link , unfortunately it doesn’t solve the problem, here’s a pic of the stereo setting
        • December 22, 2020
    • craiggannon
      DavidKnighton Hello Owen,
      Are you using a single input source or dual input source? In stereo mode, you should have dual input sources to drive each amp channel individually. Bridge mode takes a single input source. Also bear in mind the the output wiring changes when utilizing bridge mode vs stereo mode, so be sure you're using the correct output wiring configuration.
      • December 22, 2020
      • Nx3000d Stereo settings
        craiggannon Thnx David , it’s a dual input from my mixer , yeah the wiring config is correct, it was working in stereo , just decided to stop for some odd reason
        • December 22, 2020
      • Nx3000d Stereo settings
        DavidKnighton Hello Owen,
        I would focus your efforts on the input connector for the suspect channel. If there is a problem with the connector, then the device may require service.
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        • December 22, 2020
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    Lab Gruppen
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    Proven and reliable Class-D amplifier and can provide superb audio performance in both background and foreground music sound systems.

    List Price: $599

    #LabGruppen #PD3000 #PowerAmplifiers #2Channel

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    Good day,

    I'm trying to get an amplifier output board for FP14000


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    • ALLANK
      RexBeckett Hello Allan, I think your best option is to open a Care ticket for this. At the top of this page, click Support then scroll down and select Parts. Make sure that you enter all required (*) data before clicking Submit. The Care team will respond by email.
      • November 28, 2020
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