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    I have 4 of these amps. At last gig in February 2020 (pre-pandemic), one amp developed this problem (fan not switching off). Disconnecting and re-connecting mains appeared to resolve the problem. Amp not used untill testing last week and now problem constant (one fan on whilst on standby, 2 fans on when switched on).

    Identified fault as DSP module on input/output ADIC-01Ac board by substitution from another amp. Before being stung £250 for a complete ADIC board and module I would like to know if there is some sort of engineering setting to set/reset fan function (there was on my old Crown amps). I am advised from UK service agent they do not repair these  boards/modules, only replace them. They also do not supply DSP modules separately.

    As an aside, all mains filter capacitors replaced, 47nf and 1nf, due to most having gone short or partial short circuit.

    Any advice gratefully received.


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    • Parky58
      DavidKnighton Hello Parky58,
      Your IPD2400 should have a 10 year warranty. I recommend you simply request warranty service on the item and send it off for repair. All costs for parts and labor 'should' be covered if you purchased the item directly from an authorized seller. As for the issue itself, probably a switching IC or transistor has shorted and is allowing current to flow to the fan module constantly. Could also be a thermistor that has malfunctioned and is causing an improper temperature reading to adjacent circuitry, forcing the circuitry to supply current constantly to the fan module. There are quite a few possibilities here, and it's usually more cost effective to replace the affected board rather than spend countless hours troubleshooting.
      • Aug 10
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    Hello! I'm running a PLM 10000Q amp for mains with PLM 14000 amps for subs (linked input from the main amp). The subs are arranged as a center cluster, a delayed horizontal array. Question is, how should I get a mono input feed into the sub amps? I know that  I could get a separate mono output from mixer/stagebox into the sub amps, but can I do it somehow without this routing? Or can the summing be done in the DSP (Lake Controller) somehow? Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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    • leimum79
      DavidKnighton Hello leimum79,
      Using the Lake Controller software, go to MODULES > I/O CONFIG and click on the input mixer. Here you can unmute both analog inputs and raise the respective faders to unity. This will essentially sum a L/R signal going into the module.
      • Aug 9
    • leimum79

      Great, I'll check this, thank you very much!!!

      • Aug 9
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    Hello Guys I have some questions for you

    Under what circumstances will the PLM+ series amplifier enter the safe mode?

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    • vvish

      Hi Vvish, safe mode will usually be caused by an interrupted firmware update, putting the amp in what looks like a permanent standby state. This can be resolved with a safe mode firmware update. You can find a video on the process here:

      • Jul 20
      • Lab Gruppen-PLM+Series
        vvish My PLM power amplifier device has been updated, but the device suddenly enters Safe mode after being switched on and off several times, and this has happened 3 times.I want to know how to avoid this situation or where the machine is malfunctioning
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        • Jul 21