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  • 2020-10-23

    two years ago i bought a turbosound ip2000 speaker. then recently i heard that i could link turbosound speakers with each other. so i bought anoher turbosound ip2000 speaker. i had no idea there were two versions. the first one i boght was ip2000 version 1 then the 2nd one was version 2. my problem is i was trying to link the both of them but it wouldnt work. is it because these two have different versions? if so, how do i upgrde my ip2000 vrsion 1? your response would be a big help, stay safe and thank you!

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  • 2020-10-18


    I have run into issues with my Tannoy TFX subwoofer. Problem is I can't get any sound out of it. Plugged in it shows the red power light when it is set to "OFF", when I switch to "AUTO" it's still red but only until the subwoofer receives a signal and then it switches off. When I choose "ON" it's switched off. I assume the light should be green when working correctly?

    Any ideas what the issue is?

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    • Tomas Kubowicz
      Chris Edwards Hi Tomas, it sounds like your unit may be going into protection mode. If you have not yet done so I would recommend submitting a service request ticket, this can be done by going to support at the type of the page and scrolling down to service. Please fill out the form and one of my colleagues will be in touch to assist further.
      • Oct 18
    • Tomas Kubowicz
      Tomas Kubowicz Cheers Chris. I have sent them a message.
      • Oct 18
  • 2020-10-18

    Happy sunday.. I have the Tannoy system 12'S, they are amazing studio monitors. I unfortunaetly blew one of the tweeters.. I have been searching high and low for replacement with no luck ! Can anyone please help ? apparently these are the same fit as the 15". I am in canada. 


    Thank you,



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    • rick s
      Rex Beckett Hi Rick, the best way forward is to open a Care ticket: At the top of this page, click Support -> Create a Care Ticket and select Type: Spare Parts. Make sure that you enter all required (*) data before clicking Submit. The Care team will respond by email.
      • Oct 18
  • 2020-10-07

    I have 3 IQ connected in cascade via XLR and fed bij Behringer SD8 and X32. Since some time i have the middle speaker stopping to produce sound and by consequense, the last speaker stops also.

    This happens 'intermittant' and it is not possible to reproduce the fault.

    Looking at the display everything looks ok, sometimes it helps to pull and reset the XLR-plugs.

    Since IQ12 has two amps i have allready switched to the other amp but the problem stays.

    The only thing that helps is rebooting the speaker via the power switch after wich it comes to live again.

    I have the same configuration just working fine on the left side off the church (stereo)

    This is very anoying since one can never predict the fault happening.

    Anyone having the same trouble?

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    • Dan Libeert
      Gary Higgins If you can determine for sure it's that particularlar speaker? Switch its position in the chain and try it as well as switch out the xlr cable(s)-maybe easier to do that first. Are these IQ speakers using the latest firmware? If the problem persists with that particular speaker I would suggest sending it off for repair. Have you tried connecting them using just the ultranet?
      • Oct 7
      • Turbosound IQ12 stops producing sound all of a sudden
        Dan Libeert Hallo Gary, thank you for the quick responce. First i will update the firmware and change de position of the speaker, making it last in the row. This way i can rule out cable issues.
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        • Oct 7
  • 2020-10-02

    I have a tannoy definition subwoofer and the amplifier has gone for the third time, any recommendations for a replacement and are the speakers in phase ie both push at the same time or push pull so that one cone moves out of the cabinet while the other moves in on the same note.

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    • clive abbott
      Chris Edwards Hi Clive, I hope you are well. I can see you have also submitted a case for this inquiry, I will be in touch with you shortly via the case to provide some additional information on this.
      • Oct 4
  • 2020-09-21


    Please provide a description of how to get inside the speaker enclosure without making any damage. I especially mean the removal of the decorative rings on the speakers and the speakers themselves. The goal is to remove, diagnose and repair the defective speaker.


    [email protected]

    Best regards


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  • 2020-09-04

    I am trying to identify a pair of circa late 1960's Tannoy loudspeakers with the serial numbers 64598 & 64590. Can you help please?

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    • David Chads
      Chris Edwards Hi Pelling, I hope you are well. If you have not already done so I would recommend opening a technical support ticket and uploading some photos of the loudspeakers, alternatively would you be able to upload some to this post?
      • Sep 6
  • 2020-07-22


    We are selling and repairing speakers and loudspeakers for 40 years in Paris.

    I have a customer that would want to order a woofer for his tannoy reveal 802.


    Would it be possible to provide such parts?


    Thank you in advance.


    Kind regards,


    MHP Paris

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    • Romain DARROUX
      Chris Edwards I suggest that you open a Care ticket. At the top of this page, click Support -> Care -> Create a Care Ticket and select Type: Spare parts. Make sure that you enter all required (*) data before clicking Submit.
      • Jul 22
  • 2020-07-08
    Tannoy Legacy Arden Loudspeakers delivered recently have just been opened and found to have what appear to be water marks on the cabinet surfaces - I have photographs that show this. The serial number on both speakers is: Z190200029DEN. Advice please on how to proceed. Many thanks. Marion Lamont at Audio Emotion, Leven - 01333 425999
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    • Marion Lamont
      William Reichling At the top of this page, click Support -> Care -> Create a Care Ticket Make sure that you enter all required (*) data before clicking Submit. The Care team will respond by email.
      • Jul 8
  • 2020-06-19
    Hi All ! My name is Jeffrey Ford I'm a Loudspeaker Specialist with the Customer Quality Support team in Las Vegas, NV. Please Let Me Know How I can Help!
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