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    Question When I use the CD input using either my phone or my Ipod Touch, volume levels full up on the device and the amp the level is really low. Example, phone or Ipod Touch at full level and the amp full level. If I have the vocal channel at 4 and the guitar input at 5 or 6 the play back track is so low it is much below the other levels. The tracks are very hot tracks so it is not the track level. Is this normal or is there a problem with the amp? Any way to up the level or over ride it? 

    Question 2, Can the Microphone channel inputs (XLR/1/4) be used at the same time and not cancel out eachother? 

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    how long is it taking to get somebody to reply to a service request?

    is anybody actually processing them and getting people the info of where to send something for repair?

    I've got a dead amp and need to get it in to a repair shop ASAP and nobdy is reposnding to the service request online and the local music tribe repair shop is not answering the phones

    I can literally drive it in a drop it off, but I'm assuming they have to issue an RMA first as it is under warranty being only a few months old

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    I have been trying to order a poweramp for our Church from Sweetwater and Musicians Friend and they are either clueless or trying to get me to buy a Crown amp for over $1000.00. Can anyone help me figure out what I need wattage and ohms and if you have such a product?

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    We are experiencing an issue with Amp which is stopped working. The Amp is in standby mode and not going out to standby mode. Please advise how to fix it. 

    Looking forward to see your kind response,


    Kind Regards,


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    • Baeed900
      leah Hello,
      I'm Leah from Music Tribe. Please submit a Care Ticket to contact us about your amp directly.
      While logged in, sellect the Support link at the top then scroll to the bottom of the page to start a Care Ticket.
      • November 4, 2020
      • Lab Gruppen PLM-10000Q Amp
        Baeed900 Ticket no, 0018300003153. Please advise how to proceed because we are your dealer in Pakistan and unable to understand getting parts from you and its procedure.
        • November 9, 2020
      • Lab Gruppen PLM-10000Q Amp
        Baeed900 Please expedite and we need to update our client.
        • November 9, 2020
      • Lab Gruppen PLM-10000Q Amp
        leah Hello Baeed Khan,

        It looks like Pedro has already sent an email in response to your inquiry. Please check your inbox for his response. If you have follow up questions, please reply directly to his email. If you do not see his response, please check your junk/spam folder.

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        • November 11, 2020
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    Amp Boards for FP+ series


    2 - FP7000 = Q09-00001-86177 / A70TD05-F02-T
    2 - FP9000 = Q09-00001-86176 / A70TD05-F01-T 
    2 - FP10000 = Q09-00001-86147 / A25TD-17E-T 
    2 - FP14000 = Q09-00001-86178 / A70TD05-F03-T 


    Power Supply


    2 - FP7000 = Q09-00001-86784 / SMPS-A10-F04
    2 - FP9000 = Q09-00001-86787 / SMPS-A13-F02

    2 - FP10000 = Q09-00001-86786 / SMPS-A12-F01 
    2 - FP14000 = Q09-00001-86785 / SMPS-A11-F07 


    Input / Output Boards


    2 - FP7000 = Q09-00001-86191 

    2 - FP9000 = Q09-00001-86189 
    2 - FP10000 = Q09-00001-86214 

    2 - FP14000 = Q09-00001-86190


    Salida Sagar

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    • SalidaSagar
      DavidKnighton Hello Salida Sagar,
      Please click the SUPPORT link at the top of the page and create a ticket for SPARE PARTS.
      • November 2, 2020
  • eddlc
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    I run a circus theatre company who put on performances outdoors.

    We've been touring with a Behringer PMP500 & Dynacord a112 12” passive speakers. They've done everything we have needed so far, however the Behringer PMP500 has a few issues and we're looking for a replacement.

    I'm not sure whether to buy a straight replacement of the same model, or whether I could buy something a bit more powerful whilst I'm at it? Will the speakers I have be able to take it?

    Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated! (I know next to nothing about sound equipment so feel free to state the obvious also)


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    • eddlc
      RexBeckett Hello Edd, the specification for the Dynacord A112 lists the peak power handling as 1000 Watts. I think you could upgrade to a PMP4000 or PMP6000 mixer if the additional channels or flexibility would be a benefit. Both of these mixers have about twice the output power than the PMP500 but are still within the capabilities of your speakers.

      If you want it even louder, get two additional A112 speakers and connect them in parallel to the current ones. Both the PMP4000 and PMP6000 would drive either two or four A112 8 Ohm speakers.
      • October 21, 2020
      • Which Behringer PMP?
        eddlc Hi Rex,
        Thank you so much for your reply, it's really useful.
        Somebody else suggested I might be better going for the following:
        Do you have any thoughts on the Yamaha EMX 5?
        Thanks again!
        • October 21, 2020
      • Which Behringer PMP?
        RexBeckett I don't have any personal experience of the EMX 5 but it has similar facilities to your existing PMP 500 and about double the output power. The EMX 5 lacks the graphic EQ but has a simpler, one knob control which may be easier for your application. The choice depends on a couple of factors:

        Do you want a desktop style mixer with faders or would a box style with rotary level controls be OK. Faders can be better when there is a sound engineer riding the levels. The box format can be more convenient for set-and-forget applications.

        Could you benefit from additional mic or line channels in the future? The EMX 5 has a similar line-up to the PMP500 so would not give much upside - except for the output power.
        • October 21, 2020
  • Tempo
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    I have a preamp with a Line: Max. 11volts/1Kohms. Which sensitivity input should I use on my KM750...0.77, 26dB or 1.4 volts.

    Thanks in advance, folks.

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  • AnthonyBlakeDorris
    Newcomer - Level 1

    Looking for a replacement power switch for a epx4000?

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    • AnthonyBlakeDorris
      KyleJohnson Hi Anthony, Kyle from Music Tribe here. For spare parts inquiries, please submit a Support ticket by clicking the Support link at the top of the page.
      • October 9, 2020
  • fj0094
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    i have a Behringer INUKE nu6000 which stop powering up, i am trying to find an authorize Behringer service center in connecticut , can anyone help.


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    • fj0094
      KyleJohnson Hi Frank, Kyle here with Music Tribe. Please submit a Support ticket by clicking the Support link at the top of the page.
      • September 28, 2020
      • Behringer INUKE NU6000 power amplifier
        artiobras1 Hola, a mi me pasa lo mismo, he intentado enviar un ticket seleccionando garantia, he rellenado todo el formulario excepto en la fecha de compra que no me deja seleccionarla y no consigo que se envie el ticket, me podrias decir algo, muchas gracias.
        • December 27, 2020
      • Behringer INUKE NU6000 power amplifier
        KyleJohnson Hi Angel, if you are still having trouble with this, try submitting your ticket as "Pre Sales" which requires less information. We can then try to see what is going on.
        • December 28, 2020
  • Lab Gruppen
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    Did you know that Lab.Gruppen amplifiers were used on every single one of the top ten grossing tours of 2019?
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