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    Hola, hace poco compré 02 parlantes DR115DSP, pero la pantalla LCD es color naranja cuando en las fotos publicitarias es azul, alguien me puede aclarar esta observación? también las etiquetas informativas del producto en la parte trasera del altavoz son de papel y están pegadas.
    ¿Cómo sé si son originales?
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    Hello, I would to know if there is a way to run 6 PV SP4s and three amps in full range.

    The configurations I find are 2-way; 3-way, and other combinations.

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    I've tried to get an information about specification of woofer for Behringer DR115DSP speaker.

    From official Behringer support - no information, from Music Tribe Authorized Service Centers - no information.

    Does anyone know what power (in watts) the speaker has?

    I know that the impedance is 4 ohm but I need a information about the Watts!




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    • Tenk
      Paul_Vannatto On page 10 of the Quick Start User Guide it clearly shows the wattage as 1400 watts. With subs, the more important spec is the SPL which is 136 db for that model (also on page 10)
      • Aug 16
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    Looking for a fuse and housing for a behringer eurolive 212D powered speaker. Any help is greatly appreciated. 

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    • paulrt
      WilliamR Hello Paul, Please click on the support link above and create a Parts case. Someone will get in touch with you ASAP.
      • Mar 10
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    I am in need of an audio input circuit board for a Behringer Eurolive B215a powered speaker. Anyone know where I can find one?



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    • Williamsjasonp4
      WilliamR Hello, If you click the support link above, please create a support ticket and someone will get you in touch with the spare parts dept.
      • December 23, 2021
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    Need to know if I can get speaker directly from berhinger 

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    I need to know how send an speaker for repair

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    • TobyLazo
      WilliamR Hello Toby, Please click on the support link on the top of the page and create a tech support ticket and a tech agent will contact you asap to help arrange this for you.
      • August 27, 2021
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    Looking for a spare compnents for my 2092a sub. I've been noticing the one side of the out on the sub is hissing and crackling. I've already replaced my speakers cause i thought they were the issue. any feedback would be appreicated. 

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    • Magic42
      Nigel67 Hi Magic42, please contact our spares department and they will be able to help you with regards to spare parts. This can be done by clicking on the support tab at the top of the page. A new window will open. Scroll down and click on the Spares tab and submit a ticket. A colleague will then be able to get back to you with pricing and availability. Many thanks
      • April 19, 2021
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    I need a offer and a adress to order a new SMPSU28 for my Subwoofer.


    Where can i order this part??


    I`m from switzerland, so if its possible from somewehere near by us  ;-)


    I really need a new one, so fast as possible.


    Thank you.

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    • EPBernhard
      Dale_M Hi there simply go to the support tab and fill out a ticket, select Spare Parts and the team will get back to you.
      • February 15, 2021
      • Need a new Behringer SMPSU28, where can i order??
        EPBernhard hi, thank you, i do this last week, and hear nothing from the MT Group... so maybe, i have a chance to do it somewhere quicker?
        • February 15, 2021
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    I have  the Eurolive VQ 1800D subwoofer..Where can i get a replacement amp..Can Someone help?.

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