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    I have a pair of DMT 215ii's and one of the speaker wire connectors on the rear is about to break off, need the part and someone to service in LA - HELP PLZ!

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    • EricVon
      DavidKnighton Hello EricVon,
      These speakers are quite legacy, long before Music Tribe even existed. Parts for them are going to be obsolete. You may find some 3rd party sellers on eBay, but I would presume almost any twist style speaker terminal will be compatible. You can send it pretty much anywhere you like, because there is no active electronics in these speakers. I would try and find someone who specializes in HiFi speaker repair because they will likely treat your product with a little more finesse than your average electronics repair center. You might also want to try Upscale Audio. They are the premier Tannoy HiFi distributor in USA. They might be able to help you out.
      • May 21, 2021
      • Authorized service people in LA?
        EricVon Hey DavidKnighton, thank you for the info!
        • May 21, 2021
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    I have two 165mm (6.50”) constant directivity Dual Concentric™ drivers taken from Tannoy iW60 EFX.

    I am building new enclosures for them and I am missing the Thiele / Small parameters for the driver to allow me correct sizing of the enclosures.


    Can somebody please provide these data specifications?

    Please see identification number on the attached photo.


    Thank you!



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    • svedvik
      Dale_M Hi Sigmund, this is a legacy speaker so the info on this may be limited now but I will try and inquire for you.
      • February 23, 2021
      • Tannoy iW60 EFX
        svedvik Hi Dale, are there any news regarding this?
        • March 14, 2021
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    A couple of years ago, I bought a house that had a theater room in the basement.  The previous owner left the rear speakers installed in the wall.  I pulled one out and learned they are Tannoy iw60 efx boxes.  I found the manual online.  I'm a speaker noob.  I read the cinema mode is 4 ohms while a music mode is 8 ohms.  My receiver only goes down to 6 ohms.  So, I assume I need the speakers to be in music mode.  I have no clue how to do this.  I would appreciate any help.  Also, advice on whether these will be good rear surround speakers would be great.  Thanks!

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    • JD23
      PedroRodrigues Hi JD23 when using the Tannoy iW60 EFX I would recommend having a Amplifier Power that offers the following power and impedance 100 - 200 W @ 8 Ohms and power handling of Average 100 W; Programme 200 W; Peak 400 W so you must look for power amplifier that offers these specifications to avoid any issues. Thank you
      • January 25, 2021
    • JD23
      JD23 Thank you for the reply. I am wondering how to make the speakers 4 ohms vs 8 ohms. Aside from the normal red and black pair of banana plugs, there is a green connector on the back with a place to insert 4 wires and set screws to tighten down on them. The holes are marked two with a plus and two with a minus. Does this have something to do with the resistence?
      • January 25, 2021