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    Is there any way to get a sub connected to these monitors?  They're pretty mid-rangey and when I use them to mix, the bass always sounds heavier on other systems (like in my car or through a Bose CD player) because I end up over-mixing the bass to hear it in these.

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    • smassardo
      Nigel67 Hi smassardo, There is no way to connect a sub to the speakers. If you are using a mixing desk, then you could use one of its outputs to feed a sub, but if you are coming of a media player, then the on option you could try is to get a Y split cable from one of the outputs of the media device which you could plug to the sub and also the speaker. The sub would need to have some kind of low pass filter because the transients of the full range signal from the media device could damage the sub speaker at high level. I am sure that there are other methods of splitting the audio which can be found by searching the interent, maybe even a box that will do it for you.
      • Jun 7
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    Please forgive me if there is a better place to ask this question.

    No suppliers in the UK appear to have any of the Behringer MEDIA 40USB speakers in stock. Some quote a lead time in excess of three months, whilst some actually suggest the product's been discontinued. It still shows on the Behringer website, so I'm not sure what the 'true' answer is. Does anybody know?

    I'd really like a pair of these speakers, and the equivalents from other brands seem to be few and far between (or a great deal more expensive, like the Kanto YU2MW). I can make do for a while if I know more stocks are coming, but if they actually are discontinued then I'll put more effort into finding an alternative.

    Thanks in anticipation,


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    • PeterHaskew
      NicJonesMT Hi Peter.
      Unfortunately we cannot provide any information on stock and availability as we do not sell products directly to end users.
      Your best option would be to contact one of our official resellers who can advise you further.
      • Apr 19
    • PeterHaskew

      Does nobody know whether this is a discontinued product?

      • May 10
    • PeterHaskew

      Thanks for all the helpful replies! I can't believe nobody knows the answer - it's a simple enough question...

      • Jun 24
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    My Beringer Truth B1031A tweeter is broken

    Where could I find one to buy, I looked on the internet and have no luck finding one?

    thanks in advance.  

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    • proo
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi proo, if not yet done so please submit a parts request. This can be done by going to the Support tab at the top of this page and scrolling down/filling out the parts form.
      • Apr 8
    • proo

      ChristEdward1 , I already did that, thanks for the follow up.

      • Apr 9
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    May a year ago one of the two studio monitors got damaged.May want to claim warranty

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    • abhishekarpan
      NicJonesMT Hi Abhishekarpan.
      Please click support at the top of the page and submit a technical support ticket.
      • Apr 6
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    現状、Critical components listのスピーカーにはEMIの適合状況をご記載いただいておりますが、EMIではなく、上記の電気用品の安全性を確認する規格(J60065,J60950,62368または技術基準別表第八)に適合しているかについてご確認頂けますでしょうか。
    The Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law (PSE) requires compliance with two types of standards for electrical products: safety and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), noise emission (EMI) and immunity to noise (EMS).
    While the MK360 must comply with both EMC and current safety tests, speakers are also subject to the Electrical Safety Law and must comply with both standards as well.
    Currently, the speaker on the critical components list is identified as EMI compliant. Still, we would like to confirm that they are not only EMI compliant but rather comply with the standards mentioned above for checking the safety of electrical appliances and materials (J60065, J60950, 62368 or Annex VIII of the Technical Regulations).

    Could you please send us any documents regarding the mentioned standards?
    We already have the CoC. See attached file.
    But it seems it is not enough!

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    • SolidGr4vity
      Dale_M Please submit your request via the Support tab above via a Pre Sales ticket so we can assist you.
      • Apr 4
    • SolidGr4vity
      SolidGr4vity Hi Dale! Thank you for your email. I have been trying to reach you via the support tab but all I get is what you can see in the attached image. Could you please provide an email I can write to!? Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Kind regards, Aitor.
      • Apr 5
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    Salve, ho acquistato 2 behringer verità b2031a su Non ho trovato i certificati di calibrazione all'interno delle scatole (imballo nuovo, originale mai aperto prima). qualcuno sa dirmi perché? questi certificati sono ancora forniti con il b2031a? grazie per le risposte.

    ps allego una copia postata da un utente spagnolo su March 2021 review 

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    Please let me know possible causes and remedies for buzzing in these monitors. There are not line hum. 

    Thank you! 

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    • PaulKennethWard
      NicJonesMT Hi Paul.
      We would need to know alot more about your system and setup to advise you further on this.
      Could you please submit a technical support ticket and provide as much detail on the issue and your setup as possible.
      • September 3, 2021
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    Can you tell what the push-on push-off switch inside the R speaker does and what the two positions of the switch designate?

    I'm having a problem in that the R speaker is much softer than than the L speaker.  Any ideas?

    Thank you.

    Pat McFarland

    Repair Technologist

    First United Methodist Church

    1036 7th St.

    Nevada, IA 50201


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    • patmcf
      Dale_M re you able to advise switch you are referring to on the MS16 please? We can only see the on/off switch.
      • August 31, 2021
    • patmcf

      It's the switch that is located inside of the enclosure - on one of the circuit boards.

      • August 31, 2021
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    Looking to see what the value of these speakers are valued at? 

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    • mlloyd62
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi mlloyd 632, my best advice here would be to look for old/completed listings of these on a second-hand selling site such as eBay. This will give the best overview of what they could potentially be worth.
      • June 26, 2021
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    I just got een beautifull set of monitors.
    They are connected with 2 Jack 6.3 (unbalcanced) cables.  to my Q502USB interface so i can playback my recording. 

    But there's something strange. 
    When i play sound/music on my computer (Youtube) everything is fine.
    But when i start up cubase, the monitors starts making a really enoying beep.

    I cannot find the problem. Can someone help me?

    I hope to hear from someone!

    Thanks in advance.

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    • MichelEradus
      DavidKnighton Hello MichelEradus,
      You could be getting some jitter or aliasing. I'm not super familiar with Cubase, but double check that the DAW is set to the same sample rate as the interface. If they are mismatched, then you can get some strange audio anomalies.
      • May 21, 2021
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