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  • 2020-08-04

    Hi all : I bought the Behringer NX3000D amplifier several days ago and still haven't connected it because it was difficult for me to get the SpeakOn connectors. The use I'll give you is exclusively to power two passive subwoofers of 18 "each, in a home system.The satellite speakers are powered by a valve amplifier. I have read the manual but I have not found an outline or explanation about which SpeakOn connector contacts to use in my case. The idea is to control the sub-frequency range with the built-in crossover, and the other functions like time delay and phases. Should I use 1+ and 1- or 2+ and 2- ?
    Can you please clarify this?
    Thank you

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    • tanofarabute
      Dave Morrison Use 1+ and 1- if you are using one speaker cable per subwoofer. Additionally you could run just one cable (that has both channels) to the first speaker and then send the second channel to the other speaker (if your cabinet supports this wiring scheme). On the channel A speakon jack, you access channel B's signal by using a four pole speakon cable with the second channel (B) connected to 2+ and 2-.
      • Aug 4
    • tanofarabute
      tanofarabute Hi Dave;

      Thanks for your quick response !
      Right now I will use your recommendation and connect 1+ and 1 - for each channel.
      It will be an exciting time to see the lights turn on for the first time, I certainly chose this NX model over Inuke for looks.

      • Aug 4
    • tanofarabute
      tanofarabute Friends, I tell you news.
      The amplifier is connected to the two subwofer and working, but I can't get the frequency divider to work. It is unintuitive, too many functions and there is no order (in steps) specified in the manual to make each adjustment.
      The settings I am trying to make do not change the sound, I must be doing something wrong but I cannot know what it is.
      I used to use a board amp with basic controls - analog potentiometers - and it worked great, just adjusting the cutoff frequency (always less than 80 Hertz) and gain to balance with the satellites. Something I am not understanding here, today I will try again and if I am not successful, I still have a few days to return this amplifier to the seller. BTW, I had read reviews for the overly loud fan. In addition, the manufacturer mentions that it is variable according to the temperature, but as soon as the equipment is turned on the air flow is already very strong! I don't want to imagine what will happen when it is summer around here and I want to give it good power! I thought Bheringer had solved this problem, but I see no, so it doesn't seem like a suitable amp to use in a home environment.
      • Aug 5
    • tanofarabute
      tanofarabute Please, how can I know if my product was registered to benefit from the guarantee and / or buy spare parts, etc?
      Is it the same password and username for Music Tribu as for product registration?
      Or are they two different sites, each with its password and username?
      I will be very grateful to anyone who can clarify this for me.
      • Aug 9
    • tanofarabute
      Dave Morrison They are the same site. Once you have registered the product or make a claim, they should show up in your account in the support area. With this new site's "teething" problems, I'm not sure everything is working properly. Rex Beckett seems to have a handle on this procedure. Alexander Lane might be able to help you. You may need to make a new post to get his attention.
      • Mon at 10:27 AM