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  • 2020-10-17

    My IP3000 loses the top with working lows, along with the fact that the speaker came with the tweeter horn broken. I have not received any correspondence to attempt to figure out the issue or be able to fix the problem. Looks like I may have to suck up the cost and go buy a Maui. I wanted to give turbosound a chance, but it seems the customer service here is garbage other than someone to answer these messages and act like the company really gives a crap when they don't....

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    • Dylan Babcock
      Chris Edwards Hi Dylan, do you currently have an open case with us? If so could you please share your case number and I would be more than happy to investigate the current status of your case.
      • Oct 18
  • 2020-07-07
    Hello, we are located in Southern Ohio. We were wondering if Turbosound has released the Manchester series yet? Also, wondering if they’ve done any events concerning the Manchester series. We held off on purchasing a different brand because of our history with Turbosound TMS-3, Flashlight/Floodlight series...
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