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  • 2020-07-08
    Hi all, any help greatly appreciated. My active wedges have developed a fault.......they both emit a loud squeal / hiss / crackle whenever I plug any XLR into them. Anyone come across this? As above, annoyingly I can't open a care ticket. They were bought directly from Turbosound when they were in Partridge Green, UK. Adam
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    • TT23
      Nigel Turner Hi TT23, if you could put in a support ticket, put another model name in, but in the Subject and Description just highlight the actual speakers you are describing and a colleague will pick the case up and answer you.
      • Jul 8
    • TT23
      TT23 Thanks Nigel, as I'm then prompted to add the serial number I suspected the ticket wouldn't go thru but will try. Fingers crossed
      • Jul 8
      • TXP-121 Fault (Not a model option when opening a care ticket)
        Nigel Turner Just put in 123456. There isn't a check on the serial number
        • Jul 9