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    My Turbosound ip3000 is 1 year and 1/2 old (it was not registered but have proof of purchase via Ebay). It is clipping out intermittently for 3 seconds throughout gigs. Can I just replace the mainboard myself? If so, can you send me one? Or do I have to send it for service? If so where? Will this be covered? Thank you. 


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    I have a Turbosound ip 1000 that has been carefully used, never beatup or pushed to a clipping point. 
    Recently, I've got a hissing, static noise from it and I can completely turn the volume down to MUTE and the hissing persists. At full volume the hissing is about the same. 
    I've hit the terminals with electronics cleaner to no good result. 
    This unit has no firmware or capacity for it. No USB input, so it's not firmware.

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    • Fuppduck
      Paul_Vannatto When no inputs are connected to the speakers, do you still get the same hiss? if so, there is probably a hardware issue, which means that you should click on the Support (above), fill in a repair form and submit to create a ticket. If the hiss goes away (when no inputs), first replace the cables between the ip1000 and mixer. If that doesn't resolve it, have a look at the mixer to find the hiss source.
      • Jan 1
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    I blew the sub on my ip2000. I need a replacement. Is that under warranty or do I need to buy one 

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    • LLbuschman
      KyleJohnson Hello, Kyle here with Music Tribe. Please contact our Service team directly for more information. Click on Support and then Service to submit a ticket.
      • November 17, 2021
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    When and where will I be able to purchase turbo sound speakers

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    I recent purchased a set of IP 3000 speaker from an individual who bought them from Sweetwater about 3 years ago.  I have a powered subwoofer issue and I need service.  I like to know how to obtain service since I'm not the original owner and not sure if they are registered.  

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    • mph2020
      Nigel67 Hi mph2020. We can book them in to a local repair centre to you. Unfortunately the repair will be non warranty as the warranty is non transferrable. This can be done by clicking on the support tab at the top of the page. A new window will open. Scroll down and click on the Service tab and submit a ticket. A colleague will then get back to you with an RMA number and advise the local service centre to you. Many thanks
      • July 12, 2021
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    The brain to the Sub and IP comes on and changes volume but the lower tower segment and sub has NO sound -help. Have not done a FW upgrade to current but it should still work like it walys has without that right?   Did a factory re set -nothing changed. Ideas?

    Sweet water wants me to pay to ship it back to them and they don't know if they or someone else will work on it. This sucks

    Started a ticket with Music tribe and they said I have to deal with Sweetwater because thats their agreement :(

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    • cragginshred
      DavidKnighton Hello cragginshred,
      I would ask Sweetwater if it is possible to ship just the amplifier module to help conserve on shipping. Obviously shipping the entire product will cost an arm or two, and the fault is most likely going to be within the electronics anyways.
      • May 12, 2021
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    Good Day

    I am looking to buy two IP2000 v2 from Thurman.de and have them delivered in Lisbon Portugal. Will i still retain my warrenty as its out of the country where it was bought?

    And what kind of after sales service is there in Portugal for Turbo Sound in genral?

    last question: If i link the two speakers, do i then get the use of 6 channels, or can I only use the cannels on the primary unit and not the slave unit.





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    • geoffkirsten
      PedroRodrigues Hi geoffkirsten yes you would, Thomann will honor the warranty status of the IP2000 for any of the EU countries
      • January 12, 2021
    • geoffkirsten
      FredericTessier i bought 2 turbosound ip 500 v1 three years ago . I can't turn them on anymore . On one of them it takes time to start . I checked the fuse on both of them , they are fine . So........... bought ot thomann but no warranty anymore. help !!!!
      • February 4, 2021
      • IP2000 for use in Portugal
        PedroRodrigues Hi FredericTessier in this case the best option will be to follow the link below and press buy to access our network of partners and resellers to request assistance on your unit https://www.turbosound.com/ Thank you
        • February 24, 2021
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    Hi guys!
    I bought a Turbosound ip2000 speakers on the USA eBay and delivered them to Europe.
    I was hoping that their power supply would have a 110v-220v voltage switch (American or European standard), as it is implemented in the speakers of many other manufacturers. But when I got my speakers, I was very upset not seeing the opportunity to change the voltage.
    Is it possible to change the voltage in the power supply of these speakers without replacing the power supply?
    I bought used speakers, so I understand that the manufacturer's warranty no longer applies to them, and I can safely redo the power supply.
    Can someone help me?


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    The power switch on my subwoofer just stopped turning on, no matter what I do it won't flip. Do I need a new power switch or whole new power supply? How do I find either? My subwoofer speaker itself is also blown. Would it be cheaper to replace each part individually or just replace the entire subwoofer? If so how do I find just the subwoofer?

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    • cagault13
      mikeatbormann Have you checked the fuse at the AC power inlet?
      • November 10, 2020
      • ip1000 Power switch not working
        cagault13 Yeah that was the first thing I did. Switched out with several new fuses to be sure and nothing works.
        • November 10, 2020
    • cagault13
      KyleJohnson Hi Clayton, Kyle here with Music Tribe. Please contact us directly. To do this, click on the Support tab at the top of the screen, scroll down and select Technical Support.
      • November 10, 2020
  • Rhapsody
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    I have an ip1000 pa system . The sub woofer is not reproducing any lows. I checked the sub speakers - OK..

    The mid/hi pack is ok .. It is definatley the sub. If you can send me the circuit board , I can replace it here.

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    • Rhapsody
      Nigel67 Hi Howard. We can definitely help you with the repair, but we need you to submit a service request ticket. One of my colleagues will then be able to advise you how we go about repairing your unit. If you can go to the Support tab at the top of the page and submit a service request ticket. Many thanks
      • October 15, 2020
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