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    Hello Tribe,

    I am searching for two replacement emblems for my Tannoy Reveal 5A monitors. The Tannoy emblems fell off the kill switches they are glued to on the front of the monitors. I would love some help finding replacement emblems for my monitors. Anyone know where I can get these emblems? Cheers, Analog

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    • Analog1
      Dale_M Hi there please go to the support tab and selct Spare parts and submit a ticket so the Spares team cab advise you.
      • Jul 23
    • Analog1
      Analog1 Thank you for your help!
      • Jul 24
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    Hi, I need to replace the capacitors in the Tannoy FSM crossover. Looking for a copy of the schematic to figure out values and sizes. 


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    • Planetsize
      DavidKnighton Hello Planetsize,
      Regrettably, we are not permitted to hand schematics to the general public. Only authorized service locations are allowed access to documentation. If you would like to find a nearby service location, please submit a support request by clicking the SUPPORT tab at the top of the page.
      • Jun 30
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    Looking to see what the value of these speakers are valued at? 

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    • mlloyd62
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi mlloyd 632, my best advice here would be to look for old/completed listings of these on a second-hand selling site such as eBay. This will give the best overview of what they could potentially be worth.
      • Jun 26
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    I have an old pair of Tannoy PBM 6.5 II studio monitors. I need to know the recommended distance from the wall to place these monitors. I don't have a user manual, and I can't find one online. I'd appreciate any help.

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    • hitmeister
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi hitmeister, Wherever possible you should place each speaker at least 0.5M from the back wall and 1M from the nearest sidewall. The distance between each speaker should be between 2 – 4 meters depending on the listening distance and room size, the distance between the listening position and loudspeaker should be slightly greater than the distance between the speakers.
      • Jun 19
    • hitmeister

      Thank you, Chris.

      • Jun 21
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    I need the contact information of a good service/repair company in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). I have a pair of Tannoy Precision 6D speakers that are in need of repair and servicing. 

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    • soundconvincer
      Dale_M Hi there can I ask that you go to the support tab and raise a Service request , the SERV team can then advise you of options for getting this looked at for you.
      • May 28
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    I just got een beautifull set of monitors.
    They are connected with 2 Jack 6.3 (unbalcanced) cables.  to my Q502USB interface so i can playback my recording. 

    But there's something strange. 
    When i play sound/music on my computer (Youtube) everything is fine.
    But when i start up cubase, the monitors starts making a really enoying beep.

    I cannot find the problem. Can someone help me?

    I hope to hear from someone!

    Thanks in advance.

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    • MichelEradus
      DavidKnighton Hello MichelEradus,
      You could be getting some jitter or aliasing. I'm not super familiar with Cubase, but double check that the DAW is set to the same sample rate as the interface. If they are mismatched, then you can get some strange audio anomalies.
      • May 21
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    Has anyone tried installing speaker stand inserts into the Truth B2031A monitors?

    something like this insert.


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    • BobbySadler
      Dale_M Hi Bobby inserting this would most likely damage the cab and alter the acoustic response of the speaker, you may be better obtaining something that gives you the hight but decouples the vibrations via a padded bass that it sits on like this
      • May 16
    • BobbySadler
      BobbySadler I totally agree that there is potential damage and alteration of acoustic characteristics.. but these speakers are about 15 years old.. I've put handles on their tops and rubber feet on their bottoms.. and for the most part they do not get used.. so the big picture (for me) is making them useful for on stage as playback for my Axe-Fx.. heck I might even put corners on them.. in the past I've had them on stage for backing track playback and they handled the job well.
      • May 16
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    My new 402 Reveal, only used it a few times, the power light did not come on, took the fuse out and replaced with a new one, put the kettle lead in and the light stayed on for a few seconds and now it doesnt power up again.

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    • StuWilkinson
      NicJonesMT Hi Stu.
      Sorry to hear about this. If you Click Support at the top of the page and submit a Service ticket, the service team will be able to advise you further.
      • Apr 29
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    Hello Community, my first post here.


    So I've owned these fine monitors since 2012 and until recently they've performed admirably.

    Sadly, lately one of the speakers has started to produce static and unwanted noise.

    It's because of this that I want to repair them, and when you repair something a Service-manual is a VERY nice thing to have TM.

    When I created a ticket, I was simply told a rather nonsense answer that I should use the warranty and that they did not hand out these service-manuals to just anyone.

    However, these have been EOL for many years now, and there is absolutely no warranty on them, so there's that.

    What's the point of sitting on service-manuals for EOL products? Where's the value in that?

    Is it not better that items get repaired than thrown away? Most people would probably agree with this.


    Let me end with this: They are EOL since many years!

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    • pike2k
      NicJonesMT Hi Pike2k.
      Unfortunately we do not provide any service documents or assistance with self service repairs, even for End of life products.
      What I would recommend would be to contact one of service partners as they may be willing to assist (This is at their discretion).
      Please see the following link for a full list of our partners.
      • Apr 23
      • Behringer Truth B3031A (End-Of -Life) Active studio monitors, Service-manual needed!
        pike2k Hello. In my country there does not appear to be any service partners (Sweden).
        And let's not forget that the pair of speakers weigh 30KG total. It's simply not practical to ship them around

        It saddens me that you have this stance on this topic a great deal.
        I am a strong proponent of the RIGHT TO REPAIR movement, I guess you are not.
        • Apr 23
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    Hi there, one of my tannoys 8D studio monitors has blown tweeter and I'm looking for its replacement it has been weeks now, any idea where I can get one? Looking forward to hear from you, thanks

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    • Jesionblue
      Dale_M Hi there, please go to the Support tab above and create a Spares ticket, the team will get back to you and advise price and availability.
      • May 13
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