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    Not to long ago I did a favor for a friend overseas in Korea and let him use a set of my B212A powered speakers. They don't work now. When he sent them back he told me that they accidentally got plugged into a 220volt outlet. I have opened the back couldn't find any char marks, checked the fuses. I can't seemed to find what's wrong with them. Any ideas. 

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    Hi. We have an outdoor cinema setup - inflatable screen and rear projection. The AV system feeds out to 4 B210D powered speakers (XLR) - 2 per side in series. I'd like to add a subwoofer in the centre, getting balanced left and right side feeds from the B210Ds on either side. 

    Would the K10S Studio Subwoofer do the job? If not, what would be appropriate? 

    I'd like to keep costs under $500, but might consider going to $1,000. The gear lives in a builder's trailer, so it's subject to a little bit of a rough ride at times and needs to be fairly robust. The B210Ds have performed pretty much without issue for almost 10 years, so  hopefully that suggests we're not rough on the gear. 


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    • NeilW18
      PedroRodrigues Hi NeilW18 please consider that we have several solutions to offer and I would suggest to follow the link below to access it Thank you
      • Apr 27
    • NeilW18
      DavidKnighton Hi NeilW18,
      The K10S is going to be better suited for studio use. Outdoors you will probably not hear the effect of the K10S sub unless you're right up on it. You're better off using something like the B1200-D PRO, which is better suited for live use. You also might want to consider at least one sub per side for even coverage.
      • Apr 27
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    I want to buy these items but Amazon tells me they don't have available at what time they will have it available.


    Behringer Eurolive B212D



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    • Lperez07
      Nigel67 Hi Lperez07. I am sorry, but we do not have any visibility of stock or orders that partners have placed with us. I am sure that if you are able to contact Amazon, they will be able to give you the information of when they will be receiving their next delivery. Many thanks
      • Apr 25
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    Hi all if I run 4 VP1520 passives would you recommend I run an 18" sub or x2 12" subs. Venue is 5.5mtrs wide  12.5mtrs Long? Cheers

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    Hello Community, my first post here.


    So I've owned these fine monitors since 2012 and until recently they've performed admirably.

    Sadly, lately one of the speakers has started to produce static and unwanted noise.

    It's because of this that I want to repair them, and when you repair something a Service-manual is a VERY nice thing to have TM.

    When I created a ticket, I was simply told a rather nonsense answer that I should use the warranty and that they did not hand out these service-manuals to just anyone.

    However, these have been EOL for many years now, and there is absolutely no warranty on them, so there's that.

    What's the point of sitting on service-manuals for EOL products? Where's the value in that?

    Is it not better that items get repaired than thrown away? Most people would probably agree with this.


    Let me end with this: They are EOL since many years!

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    • pike2k
      NicJonesMT Hi Pike2k.
      Unfortunately we do not provide any service documents or assistance with self service repairs, even for End of life products.
      What I would recommend would be to contact one of service partners as they may be willing to assist (This is at their discretion).
      Please see the following link for a full list of our partners.
      • Apr 23
      • Behringer Truth B3031A (End-Of -Life) Active studio monitors, Service-manual needed!
        pike2k Hello. In my country there does not appear to be any service partners (Sweden).
        And let's not forget that the pair of speakers weigh 30KG total. It's simply not practical to ship them around

        It saddens me that you have this stance on this topic a great deal.
        I am a strong proponent of the RIGHT TO REPAIR movement, I guess you are not.
        • Apr 23
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    Looking for a spare compnents for my 2092a sub. I've been noticing the one side of the out on the sub is hissing and crackling. I've already replaced my speakers cause i thought they were the issue. any feedback would be appreicated. 

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    • Magic42
      Nigel67 Hi Magic42, please contact our spares department and they will be able to help you with regards to spare parts. This can be done by clicking on the support tab at the top of the page. A new window will open. Scroll down and click on the Spares tab and submit a ticket. A colleague will then be able to get back to you with pricing and availability. Many thanks
      • Apr 19
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    What Behringer passive speakers are a good match for the Behringer KM750 amp? I've been looking at the VP1220 and B212XL. Would either of these 2 speakers work well with the KM750? 

    Our venue is a small church of about 40 to 70 people in a room that can hold a maximum of 70 people.

    The intruments we use are: Electric drums, bass, electric and accoustic guitars, piano, keyboard, and 3 vocal mics.

    Any help here would be greatly appreciated.



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    • Babber
      DavidKnighton Hello Babber,
      The KM750 is 200 W per channel at 8 Ohm. Both the 212XL and the VP1220 are 800 W peak, so I wouldn't recommend the KM750 unless you run the amp in bridge mode, then you can push 750 W at 8 Ohms, which would be adequate.
      • Mar 31
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    WE are located in the USA and need to obtain a quote for 230+ units of the Media 40USB

    I have found retailers on your website but need to know who your distributors or channel partners are.  We currently have accounts setup with TechData, ScanSource, Amercain Sound & Music and several others.  We are a reseller.

    Thank you,

    Heather Carter

    SYNERGi Components

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    Hi, i'm Alessio and i live in Italy. Where can i find 1 studio monitor "Behringer Truth B2031A" close to my country? Is there some shop in Europe that has this product already available in his stock? Thanks to all!

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    only used 8 times, purchased 10/2019. 1 works fine, however, while working to get sound check, discovered this new powered speaker high end was not working, turned off then back on, 3 times, waiting 15 seconds, still no high end only low end, all powers on but NO high end... very frustrating and disappointed, I certainly HAD confidence in Behringer products....I paid good money for those....they shouldn't be working lime throw-away speakers.....they should last lo get than that


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    • ThumpGC
      KyleJohnson Hello, Kyle here with Music Tribe. Sorry to hear about the trouble you are having with your product. Could you please contact our Service team directly by clicking on the Support link at the top of the page?
      • Mar 7
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