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    Looking for replacement tweeters for my Behringer Eurolive B615's any help would be greatly appreciated. Also looking for a parts catalog for my Eurolive B215's

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    I have an ungodly stable of Turbosound IQ speakers, and I love them dearly.

    I do however own a bunch of RCF 8006 subs, which I also love.

    I've become quite fond of the flexibility, and ease of being able to run a vast speaker matrix over Cat-5 at something like an air show, or a road race, or whatever. It also makes delay so damn easy!

    I'd really love to be able to throw My subs into the mix using the same network. 

    Is there any product in the roster that any of y'all can think of, that can be used to deliver analog input to a powered sub, using only the ultranet network?

    I suspect I could make a P-16 work, but I can't believe they don't have something like one of the little power play units that you can just plug into the back of a speaker, powered monitor, or whatever, to feed audio via ultranet.

    Is there a product I'm overlooking that would fit the bill?

    Is ther an official forum to try to make a case for development of a new product if not?

    I just got My wing, and I know there are Dante devices, but that'd be a pretty hefty expense to avoid the relatively small inconvenience of hauling  hundreds of feet of XLR cable.

    Thanks for any and all input y'all!

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    • SteveLynch
      Paul_Vannatto Hey Steve, you could use the new Midas DN4816-O, which has both In and Out Ultranet ports.
      Here is a video that shows how it works (please forgive the camera work and the language, its not my video)

      Another option using the Wing, you can use the StageConnect port at the back of the Wing to connect to the DN4816 to have both XLR-M out and Ultranet out.
      • Sep 21
    • SteveLynch
      GaryHiggins Klark Teknik DN 4816U if you have a Wing, SC to SC. $200 gets you ultranet out to your speakers. It also is a swiss army knife for a ton of other uses. Think that could do what you want (besides Paul's suggestions)
      • Sep 23
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    I need to replace the diaphram 34T30C8 for a B300 powered speaker. I used to order through Starin, but they no longer seem to deal with Behringer.  Where does a music dealer get Berhinger parts now?

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    • luthier79
      Dale_M For all Behringer parts please key in your country and search for the nearest seller to inquire:
      • Sep 14
    • luthier79
      luthier79 It said that the closest distributor was Adorama, but they said they don't have parts, or at least not this part. Who has replaced Starin as the wholesale distributor for Behringer dealer sales?
      • Sep 15
    • luthier79
      SunnyCmusic Great
      • Sep 15
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    my link cable seems to be broken. Where can I get a new one?


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    hi there, i need this spare part, because my tweeter has burnt and blown out for a bad volume mistake.

    here in Italy is very difficult to find: is there anybody who knows a seller o could indicate me a totally compatible tweeter for the truth 2031A monitor please?

    thanks in advance

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    I'm fixing a B115W for somebody. When I turn on the B115W the power light blinks orange any ideas what the problem could be. Before I dig into it.

    Thanks Mike

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    Hi everyone, as a beginner I just bought 1 set of Behringer Europort PPA500BT, so may I ask where should i get a Effect Table as guide to use Klark Teknik Multi-FX Processor preset?

    Sorry for asking, because I can’t find anywhere.

    Here i'm attached pic as example.

    Thank you very much for any help.

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    • saifzack
      Dale_M Thank you for your inquiry, I have checked the QSG documentation and it appears to have been missed, I will see if this can be corrected.
      • Aug 23
    • saifzack
      saifzack Thank you for your where should i get the effect table
      • Aug 27
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    I've tried to get an information about specification of woofer for Behringer DR115DSP speaker.

    From official Behringer support - no information, from Music Tribe Authorized Service Centers - no information.

    Does anyone know what power (in watts) the speaker has?

    I know that the impedance is 4 ohm but I need a information about the Watts!




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    • Tenk
      Paul_Vannatto On page 10 of the Quick Start User Guide it clearly shows the wattage as 1400 watts. With subs, the more important spec is the SPL which is 136 db for that model (also on page 10)
      • Aug 16
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    Hi, does anyone know what size nut is used to secure the quarter inch Jack input on the back of a Behringer Truth 2 monitor. It looks like a very low profile M10 but not sure. Thanks 

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    • Benzjohnson01
      Nigel67 Hi Benzjohnson01. According to the parts list, it is a HEX. NUT;FOR JACK;M3/8in;HEXWRENCH:11mm;THICKNESS:2mm;SURFACE:NICKEL/SLV
      • Aug 15
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    Hello, I'm new here.

    I just received a Behringer PK112A powered speaker. It's great, everything works fine. I will be using it primarily for small private jazz gigs. I play guitar and my quartet usually has guitar, bass, drum and horn (sax, trumpet, trombone).

    I bought the PK112A for use with a microphone for vocals/horn players (my bass player sings). I also really like the fact that there is more than 1 input, just in case my guitar amp stops working at the gig. 

    There is however one suggestion I'd like to make to the folks at Behringer. It'd be super cool if the PK112A had a built-in digital reverb effect. That's really the only effect I'd add since vocals really sound great with a little reverb. And, just this one simple small addition would put Behringer miles ahead of any competition for powered speakers. 

    As it is, now I'm stuck with trying to figure out how to add reverb to the microphone without lugging a bunch of other stuff around with me. 

    Anyway, I just thought I'd pass this idea on for consideration. 


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    • Feloniuspunk161803
      Nigel67 Hi Feloniuspunk161803. Many thanks for your customer feedback and product enhancement suggestion. I will raise a ticket and pass this on to the design team for discussion. All the best.
      • Aug 7
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