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    Hi, I own (2) ip3000 speakers. The oldest speaker is cutting out intermittently for 2-3 seconds, even at lower volume. It’s the first version of the speaker. My second unit was bought last year and works fine. Do I need a new board? I really need to talk to someone about getting it fixed. 

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    • kealfranklinmusic1
      MattDashem I have three of these that all exhibit this behavior. 1st was repaired under warranty, began doing the same thing shortly after, now totally dead. 2nd power cycles itself as yours does also without much load on it. 3rd is now starting to do the same. Parts are unavailable as I've waited over a year, along with with many others.
      • Oct 9
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    Hi, I would yo know where I can get replacements for the turbosound txd151. If it's imposible yo get the originals, witch 15" and filters will be similar/compatible??

    Thanks and best regards!!

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    May I get somewhere software for connect this processor to PC via RS232?

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    Buenas tardes podéis decirme si la salida mix out puedo enchufar un altavoz pasivo sin que me baje la potencia o no es recomendable

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    • Ozelot8089
      Nigel67 The Mix Output is only a line output signal. You will have to plug it into an amplifier or an active loudspeaker. If you plug the signal into a passive loudspeaker then you will not hear anything from the speaker.
      • Sep 5
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    I recently bought the turbo sound ip2000. I have a 3 piece band. Acoustic guitar, keyboard and vocals. Line checks sound great but when we get on it a little bit  and get louder it gets super compressed and covered. Very frustrating. Small room as well. Is there a built in limiter and a way to adjust it or turn it off? Thanks 

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    • Astring1
      NicJonesMT Hi Astring1.
      Can you please click support at the top of the page and submit a Technical Support ticket.
      If you could please provide a short video taht shows exactly what is happening it would be extremely helpful.
      • Jul 31
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    Hi I have a pair of these and I'm looking for a replacement speaker . Ls-1024 8 ohm. I'm based in the uk. Any ideas?



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    I made a ticket earlier about spare parts considering blown woofer on my iQ12. I was redirected to my country importer but they haven't answered for a long time. I tried to ask on my ticket, how much peak power and continous power should replacement woofer be able to handle but got no answer. Anyone here, that could help me out? 

    Now it seems that I have to look for other manufacturers LF drivers since TS-12W100B4 cannot be found from anywhere. 

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    • Matiaspasonen
      Dale_M If you are simply seeking spare parts please go to the Support tab and submit a Parts inquiry so the team can advise price & availability.
      • May 3
      • Turbosound iQ12 woofer replacement
        Matiaspasonen Hello Dale! That is exactly what I did earlier but Parts inquiry team refused to tell me price & availability, instead they redirected me to ask from my country (Finland) importer (Verkkokauppa). So in my case, everything has already been played as the book says and it did not render wanted solutions as said before.
        • May 4
      • Turbosound iQ12 woofer replacement
        Matiaspasonen I simply need some technical statistics considering my product and if Turbosound cannot provide the information officially, I'd be glad that someone here could help me out unofficially. Seems my country importer (Verkkokauppa) has neither technical or time related resources to solve these issues, so I have to use every lifeline available. Turbosound TS-12W350/8W could be an option, but not shure if 2 x 350RMS(8ohm) = 700 RMS is enough for iQ12.
        • May 4
      • Turbosound iQ12 woofer replacement
        JeffRusin It’s always fill out a ticket and you’ll be lucky if you hear anything in a month. I did it just for fun on a subwoofer speaker and it took him a month reply and all they said was we can’t get it try our service center. With the goddamn company itself can’t get it what makes him think the service center can get them. Unfortunately music tribe has turned into the most irresponsible satisfying the customer company
        • May 10
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    This case is suposely resolved but I did not receive my power module yet!

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    • Jorge07
      NicJonesMT Hi Jorge.
      I've just had a quick look at your ticket and can see that a member of the service team advised you that they will get in touch with the service centre.
      I'll drop a note over to them and ask them to give you an update.
      • Apr 18
      • IX 12 CAS-496556-W1Z6B5
        JeffRusin You will be waiting forever
        • May 10
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    Hey I have an entire turbosound pa that is no longer putting out sound, and I am not able to figure out how to speak with a human being in order to explore warranty/repair options. I am not currently even able to create a ticket bc your site is down. Help!

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    • Randolph1234
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi Randolph1234, please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused here. The ticketing system has been undergoing some routine maintenance over the last few days, however, is now back up and running. If not yet done so could you please try submitting a ticket again and one of my colleagues in the Service team will be able to advise further.
      • Apr 5
      • Do you even have customer support?
        JeffRusin Hey Randolph I would say this guy is full of it. Every group on Facebook that deals with Behringer products hates music tribe and they have brought it on themselves. It takes six months to get anything done they don’t email customers back they don’t respond in a timely manner. Everybody says don’t by any of their products anymore and it seems music tribe doesn’t care. Maybe they’re just worried about their keyboards and not support anymore. I am one of the administrators on a turbo sound IQ Clark technic forum on Facebook and I can’t answer questions because you can’t get hooked up with anybody that will talk to you from turbo sound/music group. If people are looking to buy turbo sound and ask questions about them, everybody will say don’t buy them because they suck because of their service and customer care. I own turbo sound and I own Behringer but if it breaks I won’t even try to create a stupid Care ticket that’s another dumb ass thing. I will look on the Internet and buy a replacement speaker or part even if it’s under warranty just not to deal with music tribe. I am actually sending this email to help but I think they already know what’s going on I guess uli just doesn’t care about his company since he’s made his money and just wants to work on keyboards. They’re supposed to have updates for example on the x32 mix and that was years ago and it never developed. Music tribe used to be the greatest and now they seem not to care that everybody thinks of them and hold their products as the worst and I will keep on buying those Products I just wish they would get their head out of their ass and become responsible again
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        • Apr 8
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    I am looking for a recone kit for LS-6503 ??? 

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    • Lachieiso
      KyleJohnson Hello, Kyle here with Music Tribe. To order parts for any product please click on Support and then Spare Parts to fill out and submit a ticket.
      • Mar 23
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