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    two years ago i bought a turbosound ip2000 speaker. then recently i heard that i could link turbosound speakers with each other. so i bought anoher turbosound ip2000 speaker. i had no idea there were two versions. the first one i boght was ip2000 version 1 then the 2nd one was version 2. my problem is i was trying to link the both of them but it wouldnt work. is it because these two have different versions? if so, how do i upgrde my ip2000 vrsion 1? your response would be a big help, stay safe and thank you!

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    • percy777
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi Miquel, I hope you are well. Unfortunately, it is not possible to link a V1 unit to a V2 unit via Bluetooth. This can still be achieved via an analog connection, however, due to hardware changes, the V1 is not compatible with the V2. There is no official way to upgrade your V1 unit and please note any modifications carried out would void your warranty (If applicable)
      • October 26, 2020