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    Ciao! Il bluetooth della mia cassa behringer Europort mpa100bt non funziona più . Dove posso trovarlo?

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    Thinking of guitar into Bluetooth Transmitter paired to MPA40BT but this will only work if the bluetooth link latency is < about 50mS. ie. aptX LL

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    • markh1289
      PedroRodrigues Hi markh1289, thank you for your post, please ponder that aptX Low Latency, uses Bluetooth 5.0 technology for low latency audio while the Bluetooth features offered by the Behringer MPA40BT are Bluetooth 3.0 as you can see below:
      • Jun 26
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    Can someone let me know how I can remove and replace the woofer on this ? This has had less than 4 hrs of playing time and now the woofer rattles and makes a terrible noise when the volume is increase.

    Is this a sealed unit? How do I remove the woofer? Thank you


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    Hello, I was looking at buying the B1200D-Pro 500W but didn't know if it would be compatible with my EPS500MP3.  Also, if it will work if there are any recommendation on how best to connect. 



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    • KKlopfer
      WilliamR Hello, William from music tribe here. You could use the B1200D hooked up to the monitor out of the EPS500MP3. The only thing is you will not be able to cut the low frequencies out of the main speakers of your EPS500MP3 via the crossover of the B1200D. You Will just be adding Bass to your existing full-range sound.
      • Jun 2
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    Our club has a pair of B615D powered speakers. On one speaker, no sound comes out of the tweeter. I took it to my amp tech and he told me the tweeter is fine but the circuitry to the tweeter was damaged. Possible water damage.

    My tech said he didn't think there were replacement parts and that it was not worth going further to repair and that I was better off (money wise) getting another speaker.

    Is there a Behringer repair center or does Behringer sell the circuitry to fix this?

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    Is it possible to buy a new/refurbed amp module for a B300

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    • GerryRice3
      Dale_M The B300 is now a legacy product and has ceased production, unless a seller happens to have any left by chance, there may be some available as used items on eBay etc You would need to inquire with your regional seller from the buy tab here
      • May 10
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    No power  when switch on have replaced fuses in plug and internal fuse still no power

    Can't see any burnt out components or dry/cracked joints. 

    Any common faults that I can try to fix

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    • kellman008
      Dale_M It sounds most likely that the PSU has died, we would advise going to the support tab and raising a Technical ticket if you require assistance.
      • May 9
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    Hi, I was checking the specs of the B112D and cannot understang something:

    If peak power is 1000W how is it possible that power supply has maximum power consumption of 110W? How can they reach peak power of 1000W if power supply can output only 110W max?

    If we compare it to the specs of its older brother, the B212D, those are more reasonable: 

    B212 has a peak power of 550W with the power supply that has maximum power consumption of 600W - for what is my common sense and basic knowledge of electronics, it is right to have an amp with max power a little more than the required. But how does the B112D work with a 110W max amp? I don't find it physically possible for the speakers to reach a peak of 1000W when maximum output from amp is 110W. Am I missing something?

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    I'm wondering if I can connect a powered subwoofer to this unit. If so could you give me some guidance on how to do that? Thank you. 

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    • jcgiff
      PedroRodrigues Hi jcgiff, thank you for your post, effectively you can, the 1/4" Direct Mono output located in the OUTPUT section of the Front Panel is perfect for this application. This line-level signal would need to feed a powered sub, or an amplifier for a non-powered sub. Note that you will want to use a crossover in this scenario, as the MONO output from the EPA150 is full-range. Also, because this is a fixed line-level output, you would need to control the subwoofer volume from the sub or amp.
      For the easiest setup, choose a powered subwoofer with a built-in crossover, such as our B1500D-PRO.
      Alternatively, you could use an external crossover such as our CX2310 and feed your amplifier or powered subwoofer from that.

      Here are links for more information on B1500D-PRO & CX2310:

      Thank you
      • Apr 12
    • jcgiff
      greatmodapk nice information providing you lots of informative content thanks to all and i am also enjoy
      • May 14
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    I have just puchased a bluetooth speaker modelnumber MPA200BT

    Get it registered

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    • sdsbt
      NicJonesMT Hi Sdsbt.

      Please click Support at the top of the page and submit a Product registration ticket.
      • Mar 28
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