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    I am looking for Spare part of Tannoy Red 15 inch. 

    I need compression driver ( tweeter ) . 

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    • farzadfff
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi farzadfff, Unfortunately due to the age of this model the parts you are requesting are now either discontinued or obsolete; In this case we would recommend getting in touch with Lockwood Audio.

      Lockwood audio have been used by Tannoy for many years for servicing vintage Tannoy and supplying obsolete parts:

      Alternatively please try the following eBay seller who stocks various old/rare components:
      • Oct 11
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    Hi all friends,

    my friend really likes Tannoy and he like to assemble a sound system in his living room.
    The budget for the bill is £12,000 to £18,000.
    Can guys recommend a sound system, including a Power amplifier or Pre amplifier, to maximise the performance of the Tannoy and the system that best suits it?

    Tannoy speakers can be from the Kensington or Turnberry or Canterbury range, etc. (within budget).

    I'm here for help and advice as I don't know much about audio.
    Looking forward to yours recommendation on a sound system to maximise the performance of the Tannoy.
    Thanks a lot.

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    Have a no-op horn tweeter failure on one of my speakers and would like to know if there is a authorized repair dealer anywhere in the U.S.A.  Please advise.....

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    • Tanlux
      Dale_M Please go to the Support tab above and select a Service ticket so the team can advise you.
      • Mar 31
      • Tannoy Cheviot 1976
        Tanlux When can I expect a reply please someone advise me how this works
        • Apr 12
      • Tannoy Cheviot 1976
        Tanlux Dale I filled out a service ticket on April 1st what occurs next and how do you know what the next steps are I don't understand this process can someone please help me
        • Apr 12
    • Tanlux
      Tanlux I have a speaker issue on my Cheviot Series tannoy Speaker how can I get service I filled out the service report but I don't understand how this process really works can somebody help me
      • Apr 12