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    Oh boy, where to start. Hi there!


    Okay, a friend gave me a NX3000D to power my passive sub and told me one channel was inoperable. Right now I have it set to "Bridge" mode using a RCA to 1/4" T/S cable from my subwoofer preout to input A on the amp. I'm using a Speakon to bananas connector from output A to my 4 ohm subwoofer, a RBH SV-1212NR, a passive sub. Everything is working.


    My question is about the channel my friend said was inoperable. In stereo mode he said only the B input/output works and there's no signal for the A output (in stereo mode). I have it set on Bridge mode using the A input/output and it's working well. Both green lights above the A and B dials illuminate when I play something. Room correction had me set the gain at about 11 o'clock on the dial. Does this mean I have the amp set to maximize output and have available full rated power, 3000 watts, to my 4 ohm sub? Have I done this correctly?


    Sorry for the rudimentary questions. I'm new to pro amps and still a little confused with the menus. Plus my friend added to my confusion telling me about the inoperable channel when in stereo mode.

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    • Pogre
      Paul_Vannatto If the one channel is not working, you will only get the power output of the other channel, even in bridge mode.
      • Apr 10
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    I'm having issues with the firmware update crashing without installning. I have no problem connecting using the NX Edit.exe tool. I've tried to run the program in compatability mode, both windows 8 and 7 but with the same result. Dont know how to proceed. I cant really find any information regarding how to firmware update.

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    I need information about the damping factor for IPD 2400.

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    je viens d'acheter un PDX3000 et je voulais enregistrer mon achat pour bénéficier de la garantie de 10 ans. J'ai tout renseigné mais l'enregistrement ne se fait pas. Cordialement 

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    • Mouzika
      KyleJohnson Hello, Kyle here with Music Tribe. Did you receive a case number with your registration? Can you provide that number?
      • Mar 8
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    I'm having problems getting a signal from Behringer amp to mixer, I'm using xlr to 1/4 inch jack as instructed however nothing is happening. Do I need to do a set up by linking it to a laptop initially. The instruction manual is as clear as mud. 

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    I wonder if it is possible to totally bypass DSP in amps IPD 2400 and FP10000Q (and possibly some others similar)?


    I suppose it must be but best to check anyways ... .


    Best regards


    PS. At present I use analogue signal processing of various D/A-processed digital source signals so I don't want to A/D 

    and D/A these signals one more time ... . 

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    • palbin
      DavidKnighton Hello Patrick,
      With Lab Gruppen amplifiers, the DSP is what makes them unique and desirable. There's no way to bypass the internal DSP for those select amps, such as IPD, PLM, LUCIA, and D series. The FP series, C series, and E series amps do not feature built in DSP, so if you want the power of Lab Gruppen without the DSP, then you would choose one of these models.
      • Jan 6
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    One of my PLM5K44 has a problem .. DICO COMM FAULt and all inputs light red flashing
    What is it ?
    how can I solve ?


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    • audioconcept
      Dale_M Hi Dominique, given the above information there is definitely a fault with your unit and it will require repair, can I advise you to go to the above support tab and submit a Service ticket so that we can advise you on a repair?
      • December 22, 2020
        audioconcept Hello. i have submitted a service ticket, but this amp already comes from your service , he had a PSU problem... this problem has been resolved but now there is another problem.. Maybe it needs a warranty exchange ???
        • December 22, 2020
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    I have an LM44 and some PLM10000Q's that are on Dante firmware even when running Lake Controller 7 and doing the Lake Update. Is there a way to update this to version 4 firmware for Dante?

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    • eightoheight
      PedroRodrigues Hi eightoheight, unfortunately there is not, as they use the older version Brooklyn one module from Audinate. Thank you
      • Feb 10
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    hello, it is impossible for professional products such as PLM + / D series amplifiers etc. to have an after-sales service on a forum by email, by "ticket" and to send the devices to England from France !!
    this is not serious !! your two French Labgruppen distributors have no spare parts and the deadlines are unknown
    ditto to buy amps
    this is a completely crazy policy

    I am a company that installs in cinema and I stop the Labgruppen brand.
    at Powesoft delivery 24/48 h / after-sales service maximum one week and in the majority of cases 3/4 days and so big concert: loan of replacement.

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    • thxrd
      PedroRodrigues Hi thxrd, we are sorry that you feel that way and we are here to assist you in any matter, never the less please consider that all the support is provided submitting the assistance request for support or Spare Parts as you mentioned by following the link below:
      • Feb 9
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    Hi :)


    I read Lake Processing manual, and there is information about the Direct Lake Messaging third party protocol (DLM) which is provided for LM and PLM Series devices.


    Is i possible to get integration of external control and monitoring applications such as AMX and Crestron with D series Lab Gruppen amplifiers?


    The most desirable functions like:

    - Standby power control

    - Preset Recall

    - Amp Routing

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