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  • 2020-09-16

    Hello, I am not getting any response from the aes inputs on my ipd's? When I try to connect to them with intellidrive  in order to update the firmware it gets stuck on a synchronisation process at 72%. This seems to affect my ability to save and recall presets. I don't want to attempt fm update unless I'm sure I can reload the presets. Please help!!

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    • daniel thomason
      Alexander Lane Hi Daniel,

      Are you running the update through a network switch or direct to the amplifier? Also make sure there are exceptions in your firewall for the software.

      Best to backup all the presets before doing the update too to be sure they are not lost. Try doing this through File -> Backup presets rather than during the update process

      For AES, can you let me know what you are using to drive the inputs? And the settings in the input mixer also?.
      • Wed at 6:14 AM
    • daniel thomason
      daniel thomason fixed! i managed to finally save the presets and update FW, intellidrive being very tempremental though. udated amps now recieve AES! Thanks
      • Wed at 6:25 AM
      • No AES and sync issues in Intellidrive
        Alexander Lane Excellent! The updater has been improved on the newer versions of Software so this issue should now be eliminated

        Let me know if you have any more questions
        • Wed at 6:32 AM